‘Survivor’ Castaway Josh on Jon and Jaclyn: ‘I Knew They Were Lying’


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When Julie decided to call it quits last week, it seemed to throw a howler monkey wrench in Jeremy’s game. He was going to lose an important vote when he needed it the most.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to Tribal. The extra days gave Wes and Alec time to infuriate Jaclyn and change her vote, thus saving Jeremy and dooming Josh.

I spoke to the the latest ousted Survivor the morning after his elimination and had a chance to ask about Julie’s quit, Jacljon’s flip, and Wes’s…bodily functions…

Holmes: Alright, hard questions first; what is it about Baylor that makes people want to fart on her so much?
Canfield: (Laughs) Oh my gosh… Wow! Thank you, Gordon.
Holmes: I didn’t come here to lob softballs your way, Josh.
Canfield: (Laughs) Gosh…I think Baylor is young and because she’s a very young player, I think she’s a bit naïve to what’s actually going on. I think she was just scared the whole time trying to stay above water. She got votes at every Tribal Council.  And, she rubbed Wes and Alec the wrong way from the get-go. So, there was always a clash with them. And there were times where I was like, “Are they flirting? Or is it people being weird?” Mainly it was Alec and Baylor, it was very strange.
Holmes: So you’re trying to convince me that farting is a form of flirting?
Canfield: (Laughs) Wes farting, that whole thing…no…I don’t think that was flirting.

Holmes: Were you blindsided last night?
Canfield: No, I was 95% sure I was going home.
Holmes: So you knew that Jon and Jaclyn were going to vote with Team Jeremy.
Canfield: Yeah, it was that day really that I saw them switch, even though they were telling me to my face that they were going to vote Baylor that night. I knew they were lying and Reed knew they were lying. They were not very subtle. Before I went in, I told Reed I thought this was going to be goodbye. They had said they were voting for Reed, but I knew they were voting for me. So, we’ll know on that first vote if it’s for me that I’ll be out.
Holmes: If Julie hadn’t quit, do you think Jon and Jaclyn would’ve voted with you at the first post-merge Tribal.
Canfield: Yeah, I do. I said 80% that Jeremy would have gone that night and 20% would have been me. I still hold to that. I think we did have Jon and Jaclyn that night. Then Julie quit and that stirred things up.

Holmes: I keep hearing this rumor that Jon likes to sing Disney songs.
Canfield: (Laughs) It is true.
Holmes: As someone with a musical theater background, I feel like you’re the most qualified person to give us a critique.
Canfield: I always loved it. He has a decent voice and he’s very passionate about it. You can’t help but smile and laugh and have a good time. Maybe he has a career in it.
Holmes: So, you’re going to cast him in your next production?
Canfield: (Laughs) I wouldn’t go that far, Gordon.

Holmes: Keith has been carrying an idol since forever which could have saved you, saved your alliance, basically flipped the whole game. Did you know about it?
Canfield: I had no idea about it. It was really frustrating to find out because if they would  have used it, if we could’ve shown Jon and Jaclyn that we had it and could defend ourselves, that could’ve changed the whole game. I don’t think Keith had the foresight to understand what that meant. I think he though, “Yay, I can protect myself.”

Holmes: When you approached Baylor last night, you took a more stern tone than you usually see with someone trying to sway a vote. You told her that she owed you. What was the thought process behind that approach?
Canfield: That was intentional. I knew that Baylor was a lost cause. After the merge I tried to be like, “Hey, are we still good?” And she was so cold to me.  I knew Missy had got her claws in her. I knew she was young and impressionable, and I was going to go really strong. I’d already lost her, so either it’ll change what she’s doing, or she’ll keep voting with her mom. I wanted her to know I literally kept her in the game in the beginning rounds. I told her she’d be looked at as a villain if she does this. And, because she didn’t know a lot about the game I thought maybe it would scare her.
Holmes: She mentioned the time you voted for her. What was the rationale behind that original Baylor vote?
Canfield: She didn’t care about that. We were long past that. She brought that up again because she was trying to justify voting for me. The strategy behind that first vote was I was trying to do the Russell Hantz thing where you grab a girl and go for it. (Laughs) Baylor was that girl. It was an in-the-moment decision. We were all going to vote for Nadiya, and at Tribal, John Rocker looks over at me and points to Baylor. I thought, what if I use this and say, ”Oh, I thought you wanted me to vote for Baylor.” I knew Baylor wasn’t going home, we had the numbers. Then, people will never suspect that I made an alliance with Baylor because I was willing to vote her out. The vote happened, then I came clean with her immediately. I told her I did it for us. Now nobody thinks we’re together. We can’t play to each other. We can’t hang out with each other, but we have each other’s backs.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. We’ll start with Rocker.
Canfield: Big.
Holmes: Natalie?
Canfield: Crazy.
Holmes: Julie?
Canfield: Wah wah…
Holmes: Keith?
Canfield: Good ol’ boy.
Holmes: Baylor?
Canfield: Young.
Holmes: Missy?
Canfield: Yikes. (Laughs)
Holmes: Wes?
Canfield: Friend.
Holmes: Alec?
Canfield: Outspoken.
Holmes: Jeremy?
Canfield: Sad pants.
Holmes: Jon?
Canfield: Energy?
Holmes:  Jaclyn?
Canfield: Pageant girl.
Holmes: Let’s finish with some guy named Reed.
Canfield: Aww…love of my life.

Holmes: Going into this the popular opinion was; Reed is the strategist. He’s going to go in and rip it up. And Josh is just along for the ride. What’s it like to go in there and dominate?
Canfield: Yeah. When I was reading all the pre-press things and the people’s assessments…
Holmes: The press doesn’t know anything, Josh.
Canfield: (Laughs) Everyone’s going off of what they’ve seen and I was not very well liked. Which I was fine with because I knew what was going to happen. But, everyone thought I was going to be horrible. But, I got a chance to prove that I wasn’t horrible.

Holmes: I saw “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway. If I ask Reed for a refund, will he think that’s funny or will he hate me?
Canfield: Um…I think he’ll be in-between. I think he’ll laugh. Just because you’re in a show doesn’t mean it’s a good show.
Holmes: I do know all the words to Mary Jane’s song “If the World Should End.”
Canfield: Oh, you do! There’s an inner geek in you.
Holmes: No, more of an inner theater person.
Canfield: A theater nerd! I love it! Gordon, you just went up in my book.

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