‘Survivor’ Castaway Rachel – Brad Culpepper Is a ‘Bonehead’


'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' (CBS)

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Looking for more proof that this is the craziest season of “Survivor” ever? Here are the facts…

•    Rupert was eliminated without ever receiving a vote.
•    Marissa was voted out because her uncle was talking trash.
•    Colton quit the game because he knew he’d be voted out and his fiance would insist on replacing him at Redemption Island.

And then you have poor Rachel who was targeted in an attempt to lure her challenge stallion boyfriend Tyson to Redemption Island.

So weird.

I spoke with Rachel the morning after her elimination and had a chance to ask her about Brad’s leadership, Tyson’s influence, and Candice’s attitude…

Gordon Holmes: You two broke my heart last night.
Rachel Foulger: (Laughs) We didn’t mean to!
Holmes: You guys are a-dorable.
Foulger: Thank you. I’m sorry our conversation is not going to get as dirty (as the pre-game interview) because Tyson’s not here.
Holmes: And thank goodness for that.
Foulger: Thank goodness!
Holmes: Tyson is a terrible influence on me.
Foulger: Me too! (Laughs)

Holmes: Tell me about Tadhana. All we’re seeing is the five guys ruling the roost. What else was going on there?
Foulger: It was definitely very obvious with Brad. Brad wasn’t secretive about anything. He was dominating that tribe, telling everybody what to do. It was very obvious there was a guy alliance. I only had two choices; either get the girls and try to pull one of those guys which I thought would’ve been hard. Or, forget the girls and try to make a strong alliance with the guys.
Holmes: Let me get this straight; you’re saying Brad wasn’t subtle?
Foulger: (Laughs) Did it look subtle on TV?! He was obvious about everything.

Holmes: Before the game, Jeff Probst and Tyson both mentioned that they were worried about how you would do emotionally. From what we saw it seemed like you were doing a good job out there.
Foulger: Jeff told me before the show that I was his question mark before the game. I told him I didn’t know what I was going to do either.  I am a very strong person, but I have emotions too. When I got out there I was pretty strong actually. I did pretty well out there.

Holmes: Tadhana voted Laura Boneham out of the tribe immediately. We never found out why.
Foulger:  I didn’t even know everybody’s name. They didn’t show my vote. I actually voted for Katie. I had to put down, “Tina’s Daughter” because I didn’t know her name. It was very stressful. But I think at that point the only thing you can do is go by physical appearance. How good are these people going to be in challenges? With her being the older woman, looking like maybe the weaker of the girls, I think that’s why she was targeted.

Holmes: I was there for that first challenge and you guys dominated the water portion. The puzzle team blew it, but they’re all still there. Why wasn’t there any blowback from their performance?
Foulger: I still don’t understand that. Katie, Ciera, and Caleb did the puzzle and not only did we lose, but we lost pretty badly. There were three rounds to that puzzle and they didn’t finish the first round. For one of them to not be on the chopping block doesn’t make sense to me. But, that’s where Brad comes in. Brad likes that they volunteered for that part of the challenge because it is higher stress. He appreciated that.

Holmes: The moment you and Tyson shared last night was very heartwarming. I’m not used to that from Tyson. Tyson tends to be too-cool-for school. I’m worried that having you in the game ruined his reputation as a bad boy.
Foulger: (Laughs) I don’t think it ruined his reputation. I think it’s nice to see a different side of Tyson. It’s a sweeter side.

Holmes: Alright let do some word association. We’ll start with Brad.
Foulger: Bonehead.
Holmes: Hayden?
Foulger: Meathead.
Holmes: Marissa?
Foulger: Sassy.
Holmes: Candice?
Foulger: Bitchy.
Holmes: Ciera?
Foulger: Mousey.
Holmes: Katie?
Foulger: Sincere.
Holmes: Vytas?
Foulger: Sneaky.
Holmes: Caleb?
Foulger: Strong.
Holmes: John?
Foulger: Trustworthy.

Holmes: We need to jump back into that. Why is Candice bitchy?
Foulger: She just is! She’s super bitchy. Being out there on Redemption Island…she is pissed. They aren’t showing it, but she is pissed that her name was written down that first day. There’s the bitchy side there and you’re going to get to see it next week I think.
Holmes: It did look like that from the preview.

Holmes: It never occurred to me that one tribe would target someone in an attempt to get their loved one to swap out.
Foulger: That part of the game was a surprise. I went both ways with it. I thought I’d be targeted because they want Tyson out. Or, people who are on the chopping block are not going to want Tyson to be in the arena fighting challenges. I wasn’t positive which way it would go.

Holmes: See how clean this interview was?
Foulger: Yeah, it was pretty clean.
Holmes: That’s the thing; when Tyson and I talk it’s awful. When you, me, and Tyson talk it’s awful. When just you and I talk it’s super pleasant.
Foulger: (Laughs) I know! Is that OK with you?
Holmes: It is, I just wanted you to realize what the common denominator was.

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