What Is the Most Endearing ‘Survivor’ Moment? Jeff Probst Answers (Kinda)


'Boston' Rob Mariano (CBS)

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This Week’s Question: What is the most endearing moment in “Survivor” history?

Gordon Holmes: This might be a tough one to pick considering “Survivor” has a much better romance track record than “The Bachelor.” But, when “Boston” Rob Mariano asked Lex Van den Berghe to save Amber Brkich during “Survivor: All Stars” it seemed like much more than him looking out for an alliance member. A happy marriage and some wonderful kids seem to prove that point. I’d put Tarzan Smith’s loved one visit with his wife and the friendship between Richard Hatch and Rudy Boesch as close seconds.
Jeff Probst:
Ah…this one is really tough to answer because I find small moments all the time on “Survivor.”  Moments when people have their own individual triumphs, often while simultaneously losing a challenge or being blindsided at Tribal Council.  Everybody who plays has a different adventure they are seeking and it is so personal it is often hard to share their “moment” but I think the vast majority of our players would tell you they had a moment that moved them and often changed them.  
So your answer is…
Not ducking the question, but I’d be here all day writing the answers and I have a talk show to work on! 

What’s Your Most Endearing Moment? Send your answers to me on Twitter: @gordonholmes

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