‘Survivor’ Castaway Katie: Ciera Is ‘So Good at Lying’


Katie Collins (CBS)

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“Ray, if someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!” – Winston Zeddemore

Apparently Katie Collins’ “Survivor” equivalent of this is; if Ciera tells you that she has an idol, don’t give up your assertion that you have one too quickly.

I spoke with Katie the morning after her run-in with the Redemption Island juggernauts to get her thoughts on her idol mistake, pulling rocks, and Tribal Council fashion…

Note: Katie Collins’ brother Taylor died in a car accident nine days ago. The “Survivor” exit interview process involves dozens of interviews in a single day, and I didn’t want Katie to have to relive that horrible incident again here with me. So, I’d like to just express my sincerest condolences to Katie, Tina, and their family and leave it at that.

Katie Collins: It has been too long.
Gordon Holmes: I know, what’s your deal? You go away for 39 days, then I only see you on TV.
Collins: (Laughs) I’m sorry.
Holmes: What’s a guy gotta do, get a club and a cave?
Collins: (Laughs) My mom does want grandbabies.

Holmes: OK, do you have an idol?
Collins: With me?
Holmes: In general, what is the proper response?
Collins: Not with me.
Holmes: Yes, you do.
Collins: I do?
Holmes: See, you’re never confident when someone calls you out on idol related issues.
Collins: Oh…but here’s the thing, when I went away I came back to the camp and Ciera was digging through my bag. And, they didn’t show this on camera. I asked what she was doing and she said, “What do you think I was doing in your bag?” And I was like, “Oh my god!” I could have had the idol in there. Then her and Caleb went away for an hour and a half. So, I thought she stole my clue and her and Caleb found it. That’s why I believed her in the hammock. And she’s so good at lying. I’m a horrible liar.
Holmes: You catch Ciera in your bag, do you have the kind of relationship where it’s just part of the game or are you really offended?
Collins: It’s like this high school thing where you’re like (in tears) “I can’t believe you’re going through my bag!” You’d like to think you’re good enough friends with someone. That’s my stuff! You stole my idol. That was a funny little scene.

Holmes: Last night you show up to Tribal and Hayden’s all distracted. Is this some kind of strategy to throw people off their game?
Collins: (Laughs) That’s not true! It’s just a little elbow grease. I went and showered and brushed my hair. Anyone’s going to look better after being on an island for 30-some-odd days. I didn’t know that I was going to get a reaction. I was surprised. I just hope I’m not in trouble with Kat.
Holmes: I was just going to say, her and I did the Power Rankings together and I wouldn’t mess with her for all the money in the world.
Collins: I don’t want her on my bad side. On the record I’ll say, “I’m sorry, Kat.” It was harmless.

Holmes: Was it tough facing your mother at Redemption Island?
Collins: Yes, we both knew it was going to be hard. I knew for her it was a struggle because she loves the game so much. She’s going to try her hardest no matter what. That’s why I said, “Let’s just play our hardest.”
Holmes: What’s the vibe like now that she got the best of you last night and in the pillow-fight battle?
Collins: I know. She dominated me. She’s a warrior. I think all of the women are forces to be reckoned with. It’s funny you mention the sumo challenge, Jeff was getting mad at us because we were laughing. We were on the platform and she was licking my ankle, which is so crazy.
Holmes: Wait, how is that possible?
Collins: She wanted to make me laugh, that was her strategy.
Holmes: How was she even in a position to do that?
Collins: I had her pinned for a while.

Holmes: Speaking of warrior women; does Laura Morett feel pain? Does she consume food the way humans do?
Collins: (Laughs) No, she’s a machine. She had a few driving forces. She’s super religious. On Redemption she talked about how God was on her side and getting her through the challenges. And her other driving force was Ciera. We saw her on the pole looking at Ciera like she wasn’t going to let go of that thing. It’s like Monica, her kids were her driving force.
Holmes: Does it bother you that God wanted Laura to win more than you?
Collins: (Laughs) Me and mom were like, “Maybe we should ask him to help us.”

Holmes: During the double-tie Tribal, did you and Ciera consider flipping and getting rid of Hayden?
Collins: The only way we were going to get rid of Tyson was to draw. For all of us it was worth it. Ciera turned back to Hayden and said, “Monica.” Then Hayden looked at me and said, “Monica.” So we voted for Monica.
Holmes: Was Ciera really not on board until that Tribal?
Collins: Until that Tribal.
Holmes: Wow.
Collins: Jeff asks the right questions. He’s brilliant. He really makes you think. He’s another player in the game, I felt like.
Holmes: When it was over, Tyson pointed to the jury and said that’s where you were going to end up. Was that playful, was in vengeful, what was the vibe?
Collins: Me and Tyson were never in an alliance so we didn’t have to exchange niceties. He had that idol, and I think when we decided to draw the rocks he was so scared. And when he got scared he lashed out. He was like, “I didn’t know you had the balls to do that, so that seat over there is for you.” That was the lowest part of the game for me, so it was kind of like kicking someone when they’re down. I think he was threatened and relieved it wasn’t him.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Ciera.
Collins: Teen mom. (Laughs) Oh God…
Holmes: Hayden?
Collins: Good guy.
Holmes: Laura Morett?
Collins: Warrior.
Holmes: Monica?
Collins: Loves her kids.
Holmes: Wait, you’re supposed to love your kids!
Collins: Yeah, but that’s all she talks about.
Holmes: Caleb?
Collins: Farm boy, chicken slaughterer.
Holmes: Vytas?
Collins: Yogi…ex-junkie? Oh, this is awful.
Holmes: Tyson?
Collins: Bulge. (Laughs)
Holmes: Gervase?
Collins: Pagonged.
Holmes: And Tina…
Collins: Oh, sweetest angel in the entire world. But I’m biased.

Holmes: You have a very unique relationship with “Survivor.” Your mother won it when you were very young. You grew up with it. Did you learn anything new about it? About your mom? About yourself?
Collins: I remember when she got back and I hugged her and she was a bag of bones. She couldn’t talk about it much back then. But now that I’ve done it, we can share that together. It’s a really special thing for us to have. I’m eternally grateful for that. And learning about myself…it humbled me. There are families out there that aren’t guaranteed a bag of rice for a month. I feel like I have so much more respect and love for families that don’t have very much. The whole experience for me was outstanding. It’s hard to verbalize.

Holmes: And what homework do I have for you?
Collins: Ask me if I have an idol.
Holmes: Do you have an idol?
Collins: Yes! I have one and it’s right here in pocket.
Holmes: No you don’t, I have it.
Collins: No, it’s still here in my pocket.
Holmes: Perfect!

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