‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2014 Inductee – ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ Episode 10 Tribal Council


'Survivor' Hall of Fame 2014 Inductee: 'Heroes vs. Villains' Episode 10 Tribal Council (CBS)

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The candidates for the 2014 “Survivor” Hall of Fame were nominated by a panel of “Survivor” luminaries such as Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, Producers Jesse Jensen and Matt Van Wagenen, the current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” dork Gordon Holmes. Those nominees were then voted on by fans like you.

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The Class of 2010 included Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, Rob Mariano, Richard Hatch, and Sandra Diaz-Twine…

The Class of 2011 included Cirie Fields, Ozzy Lusth, and Tom Westman…

The Class of 2012 included Amanda Kimmel, Rob Cesternino, and Ethan Zohn…

The Class of 2013 included Kim Spradlin, John Cochran, and Jonny Fairplay…

Earlier this week, we inducted the “Survivor: Borneo” Final Tribal Council and the “Survivor: Micronesia” Episode 13 Tribal Council into the Class of 2014.

And now, the “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to announce that the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” Episode 10 Tribal Council is the final member of the Class of 2014.

What the fans said about the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” Episode 10 Tribal Council…

“Queen Parvati makes a move that gives the advantage to the villains for the rest of the game. I think it was Candice saying if they have an idol they’re not going to give it to Jerri… and they did, well Parvati did.” – Ignas

“Parvati’s intuition and playing in the moment is why she is one of the greatest players of all time, Cook Islands not withstanding. Russell playing Ricky Ricardo treating Parvati like Lucy “you have some ‘splaining’ to do” is funny.” – Alexander

“JT deserves a special nod for his part in handing over his idol to poor, ournumbered Russell.” – Deborah

What the Executive Voting Committee said about the “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” Episode 10 Tribal Council…

Kim Spradlin – “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2013 – “This was so amazing to me. Not only that she played them both, but neither one for herself – this move changed the game.”

Jonny Fairplay – “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2013 – “Any time the idol king Russell gets caught with his pants down and egg on his face is a great moment for me and the viewers. I’m not a fan of Parvati, but she is easily the lesser of two evils.”

John Kirhoffer – “Survivor” Challenge Producer – “Showing why she is a Hall of Famer, Parvati played two idols and gave them to Jerri and Sandra…and JT went home. The looks on the rest of the tribe’s faces was great…shock and awe! It changed the direction of the game. HUGE move.”

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