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Katie Hanson (CBS)

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Name: Katie Hanson
Age: 22
Home: Newark, DE
Occupation: Student
Tribe: Kalabaw

Fun Fact: Katie is a former Miss Delaware

Gordon Holmes: OK Miss Delaware, is your experience with tax-free shopping going to help you win this game?
Katie Hanson:
Absolutely. I think that nobody else is used to that. I think I’m the first contestant that’s ever been from Delaware, so I’ve got to represent. I’m a student at the University of Delaware where the goal is to be a Delaware state trooper. Wait, how do you know about tax-free shopping?
Holmes: I live in Wilmington.
Hanson: Shut up!
Holmes: I will not shut up.
Hanson: That is awesome.
Holmes: So yes, please represent.

Holmes: It says in your bio that you hate bitchy, conceited girls.
Hanson: Yes, and I can see one right now.
Holmes: Meow…how are you going to handle people like her in the game?
Hanson: I’m going to try to befriend them, because if you come off snotty like them they’re going to want you out. But if you act like you’re on their side…I’m from the pageant world. I know what bitchy, conceited girls are like. Hello? Miss USA. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen a few I want to be friends with because they can only be my enemy if I’m not.
Holmes: So, who exactly are we talking about?
Hanson: I think that the blond girl is very conceited, very into herself. She’s putting on loads of makeup. And obviously I don’t have a problem with makeup, however, I think she’s going to use her body and cute ways to try to get the guys on her side. And for me it’s not like that. For me, I’m going to avoid the hot guys, because people will think I’m being flirtatious.

Holmes: Does competing in the cutthroat world of pageants prepare you for this game?
Hanson: Well, for Miss USA your body had to be amazing. This is a little bit different, because for me it’s not so much being thin and slim, it’s being fit and physically there. My endurance is up, I’m strong. I’m ready to take on these challenges and the people who come with them. A lot of people have misconceptions about pageant girls like they’re dumb or they’re ditzy and I’m not like that at all. And I think that making it to the final three I’d have no problem answering questions from the jury. I think I’m very well spoken and that can help me a lot in this game.
Holmes: And Delaware people are hardcore.
Hanson: That’s right. That’s something people don’t know.
Holmes: You might not want to let them know. As soon as they learn a Delaware woman is out here, they’ll know she means business.
Hanson: (Laughs) Indeed.
Holmes: First state, suckas. Now, if nobody recognizes you as a former Miss Delaware…
Hanson: Then nobody will know.
Holmes: You won’t tell them?
Hanson: No, I think automatically they’ll think, “What does she know about being outdoors?” And, I’m not going to really put out there that I want to be a cop either, because they might think, “Oh God, she’s aggressive. She can read through what I’m thinking.” I’m just going to come off like a student and I don’t know what I want to do. I’m also a waitress, so I’m good with people. I’m around them all day.
Holmes: Sounds like a sound strategy, but people with different levels of fame have been outted on “Survivor” before. What’s the plan if someone figures you out?
Hanson: I think I’d be screwed.
Holmes: That’s why I’m here, we need a contingency plan. Do you own it?
Hanson: (Laughs) It’s not me!

Holmes: You’re also interested in meeting hot guys while you’re here. You’ve met me, so one down.
Hanson: (Laughs) You rock!
Holmes: Why are you laughing? That wasn’t meant to be funny.
Hanson: Delaware boys.
Holmes: Any concerns that finding Mr. Right could get you in trouble in the game?
Hanson: I was thinking about it and I don’t think that I’m going to go after these hot, macho-looking guys here. I think that’s going to be the blonde’s strategy and I don’t want to be associated with that. I think aligning with an older man, maybe like the redneck that’s down there? That might be good.

Holmes: Other than our blonde friend, what do you think of the rest of the cast?
Hanson: I think there are a lot of physically with-it people. I think they’ve been working on their bodies. I think there are some shady characters that are going to come out of the woodwork.

Holmes: Do you have any moral problems with lying?
Hanson: Not a problem at all. Not that I’m used to it, but if I believe it, that’s how I come across.
Holmes: And as we’ve learned, you don’t have a problem flirting.
Hanson: No, hell no. (Laughs)

Holmes: Are you a “Survivor” fan?
Hanson: I am a fan, I watched the first season. I hadn’t watched it since. I watched the 16th one (“Fans vs. Favorites”), “Heroes vs Villains,” 23 (“South Pacific”), and part of the one that’s airing now (“One World”).
Holmes: If you had a chance to align with any former “Survivor” player, who would it be and why?
Hanson: I want to align with Russell (Hantz). A lot of people hate him, but I love him. He’s brilliant. I mean, in the end he screwed himself, but the fact that he got himself to the end twice? If you’re his main girl he’ll take you to the end and he’s got your back. As long as he does the dirty work, I come out the winner.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Survivor: Philippines” – Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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