‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ Power Rankings – Misch Best Served Bold Edition


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Important Announcement: The “Survivor” Hall of Fame is honoring the show’s most iconic Tribal Councils.

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Natalie is voted out this week, Spencer will receive four points and Gordon will receive nine points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Spencer had Jeremy in spot three, Gordon had him in spot nine. So, the current score is Team Farm Guy 72, Team Corinsanity 88.

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Team Farm Guy’s Score = 72

Any questions for Spencer? Drop him a line on Twitter: @SpencerBGM

  Team Corinsanity’s Score = 88

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Baylor – Last week Baylor actually received… zero votes. The apocalypse is here. I don’t see why anyone would want to take her out before Missy. I sense the move for Reed, Wes, Keith, Natalie, and Alec is to band together against the other four, but I also sense it won’t happen.
  1. Jaclyn – The Jasmine to Jon’s Aladdin was in the middle of things again this week and now that I’ve had time to think about it…I don’t hate the move to get rid of Jeremy. I mean, I hate it from the sense that I had picked Jeremy to win and it would’ve finally broken my stupid curse, but getting rid of Jeremy makes a JaclJon win much more likely.
 2. Jaclyn – Our power couple is living the swinging dream – surfing from alliance to alliance leading into the endgame. As long as they can stay afloat, and people need their votes, I like them to go far.
  2. Baylor – I can’t imagine a situation where a jury would give the win to Baylor. There’s simply no final-three combination that’s going to award her the prize. Well, maybe if she gets there with Keith and Wes after they murder the rest of the players.
 3. Jon – …And they have an idol.
  3. Missy – Missy, on the other hand, could win it. If people can ignore her train-wreck social game and focus on her big, bold moves, she has a chance. Not a good chance, but a better chance than Baylor.

 4. Natalie – Who cares if giving up reward is transparent? Who cares if Jon and Jaclyn saw through it? Transparent gestures can still carry weight, and although this one didn’t work, it gives even more proof that Natalie is one of the few left who is PLAYING.
  4. Jon – Hate on Jon all you want, but the fact remains that he and his girlfriend got rid of the game’s two most dominant players in back-to-back weeks. And, he’s still got an idol. If he and Jaclyn can figure it out so there’s some combination of him, Jaclyn, Missy, or Baylor at the end, they’re going to walk away with that million-dollar check.
 5. Missy – I’m actually way higher on muffin than many; she’s pulling strings, and whether or not she’s a good player she’s some of the better casting on the season. With Jeremy gone, we’re gonna need someone who can form a coherent sentence.
 5. Reed – Kudos to Reed for going from the bottom of the barrel to seemingly being a part of the new dominant alliance. However, he is nowhere near safe. He’s the most popular member of the new fivesome and his boyfriend is a well-liked member of the jury.
  6. Keith – Only talking to females when he passes them, Keith boasts a social game somewhere in between John Rocker and Shannon Elkins levels. With an idol, hopefully he doesn’t also meet John Rocker’s fate.
 6. Keith – It took some guts to hold onto your idol last week. But, the time for being shy with that thing is over. You need to figure out which way Jon and Co. are voting and counter it. I’m thinking the only people you can trust at this point are Wes and Alec. Make your move this week to bounce one of the dominant alliance, then you can pick up Natalie and possibly Reed.
  7. Wes – Wake up. Spit. Burp. #TacoOverload. Talk to women in passing. Spit. Wes’s simple “Survivor” life is in danger of coming to a screeching halt very soon.
 7. Wes – You or Alec need to win immunity this week. It’ll give Team Jonclyn one less person to target at Tribal and it will give you a better chance at correctly playing your dad’s idol.
  8. Reed – The sky is falling! Not only does Reed now speak on the show, but he seems… possibly… safe this week? After uniting with Jon/Jaclyn/Baylor/Missy to blindside Jeremy, that foursome is hardly in a position to immediately turn on him. And yet, the season’s first idol play could easily leave someone like Reed out by a few stray votes.
 8. Alec – See Wes.
  9. Alec –This ain’t no charity, now! If you’re bad at “Survivor,” you’re gonna go home eventually.    9. Natalie – “What the ___, Missy?” Thank you for so eloquently expressing exactly what I was thinking. Unfortunately for Natalie, when the leader goes, that person’s right hand often follows. I doubt she can work her way into the dominant alliance, but maybe she can inspire Keith to finally shake up the game with his idol.

Watch Full Episodes of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” on Your Computer

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