‘Survivor’ Castaway Michael: ‘We Didn’t Think (Dawn) Was So Ruthless’


Michael Snow (CBS)

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So…Stealth R Us Too was going to split the vote between Reynold and Eddie in case one of them had an idol. Then after the tie they were going to vote for Reynold. BUT, Malcolm was trying to get Sherri and Dawn to vote for Andrea. HOWEVER, Dawn is a strategy machine who is crushing dreams left and right so she told Andrea and they decided to target Malcolm instead. WHEN SUDDENLY, Eddie tells his giiiiirlfriend Andrea that she’s in trouble, so she decides to focus all of the votes on the one person they know is idol-less.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Michael becoming the first member of the jury.

I never promised you rhymes.

I spoke with Michael the morning after his elimination and had a chance to get the scoop on last night’s craziness, his former alliance with Sherri, and spying on the Caramoan lovebirds…

Gordon Holmes: OK, what the hell happened last night?
Michael Snow: (Laughs) It’s so convoluted, even that day. I think what happened was Eddie, Reynold, and I were working with Malcolm and we were trying to get a foothold and not get voted out. Dawn had come to me, she and Malcolm had talked, so we thought we may have a chance to flip things. We were hoping that they’d split the vote and we’d have five and take Andrea out. I didn’t know if it was going to work, I didn’t think it was going to work. But, if someone was going to get voted out, I thought it’d be Eddie or Reynold.
Holmes: Did you know that Reynold had an idol?
Snow: I did. He told me. I didn’t know he had it on the other beach, we were still searching. But, he told me when he came over for the merge.
Holmes: And did you know that he and Malcolm had a relationship that was close enough that he’d hand over the idol?
Snow: Not really. I didn’t know if Reynold would really give it. But, Reynold had offered his idol to me that day as well. But, it didn’t surprise me that he gave him the idol. I think he would have given the idol to anyone he was working with. He’s kind of like that. I knew they were close, but I didn’t know they were “bro-type” like that.

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Holmes: Before the swap, your alliance was taking out Reynold and Eddie’s cool kids’ alliance. Did they have trouble trusting you after merge?
Snow: After the merge it was fine. We never had a contentious relationship. When they arrived on the beach we knew we were down in the numbers. We knew we were screwed. They weren’t immediately like, “What do we do?” But we were checking in with each other. And when we went to the first vote and voted for Sherri, we were all on board. But, we never had a problem. We hung out at the other beach, so it wasn’t a surprise to be hanging out with them and laughing on the new beach.
Holmes: You and Sherri used to be in an alliance. Then, last week you voted for her and she wasn’t thrilled with that…understandably. But, it seems like she’s not doing a great job of staying on the good side of people who could potentially end up on the jury.
Snow: Well, right when the merge happened, I felt like she was a little nervous in trying to figure out where she was going to fall in. So, I think she was just kind of scrambling, but not too hard. But after Corinne was voted out, she was in with those guys totally. They knew they had her vote. Phillip and her were spending a lot of time talking. I don’t think they saw her as a threat.

Holmes: Now that you’re at home watching this and you see that Dawn had a key role in taking out Julia, Corinne, and yourself, are you a little shocked that she’s turned into the Grim Reaper?
Snow: (Laughs) Shocking? No. I knew she was playing hard and I knew she was having a tough time. She was really a Nervous Nelly. I was starting to notice it before Corinne was voted out. We didn’t think she was so ruthless, because she was so upset so often. So, it’s not shocking, but “Wow, good job, Dawn.”

Holmes: Last night we saw Eddie and Andrea scoot off for a little rendezvous…
Snow: (Laughs) I watched that happening, Gordon. At that point in the afternoon, I knew they were off together. I started watching them. I thought, if he’s going to flip, I need to keep an eye out for that. So, I’m scooting up over the hill and I’m popping my head up spying on them. It was so fun, I was laughing. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I was watching them canoodling because I was worried about Eddie.
Holmes: You could make the argument that him letting Andrea know she was a target led her to target you instead of Malcolm.
Snow: Absolutely. I think that was part of it. That probably got Andrea to be a little more ruthless and getting away from splitting the vote. But, I really attribute it to Dawn and Andrea. I think it was a combination of all of those things. Dawn had come to me earlier that day and asked if I was voting with the guys. I said, “Dawn, what do you want me to do? I’ve been telling you I’ll work with you, but you’re not pulling me in.” And she said, “I’ll come back to you. I think it’s time for me to make a move.” So, she was the one leading us down the path and making us think she was going to make a move. So, I really give Dawn a lot of credit.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Malcolm.
Snow: Gamer.
Holmes: Reynold?
Snow: Generous.
Holmes: Eddie?
Snow: Jersey (Pronounced “Joy-zee”).
Holmes: Sherri?
Snow: Cinnabon.
Holmes: Corinne?
Snow: Awesome.
Holmes: Andrea?
Snow: Conniving.
Holmes: Cochran?
Snow: Great player.
Holmes: Phillip?
Snow: A douche-alist.
Holmes: Dawn?
Snow: Ruthless.
Holmes: Brenda?
Snow: The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, inside and out.
Holmes: She is gorgeous.
Snow: Gorrrrgeous.
Holmes: Erik?
Snow: I want to say surprising. He was doing all these things that were kind of outside the box. I never knew he had it in him. He’s kind of a rebel. He sees things in different ways.
Holmes: What’s an example?
Snow: He was always looking for something or push the boundaries of what he could do and get away with. I try to play within the rules, and how can I bend them. He plays outside of the rules. I thought that was really admirable.

Holmes: When you play “Survivor” you assume you’re going to starve. You assume you’re going to lie and be lied to. But you never assume that you’re going to become best friends with a bearded, bike riding, front man from Ohio.
Snow: (Laughs) Everyone says, “You’re so different.” But, I think we’re very similar in a lot of ways, and that’s why we got along. We both have very broad senses of humor. We’re both very open to people and respond to different kinds of people. It’s really been fun to get to know someone who is like that. I intend on keeping Matt in my life for a long time. He’s good people.
Holmes: Always good to hear about the long-term alliances.

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