‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ Recap – Downed Dog?


'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' (CBS)

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Last Week: Kat was dumped from the game, but not her relationship, Tyson made an alliance without Aras, and Laura B.’s loose lips sunk her ship.

39 Days (well…technically 39.5), 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Galang Tribe (wearing yellow)
Katie – Hedge Fund Support, 25
Monica – Homemaker, 42
Tina – Motivational Speaker, 52
Vytas – Yoga Instructor, 33

The Tadhana Tribe (wearing red)
Aras – Musician, 31
Caleb – Post Office Manager/Farmer, 26
Ciera – Cosmetology Student, 24
Gervase – Cigar Lounge Owner, 43
Hayden – Real Estate, 26
Tyson – Store Manager, 34

The show starts off with Vytas thanking the ladies for keeping him around. He tells them that Aras and Gervase will join them at the merge. The assumptions players are making about loved ones they haven’t been talking to are fun. It’s like when my mom assumes I still want Drakkar Noir for Christmas.

For some reason, Tina tells Monica that she’s the fifth person on the totem pole. This understandably freaks Monica out. That’s a Boneham-esque spilling of the beans there, Wesson.

Speaking of Bonehams, we meet up with Laura as she makes her way to Redemption Island. Once she’s there she lets us know that she can’t believe the women decided to keep Vytas around. I can’t believe Vytas didn’t afford Laura the same courtesy and tell her that her number was up.

Redemption Island Duel (ahem…Truel) Time: The players will climb a pole and…you know…wait there. The person to last the longest will get to return to the game. The other two players will be eliminated.

The winner will also get to give out a clue to the immunity idol. Wait…can’t they just keep it for themselves?

The challenge begins and Laura B. is already in trouble. She slides down and eventually manages to find a comfortable spot. Well, as comfortable as you can be hugging a giant pole.

John struggles, loses his grip, and is the first one out. Still, last Cody standing is something to be proud of.

Laura battle! Boneham vs. Morett! Two Lauras enter…one Laura leaves!

Wait, Boneham’s out.

Laura Morett will return to the game. But first, we have a merge. Blue buffs for all.

Fun Fact: Every “Survivor” season I have visited has used red, yellow, and blue buffs.

Probst gives Laura the clue and… SHE BURNS IT!  WHY?! ANGER!

Before we hit the commercial, Aras says that he’s hoping to stay Galang strong with Tyson, Gervase, Monica, and Tina with Katie and Vytas as junior members. Oh, Aras…is there a yoga pose that helps you pull a knife out of your own back?

During the tribe feast, Hayden is trying to figure out the numbers. He’s hoping his Aras-less Alliance is able to pull Laura M. over to their side. But, he’s also worried that Ciera could join an alliance of the three couples.

Ciera pulls her mother aside and lays out the details of the new alliance. Ciera is very concerned that having a loved one around could put a target on her back.

Meanwhile, Tyson uses the clues that old Tadhana was able to remember and manages to find the hidden immunity idol. He hopes that the idol is solid gold, but I know the art department doesn’t have that kind of budget. He smartly decides to keep it a secret for the time being.

Later, the Baskauskas Bros. decide to target Laura because nobody knows where she stands. Vytas thinks they’d have to be pretty stupid to not get to the end together. Oh man, they’re going to play that clip back during the finale.

Immunity Challenge Time: Probst will show the players a series of symbols. They’ll have to repeat the symbols back to him. Get a symbol wrong and you’re out. Last person standing wins immunity. It’s like “Survivor” Simon.

Round One: Monica’s the first out. She’s followed by Caleb and Katie. Tyson and Tina are the next to go. Next we get rid of Hayden.

Round Two: Laura goes first. Then we lose Ciera. Gervase is the next gone. It’s down to the Baskauskas Bros. (Way to not stand out as threats there, guys.) Vytas eventually pulls out the win.

Back at Kasama Beach, Vytas says he didn’t need to win immunity, but he did need to beat his brother. Wow…are they really this fooled? Kudos to Team New Tadhana.

Laura is worried that Aras might have an idol because he’s so confident. She pitches throwing votes toward Tina to split the vote.

That night at Tribal Council, Tyson says that if his brother was there, he’d want to work with him.

Aras thinks having a brother isn’t enough to have a majority. (He’s right.) They need to have relationships with four other people.

Probst points out that people who come back from Redemption Island are often sent right back. Awww…I still feel bad for Matt Elrod.

Tyson thinks it’s threatening that there are six people with loved ones.

Gervase thinks people have to be ready to take advantage of a situation when it presents itself.

Voting Time: Katie votes for Ciera, Gervase votes for Aras, Aras votes for Laura, and the rest don’t make the broadcast.

JPro tallies, returns, and flashes those million-dollar dimples. We’ve got two votes for Laura, two votes for Ciera, four votes for Aras, and the tenth person to be sent to Redemption Island is…Aras.

Verdict: This season is pretty awesome. Jeff Probst gets a pass the next time he brings back a player I hate.

Who’s Going to Win? Things aren’t looking good for my pick Vytas. Maybe he can win the next forty seven immunities?

Power Rankings Results: Malcolm had Aras in spot ten. I had him in spot nine. I picked Laura M. returning for a bonus point. So, the score for this round is Team Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame 10, Team Real American Heroes 10. The current total score is Team Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame 89, Team Real American Heroes 98.

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