‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ Power Rankings – Finale Edition


'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' (CBS)

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Important Announcement: The “Survivor” Hall of Fame has announced the first member of class of 2014.

Another Important Announcement: This season’s Power Rankings competition is over and Gordon Holmes has claimed his fifth straight victory. We at the Power Rankings Regulation Committee would like to thank Spencer Bledsoe for being such an entertaining and insightful competitor.

Yet Another Important Announcement: The following rankings are based on where our two competitors think the individual Survivors will finish the season.

And One Final Important Announcement: This edition is for exhibition purposes only. Betting on the “Survivor” Power Rankings is frowned upon.

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 1. Jaclyn – Top 5! Top 5! This week, my rankings are simply a stab at exactly how this final 5 will go down. Gordon Holmes dominated Power Rankings this season like Probst dominated flint negotiations. However, I’m going for redemption with an unconventional winner prediction: Jaclyn Schultz will take down the $1M prize Wednesday night. She’s shown the game insight that Jon didn’t have. She has a great shot of making the final three against Missy and Baylor. She has a story at the end that she needs the money to start a family. As long as Jon gives her credit for her great plays, she’ll have a case to make.
  1. Natalie – You’ve gotta do it, Natalie. You’ve gotta win this thing. And, I really think you can. I think you’re taking home the check no matter who you go to the end with. But, your best bet is obviously against Missy and Baylor. Neither will have a family member on the jury and the other jurors aren’t their biggest fans. The trick will be making sure they don’t realize what a mega threat you are.
 2. Missy – She’s no Phillip Sheppard, but Missy seems to have made herself an appealing person to take to the end. She’s not a threat in challenges anymore, but she has a final three deal with at least Natalie, so I don’t envision Nat, Keith, and Jaclyn unifying against her. To Missy’s credit, despite the middle fingers and blowouts, she’s played a strategic game, keeping herself in the majority, and I see her carrying more winner equity than most realize.
  2. Missy – Missy’s going to the finals. With a broken foot and her Bay (or “Bae”) by her side she’s going to the finals. She may even pick up a vote or two if someone appreciates her strong strategies, big moves, or her gutting through an injured foot. But, she won’t be winning.
 3. Baylor – Everyone and their mother, including Baylor and her mother, wants these two in the final three. I see no reason they can’t pull it off, but based on Baylor’s recent word associations in XFINITY exit interviews, I worry about her chance to win.
  3. Baylor – What do Gervase Peterson, Sherri Biethman, Dawn Meehan, Chelsea Meissner, Albert Destrade, Natalie Tenerelli, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, Russell Hantz, Mick Trimming, Stephen Fishbach, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, Cassandra Franklin, Dre “Dreamz” Herd, and Becky Lee all have in common?

 4. Natalie – If Natalie makes final Tribal Council, I think she completes the season as a mirror image of her twinnie and wins it all. For that reason, and the fact that she has an idol, I can only see her getting two places: First or fourth. She’ll be in a solid spot at final four as the best challenge competitor. If Missy is there, she could even have over a 1-in-3 shot at immunity. Still, I think it’s a bit more likely she gets cut right before the end.
  4. Keith – Here’s where it gets iffy. I’m thinking that Natalie and Maylor (Baysy?) are going to go after Jaclyn first because she’s going to be annoyed about them sending Prince Ali Fabulous He Ali Ababwa to the jury. That would be a mistake. Jaclyn hasn’t done anything challenge-wise this whole time and Keith has held the necklace on a few occasions. And if Keith can get to the end, he can win. Probably not against Natalie, but against anyone else, he can win.
 5. Keith – A Keith win would be one for the ages. As an event, it would instantly ingratiate itself in “Survivor” lore as one of the biggest upsets ever. The sky could come crashing down as Keith performed his signature maniacal laugh. Sadly, I think he’ll be the biggest non-immune jury threat at final 5, and without any real close allies, he may not have any solid plans to stick to.
 5. Jaclyn – Shouldn’t there be an 80s metal song called “Blindsided”? Man, I’d use its lyrics in every headline. “Blindsided! Ooo, baby you cheated. Blindsided! My heart has been defeated.” Anywho, I can’t imagine Jaclyn being cool with the remaining ladies after last week’s vote. Can she keep a cool head long enough to convince Maylor that Natalie is the real threat? Probably not.

Watch Full Episodes of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” on Your Computer

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