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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Keith is voted out this week, Spencer will receive 7 points and Gordon will receive 1 point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Spencer had Kelley in spot four, Gordon had her in spot five. So, the current score is Team Spencer 36, Team Gordon 44.

Spencer’s Score = 36

Any questions for Spencer? Drop him a line on Twitter: @SpencerBGM

  Gordon’s Score = 44

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Josh – Josh has put himself in a solid strategic foothold throughout the game, he has his loved one around as a buffer, and his tribe is winning. As long as Jeff’s price for rice isn’t “the most competent member of the tribe goes home,” Josh should find a way to maneuver forward.
  1. Keith – OK, I ranted about how much I hate tribe swaps last week, but I forgot to mention that it’s a pain to redo all of these graphics with the proper tribe colors. Cut me a break, CBS! Alright…Keith. He ended up on the right end of the vote last week and he’s still got an idol in his pocket. He isn’t going anywhere.
 2. Baylor – While Baylor has a remarkable double-digit number of votes cast against her without going home, she isn’t in nearly as much danger as it might have seemed at times. I see Baylor and her mother as being locked in with Jon and Jaclyn, with bodes very well for all four until the merge.
  2. Jon – As one half of last week’s swing vote and the strongest challenge competitor in a dead-in-the-water tribe, he’s got to be feeling good about his position. My only concern is that he might fall for Dale’s adorable little faux idol. Or that he might try to use the weird faux idol to barter with Probst for a karaoke machine so he can regale his tribe with his dead-on Jafar and Iago duets.
 3. Jeremy – The Grinch of San Juan Del Sur may have expressed displeasure at the tribe shake-up, but it honestly left him in a perfectly fine position. He’s surrounded by friends from his initial tribe, and continues to play better than just about anyone else.
  3. Jaclyn – So, did Jon and Jaclyn make the right choice last week? Buh… I don’t know. With Kelley gone, I can’t see this tribe winning many immunity challenges. But, it’s possible a merge is right around the corner. Missy and Baylor aren’t going to set any individual challenge victory records, so maybe that was the play? Keep the less threatening people around? I dunno…their strategy is weird. But, they’re so pretty. Pretty and weird. Pretty weird.

 4. Natalie – Natalie’s in a similar spot to Jeremy: Without a loved one and among allies. As long as she’s at peace with Julie, a savvy game player herself, no one should have a reason to target her – at least no one with the ability to do it successfully.
  4. Missy – Twenty nine seasons later and it still always comes down to food. Fortunately for Missy, Coyopa is going to have less and less mouths to feed as they get destroyed in the challenges.
 5. Missy – Keith and Dale can have all the idols (and fake idols) they want. The two couples on this tribe won’t likely split up, and can afford to split a vote for the time being.
 5. Alec – There’s a new swing vote in town, and he has sweet hair. So, what’s a little bro to do? Stick with the status quo and be the odd man out in the potential Keith/Wes/Josh/Reed post-merge alliance? Or, form a team of onesies with Natalie, Jeremy, and Julie?
  6. Julie – Since Rocker went down in flames, Julie has rebuilt her games and stood on her own two feet like she promised. The one person who’s brought her name up – Jon – is separated by the swap, leaving Julie relatively safe until the merge.
 6. Julie – If the former Coyopa bros take over new Hunahpu, Julie will probably be the least of their worries. If Jeremy and Natalie can win Alec over, they’re going to need Julie to keep the numbers. Either way, she’s making the merge.
  7. Keith – He’s got an idol. He’s yet to do “the dumbest thing in ‘Survivor’ history.” He’s seemed removed from his new tribe socially. I expect he might get votes. Frankly, I have no idea on Keith, so in the middle of my rankings he goes.
 7. Natalie – Things aren’t looking great for the last twin standing. She’s down in numbers and she’s surrounded by the former Coyopians she’s been cursing out at challenges. But, she’s got three things working for her; she may be able to flip Alec, Jeremy would probably be Team Josh’s primary target, and the merge is going to be crazytown with all of the competing pairs and alliances.
  8. Jon – For the same reasons as Missy and Baylor, he’s in a great spot. Even the howler monkeys have his back.
 8. Reed – Reed really needed the swap. He wasn’t voting with the majority, and if word got out that Josh was running the show at Coyopa, it would have put a target on his back. Now he and Josh might want to consider dialing back their challenge performances. They don’t want to come off as too much of a post-merge threat.
  9. Jaclyn – I’ve consumed my rock, made more palatable by some excellent seasoning tips from Francesca Hogi, and I’ve learned my lesson. I owe Jaclyn an enormous apology for slotting her at the bottom of my power rankings week after week. She’d been quiet. She’s still quiet; it’s working for her, though.
  9. Josh – It looks like everything is coming up Josh. He went through the swap and was not only reunited with his boyfriend, but he kept his most prominent soldiers by his side. If he can get through one vote, he should be good. It’ll prove that Alec is loyal to his Coyopa roots. But, if Alec swaps, Josh might be the first to go.
  10. Reed – Did Reed not learn his lesson from his fallen badass? You barter with Jeff, you’re going down, and you’re going out. We know remarkably little about him via confessionals, but taking him out to weaken Josh seems like a reasonable thing for a bunch of people without loved ones to do.
  10. Wes If Jeremy can swing the vote his way, Wes could be in for a rough run. Jeremy already has a beef with Wes’s dad. And, I’d bet that Missy isn’t the only person that knows about Keith’s idol. That’d be another reason to axe Wes before the merge.
  11. Alec – Alec’s predicament grows slightly worse with each successful, calculated stroke of his ego from Jeremy. A team of Davids – the old Coyopa – may have been able to beat a team of Goliaths that were throwing a challenge two weeks ago. But I’m not sure that this David can beat the sharp Goliaths on the new Hunahpu that outnumber him.
  11. Baylor – Dale seems like a slam dunk if Coyopa loses immunity. But, voting for Baylor seems like so much fun. Everyone’s doing it! When I order coffee at Starbucks, I tell them my name is Baylor just so they can know the joy of writing her name down.
  12. Wes – Wes has the worst of more than a few worlds. His loved one is still in the game, making him a sensible target, but Keith and his idol aren’t actually on the same tribe as him and therefore can’t bail him out. He’s tight with one and exactly on person on his current tribe – Alec, who’s now found a puppeteer in Jeremy.
  12. Jeremy – Oof…my big fear this week is the deal Probst makes for the rice has something to do with the immunity challenge. I’m worried Hunahpu is going to have to give Coyopa some kind of Medallion of Power-esque advantage and they’re going to pull off the win. I’m worried that Jeremy simply won’t have enough time to get Alec on his side. I worry.
  13. Dale – It’s all falling apart for Dale. He’s once again in a minority of one on his tribe, and the only other potential outsider (Keith) has an idol. His last-ditch effort to bluff with a fake idol could prove clever, but more likely than not it will just entice everyone on Coyopa but himself and Keith to split votes and flush it. Missy and Baylor won the battle when they voted off Kelley, and are now about to win the war.
  13. Dale – Seems like a pretty obvious bottom-of-the-pile pick. He’s not well liked on his tribe, he isn’t a big help in challenges, and he’s freaking out over food. His only hope is that Jon buys his faux idol trick. I don’t like his odds, but stranger things have happened.

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