‘Survivor’ Castaway Alec: ‘I Don’t Not Like Baylor’


'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' (CBS)

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There are only about 44 minutes in an actual “Survivor” episode. Once you get through the challenges, Tribal, and Baylor hatred, there isn’t much time to show meat collecting.

But rest assured, meat collecting was happening.

I spoke to the show’s first ever meat collector the morning after his elimination and had a chance to ask him about his relationship with Baylor, his flirty ways, and the accusation that some of his actions were sexist.

Gordon Holmes: First and foremost; what’s a meat collector?
Alec Christy: (Laughs) That’s great. Me and my buddies are exactly that. Our fridge is filled with venison, tuna, mahi mahi…we kill stuff, we fillet it, we put it in our fridge. We collect it, we cook it. That’s what we do. We’re big on killing things that were once living and putting them in our fridge.

Holmes: You and Baylor…one second she’s sitting on your lap, the next you want her to smell your farts.
Christy: (Laughs) That’s great, man. Oh my gosh. It’s just tough to be out there with someone for that long. Every little tendency Baylor would have would start to frustrate me. I don’t know. But, at the same time, I like Baylor. Baylor’s a sweet girl. I’m still frustrated with her. Her running to her mom, and then she’s crying…there were a lot of factors about her that frustrated me. She’s still just a little 20-year-old girl. She’s still growing up and stuff. I don’t not like Baylor. When you’re out there and you can snap so easily because you’re hungry or tired or whatever, I think my frustration toward her just shined more.

Holmes: When Jon was away at Exile you were accused of flirting with Jaclyn. Was that part of a strategy, or was that just everyday Alec?
Christy: I think it’s a little of both. It could fall under everyday Alec. But, I needed Jaclyn and I needed Jon. I thought, “Let’s go see what you can do here.” I was being nice, trying to talk to her. It was nothing past playing the game for me.
Holmes:  Your brother didn’t last long into the game. It’s got to feel good to have those bragging rights.
Christy: I think Drew knew that I was going to beat him. Drew’s a little bit more high maintenance. Drew doesn’t rough it the way that I do. I’ll get my punches in because I beat him in “Survivor.” I’ll be able to hold onto that forever. I’m proud of Drew. We’re glad we did it together. But, I’ll be able to say, “You got voted out on day nine after you threw a challenge. How does that feel?”
Holmes: The big question is; who has the more impressive meat collection?
Christy: Oh, no way. Drew is not a meat collector. Everybody loves that quote, “Meat Collector.”
Holmes: I’m thinking it’d be an outstanding title for a horror flick.
Christy: (Laughs) “Meat Collector!” Like with a chainsaw or something.

Holmes: Drew said some misogynistic things, calling people a “b—h.” There was the situation where Jaclyn thought you, Keith, and Wes were being sexist. Were these things you were cognizant of at the time or has it just come to light now that it was viewed this way?
Christy: I said it like it was. If you want to call me rude because I tell you how I really feel about you when you do nothing all day and the reason you’re surviving is because of me and the other people that are making the fire, collecting wood, getting water? I’m busting my knuckles open to get clams off of these rocks while you sit and then you eat more than me? That’s not cool. If you want to vote me out or call me rude, whatever, do it. But, I can’t live that way. I wasn’t raised that way where I can watch people work while I sit on my ass. That was not OK.
Holmes: So the accusation that your behavior was sexist…
Christy: Oh, I am not sexist. I have nothing against any of those women except that I was carrying more weight than I needed to because you’re not carrying enough.

Holmes: We didn’t get to see much of you out there due to the edit. Is there anything you were doing that you want us to know about?
Christy: I had a pretty strong gameplan with Josh, Jon, and Jaclyn. And Jon and I had a big conversation they didn’t show with Josh about getting Jeremy out when Julie was still in the game. So, that was going to be a huge move. It was going to set up a lot of things for me. After that I was still working with Jon to get Missy out or Natalie or whoever. I really was trying to play with Jon and Jaclyn because I knew Missy and Baylor were all over the board and I didn’t want to play with them. But, Jon was too hesitant to make a big move.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Jon.
Christy: A little bit naïve.
Holmes: Keith?
Christy: Man, country boy.
Holmes: Jaclyn?
Christy: Miss Michigan.
Holmes: Missy?
Christy: Conniving.
Holmes: Baylor?
Christy: Young.
Holmes: Natalie?
Christy: Natalie was a bad ass.
Holmes: Wes?
Christy: He was outgoing, he was funny, he had this awesome accent. And that kid loves “Survivor.”
Holmes: Let’s finish with Drew.
Christy: Drew was overconfident and maybe full of himself.

Holmes: If Julie hadn’t quit and you’d been able to bounce Jeremy, what would’ve been your goal for final three partners?
Christy: It would’ve been tough to go to the final three without Natalie or someone like that. But I would’ve tried to get there with Jaclyn and Baylor.

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