‘Survivor’ Castaway Candice – ‘Coming in Late Was a Disadvantage’


Candice Cody (CBS)

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The official subtitle for this season of “Survivor” is “Blood vs. Water” but it could have easily been “Survivor: Bizarro World.” Marissa was voted out for how her uncle acted in the game. Rachel was voted out in an attempt to lure her boyfriend Tyson out of the game.

Candice Cody was bounced for something that happened before the game.

I spoke with the three-time returnee the morning after her elimination and had a chance to ask her about her feud with the Culpeppers, her romantic getaway, and a problem with last night’s Redemption Island puzzle…

Gordon Holmes: Hey Candice, how’s it going?
Candice Cody: I’ve been better.
Holmes: What? I thought you got to enjoy three nights on a beautiful Filipino beach with the man of your dreams.
Cody: I’m just teasing, I had a great time. It was an interesting season. A lot of twists…some that didn’t work to my advantage and some that did. And to get to experience it with John…he’s an awesome guy. I think we had a really unique experience. It was cool.

Holmes: I’m not a fan of someone being sent to Redemption Island or out of the game without an official Tribal Council vote.
Cody: I really think it was difficult for me because I came out less than 24 hours before the game started. (NOTE: Candice and John were last-minute alternates) Everyone else had been staring at each other and counting their numbers of who they were going to work with before the game started. Obviously my face wasn’t there for that. So, to be voted out 30 seconds in…I thought coming in late was a disadvantage, but give me three days. People will like me and we’ll be good. But, to not have that chance…it was devastating to give up all of my vacation for the next two years to come out and play the game. It was tough.

Holmes: Candice Woodcock played twice. She was a good challenge competitor, but some strategies came back to bite her. Candice Cody is a bad ass.
Cody: (Laughs)
Holmes: She’s flipping the bird, she’s cursing out former NFL players.
Cody: The one-finger salute!

Holmes: Last night they showed you and John enjoying your evening…
Cody: And then the record screeched and everything stopped.
Holmes: It’s like you’re enjoying a delicious sundae and you then find a band-aid under a scoop of ice cream.
Cody: I was really happy to see Brad because that meant he was voted off. But I was not happy to share Cody Island with Brad Culpepper. And be careful what you wish for because he’s a tough challenge competitor. I was kind of hoping his wife would switch with him.
Holmes: That challenge looked really close.
Cody: So close. Brad actually called it and said he’d finished his puzzle twice when he hadn’t. And Jeff called it and said “Brad wins!” And then they realized that Brad’s puzzle was wrong. My mind was somewhere else at that point because I thought I was out. That threw me off. I also had a puzzle piece that was correct but I couldn’t get it to fit on the bridge. Being a three-time player, I was thinking of Jeff saying, “If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it because we’ve tried all of these pieces.” So, I took that piece back and looked for a different one. So, I lost a lot of time on that one.
Holmes: It was a little odd to hear Galang cheering for Brad.
Cody: There was so much emotion involved in it. I’m playing against my husband and against the guy I wanted to go home ten days ago. And the other players were cheering for Brad and giving him hints. It was intense.

Holmes: When we talked before the game, you were concerned that Rupert was there. You had some past history from “Heroes vs. Villains.” Was it nice to be the one to send him packing?
Cody: Yeah, that kind of felt good. (Laughs) Rupert and I had some bad blood based on “Heroes vs. Villains.” I tried to come into this with an open mind. We have this history, but we do know each other. Unfortunately neither one of us got to set foot on a tribe beach and get to figure it out. At Redemption Island he was all grumbly, and when he left the mood completely changed. Marissa was a breath of fresh air, she has so much energy. So, it was nice to be the one to send him home. I know I beat him in every challenge in “Heroes vs. Villains” so I knew I could take him.

Holmes: Let’s get into some word association. We’ll start with Monica.
Cody: Crocodile tears.
Holmes: Rachel?
Cody: Soft.
Holmes: Marissa?
Cody: Sassy.
Holmes: Brad?
Cody: The mouth of the south.
Holmes: (Laughs) Rupert?
Cody: A fussy pirate.
Holmes: Tyson?
Cody: Jokester.
Holmes: Let’s finish with that guy John.
Cody: Sweet angel.

Holmes: You were on the show twice before and I’m sure a lot of people recognize you. But now you get to watch your husband and he’s on TV and he’s doing something that has been such a big part of your life. How awesome is that?
Cody:  That is probably the best part of being a part of this season. Every day I’m proud of my husband…you know…I married him.
Holmes: Well, I’d hope so.
Cody: He’s just a class act and an awesome guy. It’s so great to get to watch him on TV and have other people see him as I see him.

Holmes: I hate to end this interview on a bad note…but John did beat you in back-to-back challenges.
Cody: Yeah, he’s going to pay for that. (Laughs)

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