‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Episode Recap: Will She Retainer?


'Survivor: Caramoan' (CBS)

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Last Week: Eddie gave up a chance at immunity in exchange for a sugar crash, Reynold was voted out, and ended up with a sweet ‘stache, and Andrea found an idol, but will miss out on the cash.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Enil Edam Tribe (wearing green)
Brenda – Paddleboard Company Owner, 30
Cochran – Harvard Law Student, 25
Dawn – English Professor/Power Rankings Champ, 42
Eddie – Firefighter/EMT, 23
Erik – Comic Book Artist, 27
Sherri – Fast Food Franchisee, 41

Another Quick Note: You will not make me cry tonight, Jeff Probst…will not!

Yet Another Quick Note: My back-up headline was “Waving Brenda or Eddie Goodbye.”

We kick things off the morning after Andrea’s exit and Eddie’s mind is blown that all of his girlfriends keep getting voted out. That’s kind of like me, except instead of getting voted out my girlfriends keep being embarrassed by their boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Brenda tells Dawn that Cochran should be the next to go if Eddie wins immunity. Oh man, bad news for Brenda. Nobody’s picking up on how close Dawchran is.

Later, a frustrated Erik refers to “Survivor” as “The most beautiful prison I’ve ever been in in my life.” This begs the question; how many prisons has Erik been in?

Tree mail arrives in the form of a Sprint EVO LTE phone. True to form, it is loaded with videos from loved ones.

Sprint – Welcome to the Now Network

Everyone loses it while watching their family videos.  Well, everyone except for me. I’m a rock.

Oh boy, we get to the challenge and Brenda is greeted by her father Raymond. This touching display is enough to set Probst off. He cries for the first time in 146 seasons. Sissy.

Erik’s brother Richard is next and they have a little tickle fight.

Sherri has a meltdown at the sight of her husband Jared.

Cochran’s mother Arlene…and Cochran…they’re…damnit! I held out as long as I could.

Jenna’s daughters forgot to send a tape.

Eddie’s dad Edward gives him the father of all bear hugs. Adorable.

Then finally, David comes out and gives Dawn a beautiful embrace. Dawn, oddly enough, didn’t cry at all. #lies

Wait, if David is there who’s taking care of their 30 kids?!

Reward Challenge Time: Players and their loved ones will spin around to unscrew rails. They’ll then put those rails in place and throw bolos at them. First person to hit three bolos wins a barbecue with their loved one.

Team Erik and Team Brenda jump out to a slight lead. However, Team Dawn and Team Sherri manage to catch up.

Probst calls Arlene out for not being much of a challenge performer. Cochran understandably takes offense to Probst insulting his mother. Your mama is so slow at challenges…she thinks immunity is an old, old wooden ship that was used in the Civil War era.

It comes down to Dawn, Brenda, and Sherri, with Brenda’s team pulling off the win. She’s allowed to invite another couple and she chooses Dawn and David.

Probst then hands Brenda another Sprint phone that is loaded with videos of more loved ones! One for each of the Survivors. Sherri straight up loses the ability to stand with the announcement of this news.

Brenda is given the chance to either have the barbecue with her loved ones, Dawn’s loved ones and a third Survivor’s loved ones, or give the barbecue to the other four players and their loved ones. Oh man, that’s awful. How does Probst sleep at night?

And she chooses…a commercial. A crummy commercial?! Be sure to drink my Ovaltine?!

OK, we’re back…and Brenda gives up the reward. Oof… Fortunately, Dawn is calm and doesn’t cry about it. #morelies

At the reward, everyone’s having a grand ol’ time stuffing their faces and snapping pics with the Sprint phone.

Unfortunately, you can see the barbecue from Enil Edam beach. This is the meanest reward ever. Brenda thinks she made the right choice, but Dawn is having a hard time dealing with it.

That’s probably the best example I’ve ever seen of how much this game messes with you. Dawn is probably the most selfless person I’ve ever met and here she is livid that four people got to eat instead of two.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will lean over a pier while holding onto a rope. As the challenge continues, the rope will get longer. Last person standing on the pier wins immunity.

Cochran is the first one out, he’s followed by Eddie and Erik. Looks like it’s ladies’ night.

Sherri’s out next and we’re down to Brenda and Dawn. Dawn tries negotiating with Brenda, saying that she doesn’t want to be up there for four hours and that she hasn’t won immunity yet.

However, Brenda doesn’t quit because she’s a competitor.

Brenda and Dawn battle it out, with Brenda eventually falling. Dawn wins immunity. Probst refers to this as her first-ever individual immunity win, but that isn’t true. She won one in South Pacific.

Back at camp, Brenda is psyched that Eddie didn’t win immunity. Her plan is to take out Edward, then Cochran. Oh, Dawn’ll love that.

Cochran thinks it’s time for Brenda to go home because she’s so likable. He pitches his idea to Sherri and she’s already one step ahead of him.

Dawn is interested in this plan, but she’s worried about Eddie winning immunity. Because he’s won so many this far?

That night at Tribal Council, we’ve got…Reynold’s mustache is gone! WHY?!

Brenda says she doesn’t feel bad about losing immunity because she likes Dawn. Famous last words?

Eddie knew his number was up if he didn’t win immunity. Probst points out that Eddie’s head has been on the chopping block for the last several Tribals.

Brenda doesn’t regret her reward decision. Dawn thinks that the long-term benefits of that choice will help Brenda.

Probst and Cochran both agree that Eddie is an easy vote. But, Cochran say the easy vote isn’t always the smart vote.

Eddie thinks he’s done, but says he’s had the best time. Good attitude, Eddie. You’re not good at “Survivor,” but you’re a good kid.

Voting Time: Sherri votes for Brenda, Brenda votes for Eddie, and the rest are super secret.

We’ve got two votes for Eddie, one vote for Erik, two votes for Brenda, and the fifteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites” and the sixth member of the jury is…Brenda.

As Brenda leaves, she says, “It hurts.”

Verdict: Ice cold. Wow. Everything.

From Brenda giving up her reward, to the reward being visible from the beach, to the final blindside…that was just rough.

Who’s Going to Win? Erik hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back, but nobody respects his game. While, Cochran is the most likable member of the dominant alliance. I’ll stick with Erik (my day-one pick), but I won’t be surprised if Cochran takes the whole thing.

Power Rankings Results: Michael Skupin had Brenda in spot five while my clean-up hitter Michael Skupin Jr. had her in spot three. So, the final score is Team Skupin 141, Team Lightning Punch 153.

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