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XFinityTV is blowing up their coverage of “Survivor: Philippines.” Every Tuesday I’ll be squaring off against “Survivor: One World” favorite Kat Edorsson in this season’s Power Rankings challenge. Every Wednesday briefly after the show we’ll have a full episode recap and every Thursday we’ll have an interview with the latest eliminated player.  Follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for all the updates!

The Rules: Each week Kat and Gordon will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Malcolm is voted out this week, Kat will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the ‘Survivor: Philippines’ Power Rankings champion!

Last Week: Kat and I both thought Pete was a dead engineer/model walking, so we both had him in the eighth slot. So, the current score is Team Kat: 116, Team Awesome Thunder: 118.

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Kat’s Current Score: 116

Any advice for Kat? Drop her a line on Twitter: @KatEdorsson

Gordon’s Current Score: 118

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Denise: I still believe Denise has a great chance of being our sole Survivor. During Tribal Council last week Denise’s true colors were shown, and her strength is being able to keep her composure. I remember our first Tribal Council in “One World” when Alicia and Christina went at it. LOL. Talk about bad communication between women. It’s extremely important to keep your composure at Tribal, and let others dig their own grave.
 1. Malcolm: My boy’s back on top. He’s got an idol. He’s got a final-four alliance. He’s got a solid shot at winning any individual immunity challenges that come his way. Could this be the year I break my all-of-Gordon’s-pre-game-predictions-suck curse? All of my fingers are crossed. I also went out and bought a rabbit’s foot that’s wearing a horseshoe.
 2. Malcolm: Malcolm still has the idol and it looks like our dynamic duo is calling the shots as to who stays and who goes. This is going to get really intense because every player in this game is a strong competitor in one way or another. Whether it is social game or strength everyone is playing, which makes things so fascinating to watch! 
 2. Denise: Denise is going to win this, isn’t she? She’s such a good under-the-radar player that Pete didn’t even see her talking to anyone. The only juror or potential juror that really has a problem with her is Abi, and Abi has a problem with everyone. Right now, the only thing that can really count against her is that they could say she didn’t make any big moves. She needs to take a page from the Sophie Clarke playbook and start being more confrontational at Tribal. Not too much though, you don’t want to lose votes.
 3. Lisa: Lisa is a perfect player to take to the final three, she has a great chance of winning and I enjoy watching her play every week. This woman has a beautiful soul and she reminds me of Dawn from South Pacific and Holly from Nicaragua; laid back personalities with a tendency to watch the game play out in front of them.  3. Lisa: Kudos to the former “Facts of Life” star. She made her way to the end and was the one who got to make the key decision as to who the dominant alliance was going to be. Penner turned down her original decision, but that’s going to hurt him more than it hurts her. Best of all for Lisa, she was able to get out of the Tandang alliance without really stabbing anyone in the back. Abi let her off the hook with her mistrust and bad behavior at Tribal.

  4. Michael: Skupin is definitely an all-star player right now. Someone give this man a pat on the back!!! Can someone remind me how old he is? Doing work on these kids! Skupin is still low on my totem pole because he is obviously a great competitor and to keep his safety he needs to continue to win.
 4. Michael: I’m psyched to see Skupin locked in a final-four alliance, but I’m worried that he has rubbed a lot of jurors the wrong way. He turned on RC, Pete, and Jeff Kent. And, Artis seems to reeeeeeally hate him. Of the new alliance, Skup’s definitely the one I’d want sitting next to me.

  5. Carter: I’m so proud of this kid. I believe he deserves to stay longer in this game then some of his other tribemates. Take this as a compliment, TRUST ME, I understand your pain. If you don’t win immunity I think you will be the first to go. This is where you need to turn up the HEAT. I battled against Kim Spradlin (winner of “One World”) for 1 hour and 45 minutes to win immunity until my arms broke off… to only receive second place, a high five, and a boot to the jury.

 5. Penner: Oh man…Penner… I have a feeling you’re going to be reliving that moment where you turned down Lisa and Skupin for a long time. Worst of all, I can’t figure out your angle. Rob Cesternino thinks it was because you don’t want to be seen as a schemer. The best I could come up with is you’re trying to somehow maneuver getting to the end with Abi. Either way, I think that was your shot at the million and you didn’t take it.
 6. Penner: Here`s my thought; if Denise and Malcolm believe only the strongest should survive in this game then Skupin and Penner will be taken to the end with no question. Denise clearly stated she only wanted to play this game with integrity and she wanted to play this game with a person who deserves to be there. Penner has been target enemy #1 and if our returnee players keep winning individual immunity they could possibly sail to victory.
 6. Carter: You’re not in the dominant alliance and you are a challenge machine. I’m thinking if Abi somehow manages to squeak out an immunity win this week you’re a goner. Or worse, the others could realize that they can take out Abi at any time and getting you out is a bigger priority. Either way, it’s trouble for Mr. Carter.
 7. Abi-Maria: I’m hoping she turns on the heat. It’s too bad she can’t still play the idol and buy one more Tribal Council to turn this game around. But, she’s also an easy final-three take…

  7. Abi-Maria: Yes, I’m a sucker.  I felt bad for Abi at the last Tribal Council. I always get a kick out of people that embrace the villain role, but feel a little sad when someone is bummed out when they realize they’re not very well liked. I mean, why else would she brag about the reward? She wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt her game. Anywho, looks like the ‘Brazilian Time Bomb’s’ time is ticking to a close unless someone makes a bold move to take her to the end. And even then she’d be playing for third (or second?) place.

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