‘Survivor’ Castaway Allie: ‘I Never Hooked Up with Reynold’


Allie Pohevitz (CBS)

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Allie was an easy pick for the most promising “Fan” of the new season. In her pre-game interview she proved to be smart, savvy, sneaky, and a bunch of other positive “S” words.

Now the “S” word that best fits is “Sayonara.”

I had a chance to talk with the first fallen Fan the morning after her elimination and asked her about the Gota alliances, Shamar’s lack of effort around camp, and the cuddling controversy…

Gordon Holmes: You broke my heart.
Allie Pohevitz: I know, me too.
Holmes: You were my Fan pick!
Pohevitz: I know! I’m so upset. Ugh…the worst.
Holmes: I thought you were going to tear this game up.
Pohevitz: Wah wah…
Holmes: Wah wah indeed.
Pohevitz: (Laughs)

Holmes: Night one, it’s looking like some business is going on with you and Reynold.
Pohevitz: Oh, goodness…
Holmes: This is your opportunity to state your case to everyone. So what was going on there?
Pohevitz: I never hooked up with Reynold. I will never hook up with Reynold. We were cold and we were cuddling and that is the extent of it.
Holmes: So what appeared to be groping was just…
Pohevitz: We were cuddling. It looks so much worse than it was. I’ll stand by that until the day I die. We weren’t doing anything.
Holmes: I used Elyse Umemoto as an example of a woman who was sent packing when it seemed like she was in a couple. In those cases, they’re never going to get rid of the guy because with Ozzy and Reynold, they’re both strong challenge competitors. You know your stuff, so you had to know that was a possibility. So, I was wondering if you even knew people thought of you as a couple.
Pohevitz: To be honest, we weren’t acting like a couple. I know it’s so hard for everyone to believe because people think we were basically making out on night one.  A lot more happened. We really weren’t together that often. The one minute you see of us in the ocean is one minute out of five days. We hung out, but it was usually with groups of five and six. But, we didn’t realize that Matt and Laura were running back with the information that the four of us were saying.
Holmes: The thing I found interesting about that was Laura was saying, “Oh, look at all of that business going on.” But at Tribal when asked about your alliance, people thought that Eddie and Hope were the couple.
Pohevitz: I would agree with that. It looked like a good story because we were the ones cuddling. But, we were also the two on the end getting soaked by the rain. So, we were rubbing each other’s backs. It’s not as sketchy as everyone’s making it out to be.
Holmes: Is there some romance going on between Hope and Eddie?
Pohevitz: No…God no. Everybody is good friends.

Holmes: I was trying to figure out how the lines were drawn before last night’s episode. Was it the cool kids on one side, the three ladies on the other, with Shamar floating, and Michael and Matt as swing votes?
Pohevitz: Originally we thought we were with Laura and Matt. And once we realize that Laura had turned, we thought that Shamar would get voted out and once he was gone the four of us plus Matt would be versus the other four. We never thought it was us four against the rest of the tribe. We always had five or six. But clearly we didn’t have them as tight as we thought.
Holmes: I didn’t think you guys would think four was a majority in a tribe of ten.
Pohevitz: Yes. (Laughs) I passed Kindergarten.

Holmes: So, Shamar…
Pohevitz: Yeah…
Holmes: He is a US Marine. My brother in law is a Marine, I’ve known some Marines, none of them are as lazy as Shamar appears to be.
Pohevitz: Every human being I know is not as lazy as Shamar.
Holmes: Walk me through a day in the life of the Gota tribe as far as productivity went.
Pohevitz: Honestly, everybody worked really hard. Julia had really bad sunburn, so she stayed in a lot. But, that wasn’t because she was lazy, it’s because her face was peeling off. But, she was doing things around camp. The rest of us would get firewood. I went on ten water runs a day. We were constantly getting coconuts and things like that. Shamar would wake up, go to the ocean for three minutes, go to the bathroom, and proceed to lay in the shelter and bitch at us for the entire day.

Holmes: What was your first impression when you saw which Favorites stepped off of the helicopter?
Pohevitz: They weren’t my favorites. It was more like people who had made fatal errors as opposed to actual fan favorites. They were people who needed to redeem themselves.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association.
Pohevitz: (Laughs)
Holmes: What’s so funny?
Pohevitz: I’m nervous.
Holmes: This is very important. You’ll be judged harshly and given a letter grade when it’s over. Let’s start with Sherri.
Pohevitz: Privileged.
Holmes: Eddie?
Pohevitz: Hero.

EDIT: Allie’s response to Eddie was originally misinterpreted as “Virile.”

Holmes: Hope?
Pohevitz: Soul mate…best friend. I love her.
Holmes: Julia?
Pohevitz: Quaint.
Holmes: Laura?
Pohevitz: Strategic.
Holmes: Shamar?
Pohevitz: Oh…I don’t know if you can print these words. Um…vile, dishonorable…disgusting.
Holmes: Reynold?
Pohevitz: Complicated.
Holmes: Matt?
Pohevitz: Stoic.
Holmes: We’ll finish with Michael.
Pohevitz: Witty.
Holmes: Your letter grade is an A, congratulations.
Pohevitz: Oh good, just what I was looking for.

Holmes: You said “privileged” for Sherri. You now know that she is well off financially. She’s the Wetzel’s Pretzels queen. Did you know that at the time?
Pohevitz:  I didn’t know exactly what, but you don’t come out there looking the way she did and not have some money in your background. Just the way she presented herself and carried herself, I know that it’s very different than the people I’m around on a day-to-day basis.

Holmes: It was sad watching your parting words last night. You’re a huge fan and this was a dream for you. Now that some time has passed, what are some of the good things you took away from your experience?
Pohevitz: Yeah, I met some of my best friends out there. And some of the people I met from the other tribe after the game. Just everybody I’ve met has been very cool. You never get to make those bonds with people from across the country if you’re not put into a random situation like this.
Holmes: Is it any consolation that you weren’t voted out first twice?
Pohevitz:  At least she got to play twice! Maybe I can be voted out second twice.
Holmes: That’s the right attitude.
Pohevitz:  That’d be horrible. If I go back, I’m destroying people.

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