‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2012 Inductee – Amanda Kimmel


'Survivor' Hall of Fame 2012 Inductee Amanda Kimmel

Fifty percent of the voting for the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame was based on the ballots of the Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel consists of “Survivor” luminaries such as Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, Executive Producer David Burris, Producer Jesse Jensen, the current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” Guy Gordon Holmes.

The other fifty percent came from “Survivor” fans like you.

The Class of 2010 included Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, Rob Mariano, Richard Hatch, and Sandra Diaz-Twine…

The Class of 2011 included Cirie Fields, Ozzy Lusth, and Tom Westman…

And now, the “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to induct Amanda Kimmel into the Class of 2012. Amanda received the most executive committee votes out of any nominee.

We had a chance to speak with the newly crowned Hall of Famer to get her thoughts on this honor…

Gordon Holmes: Let me be the first to congratulate you on your induction.
Amanda Kimmel: I feel so honored to have been voted into the “Survivor” Hall of Fame.
Holmes: How does it feel to be selected by a vote made up of your “Survivor” peers, the ‘Survivor’ production crew, the press, and the fans?
Kimmel: It means so much and thank you to everyone who liked my game and voted! I feel blessed to have had “Survivor” as a part of my life.

Holmes: What’ve you been up to since we saw you in “Heroes vs. Villains”?
Kimmel: I am currently living in Los Angeles with my small lion/Pomeranian who’s the love of my life. I am still modeling and started a new venture playing poker professionally. In my spare time I love to refurbish furniture, paint, and play the guitar.

Holmes: Are you enjoying “Survivor: Philippines”?
Kimmel: It’s so different watching “Survivor” once you’ve been on it because you know how they are feeling and understand the emotional part of it. I find myself rooting for the underdogs a lot of the time. This season of “Survivor” is great because it’s fun to watch people you know and have played with play again and see what they do differently. As always this season is exciting and fun to watch.

What the fans said about Amanda…

“It is so hard to make it to the final Tribal Council not once but twice. If Candice didn’t stupidly betray the Heroes in “Heroes vs. Villains,” I highly believe that she would of make it to the final Tribal Council for a third time.” – Jake

“One of the best players to never win the game.  Hugely popular, an under-the-radar strategist and not afraid to play hard.” – Cameron

“She was skilled in creating powerful alliances for herself and using them to achieve her goals.  She was also a great competitor in challenges and a clever strategist in her own right.” – Dylan

What the Executive Voting Committee said about Amanda…

“Amanda is a great strategic, social, and physical player.  Her approach to the game is subtle yet very effective for her. She knows who she is, what her strengths are, and how to implement them to get her deep and give herself a shot.” – “Boston” Rob Mariano

“She is one of the most consistently strong finishers in the history of “Survivor.”  She improved each time she played. She was always a strong physical presence and was not afraid to make big moves to keep herself in the game.” – Jeff Probst

“You have Amanda who played back-to-back seasons (which was grueling in and of itself) and both seasons Amanda made it to finals.  Had she had a better mouthpiece she would have won the whole kit and kaboodle!” – Cirie Fields

Be sure to check back Wednesday and Friday to see the rest of the members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

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Tune in to “The Jeff Probst Show” Wednesday, December 12, 2012 to see a special reunion of the final five players competing in “Survivor: Philippines.” Check your local listings for the channel and time.

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