‘Survivor’ Castaway Jeremy – ‘Missy Doesn’t Make Good Decisions with Men’


'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' (CBS)

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I said it in my Power Rankings entry for Jon and I’ll say it again; every “Survivor” is a product of the last season the cast saw before they went on location. The last thing this group saw was Tony being rewarded for stabbing people in the back in “Survivor: Cagayan.”

So, maybe we should’ve seen last night’s jaw-dropping vote coming.

But we didn’t. Oh boy, we certainly did not see it coming.

I spoke with the victim of the blindside the morning after his elimination and asked him about the shocking Tribal…

Gordon Holmes: I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready for this interview.
Jeremy Collins: (Laughs) Me neither.
Holmes: You were my pick to take it all, you were playing a fantastic game…I hope you’re dealing with it better than I am.
Collins: I’m doing alright. I’m pissed off, but what are you going to do?

Holmes: Once I had a chance to get over the shock, this didn’t seem like a terrible move. You’re fit, you’re well liked, you’re a leader, you’re a threat. Jon can’t be faulted for taking you out. My question though revolves around his thought process. Is he a secret genius or is he just easily swayed?
Collins: Jon is very easily swayed. I think more than that, Jon was afraid of me. I was trying to tell him that we need to protect each other. We’re the two biggest, strongest people. When they come after us, we both have to be here. I don’t get it. He’s going to go in there with girls against four guys who are great in challenges. Keith and Reed are really good in challenges and Wes is really physical. I just don’t get it. I really don’t know what his thought process is.
Holmes: You got him to swap over from Josh’s side. Did you figure, we’ve got him, we’re taking this to the end, or were you worried that he could flop again?
Collins: I knew he didn’t want me there. He thought I could make a run at the challenges. But, once you make your decision you’ve got to stick with it.
Holmes: It’s funny because Jon was vital in taking out the games two strongest players in back-to-back weeks.
Collins: I think Jon just wanted to get me out because he was nervous that if we went to the end I’d get votes because of my story. Which is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Josh said to him, “Are they going to give a million dollars to two actors or a firefighter with two kids?” So Jon wanted to jump ship to an alliance with two firefighters!
Holmes: (Laughs)
Collins:  One of them has two kids! It doesn’t make any sense.
Holmes: That’s one of those arguments that always comes up but never plays out at Tribal. People don’t vote for you based on your occupation. They vote for you based on your social game and your strategies.
Collins: That’s just what I’m saying. If you’re in the final three and someone comes up to you and says, “I’m poor, I’m homeless, I need the money.” You’re not going to get the vote. To say I’m a firefighter struggling to get by? I don’t know where that came from?
Holmes: C’mon now, firefighters are very cool. I don’t know where the “struggling” came from though.
Collins: I don’t know where the “struggling” came from either. Yeah, people like firefighters, so why go to an alliance that has two of them? I’m so frustrated still.
Holmes:  Me too!

Holmes: What do you think Missy’s thought process with that vote was last night? Because it seemed like you were close before the tribe swap.
Collins: I’m thinking the time away from me, when she was with Jon, I can only assume that they connected. I didn’t see it. She says, “My Jon Jon” and stuff like that. But, I didn’t believe that at all. I don’t know what her thought process was.
Holmes: But is she a secret genius?
Collins: No. (Laughs) There are no secret geniuses out there. Write that down.
Holmes: I’m writing everything down.

Holmes: Was last night a total blindside?
Collins: Total blindside. I didn’t think they had the numbers. I thought it was Nat that jumped ship. When they called my name I thought, “Nat did it.” And she was the only one I trusted. That hurt. I was in a fog walking out. For them to listen to Reed was stupid. And for Reed to do that was stupid. Reed was saying, “Vote with the couples.” Then he became a single and he decides to take out a single. There was a time when Reed was laying there and Nat was talking to him and I said, “Reed, I can’t tell you the plan now, but don’t worry cause you’re all set.” I was trying to tell him not to rock the boat. But Reed was kind of spastic out there when Josh wasn’t around. It was hard for me to talk to Reed.

Holmes: There’s a streak of bad luck for people who give up rewards.
Collins: I take notes on this show. And I always said you don’t give out rewards because it doesn’t work out. But, it can work out depending on who you’re playing with. If it wasn’t Blood vs. Water and I did that for Jaclyn, it would’ve worked. Jon was saying we can’t go with them and she just went along with it.

Holmes: Alright, word association. Let’s start with Keith.
Collins: Good ol’ boy.
Holmes: Wes?
Collins: Good kid.
Holmes: Baylor?
Collins: Spoiled.
Holmes: Alec?
Collins: The smartest guy he knows.
Holmes: (Laughs) Natalie?
Collins: My sister.
Holmes: Missy?
Collins: Missy doesn’t make good decisions with men.
Holmes: Well played. Jon?
Collins: Jon’s a cartoon character.
Holmes: I heard he does all manner of Disney impersonations.
Collins: You’ve got to see it! It’s kind of creepy. He does every person in “Aladdin.” When Robin Williams does every character, Jon does every character.
Holmes: Alright, that will have to be brought up during his exit interview. Jaclyn?
Collins: Sweet.
Holmes: Reed?
Collins: Reed is dramatic.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Val.
Collins: Val’s the greatest.

Holmes: You and Rocker had it out at that immunity challenge when you thought he was responsible for eliminating Val. That wasn’t the case. What’s your take on him now that it’s all said and done?
Collins: John Rocker is a solid individual. He’s a good, kindhearted dude. He’s one of the guys I’ll talk to for the rest of my life.

Holmes: I’ve been doing this since “Survivor: Gabon.”  Every year I pick a winner and every year I’m wrong. So, it can’t be that person’s fault. It’s gotta be something with me. If you have anything to say to me, anything to get off of your chest, I’ve allotted some time for you to do that.
Collins: (Laughs) I’m not done. I wasn’t done out there. I have unfinished business. So, when I get back on…and I’m gonna get back on…do not pick me.
Holmes: I will make you that promise. My heart will want to pick you, but I’m a man of my word.
Collins: (Laughs) I appreciate that.

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