‘Survivor’ Hall of Famer Parvati Shallow’s Top Tribal Councils


2010 "Survivor" Hall of Fame Inductee Parvati Shallow (CBS)

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The “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to have 2010 inductee Parvati Shallow as a part of the Executive Voting Committee. As a member of this exclusive committee, Parvati (along with Host Jeff Probst and other “Survivor” luminaries) will nominate her three favorite Tribal Councils.

Then, from Monday, December 8, 2014 at 10 am ET through Friday December 12, 2014 at 5 pm ET, the top three Tribal Councils will be chosen by a fan vote.

Note: All of the nominations were requested at the same time, so some Tribal Councils may be nominated more than once.

Parvati Shallow’s “Survivor” Hall of Fame Nominations…

“Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs Favorites” – Episode 13 Tribal Council: Erik gives Natalie the immunity necklace. This moment blew my mind. I was so glad I was sitting behind Erik, and he couldn’t see my face. I think if he saw how hard my jaw hit the floor he would have changed his mind and kept his necklace. Thanks to the team of superhero women I was working with in Micronesia, this became one of the most incredible Tribal Council blindsides of all time.

“Survivor: Borneo” – Final Tribal Council: Sue Hawk’s snake and rat speech.  I’m throwing this one in there so they’re not all about me. 🙂  The very first season of “Survivor” rocked my world even though I didn’t see it until a week before boarding my plane to the Cook Islands. When Sue Hawk tore into the final two, describing her desire to “watch the snake eat the rat,” she spoke to the raw emotion people feel upon being voted out or betrayed. That was my first glimpse into the heavy reality of competing in the “Survivor” arena.

“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” – Episode 6’s 1st Tribal Council: Russell gives me his idol and saves me in “Heroes vs Villains” and Tyson votes himself out. I knew I was in trouble at this Tribal Council. I also did not know that Russell was prepared to generously sacrifice his own safety in the game for me. In the moment, it was all a blur. But, when the dust settled and I was eating hot dogs on the other side, I was ecstatic. This move was a huge risk for Russell, and it paid off HUGE by granting us both the opportunity to fight all the way to the end.

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