‘Survivor Castaway Keith – ‘It’s the Black Widows, They’re Gonna Kill Me’


'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Last night Jaclyn wins final four immunity and your pitch to her was to target Missy over Natalie. It seem to me like Natalie was a much bigger threat.
Keith Nale: I was thinking, well I probably wasn’t thinking…
Holmes: (Laughs)
Nale: I thought Missy was going to get some sympathy votes out there. But looking back at it now, Natalie was the player. I thought I had Jaclyn, it was another lie, but I thought I had her thinking let’s get Missy out. But, it was a long shot. I was out there with four women, so what are you going to do? They took it to me.

Holmes: Natalie saved your bacon there with that Alec vote. Did that cause you to have any loyalty toward her?
Nale: Oh yeah. Natalie saved me a couple of times. Natalie was a player. I can’t take anything away from her. She knew the game. And she did tell me, “They want me to vote for you, but I’m going to vote for Alec.” I don’t know what her reasoning was, but I was fine with that. It gives me one more chance.

Holmes: During the “Stick to the Plan” Tribal Council, when Jon played his idol, you or Wes were going home no matter what. Would there have been any way to save the idol?
Nale: You’ve got about five seconds to make that decision. When Jon played his, I turned to Wes and said, “We’ve got to do something. I can give it to you.” I was going to give it to him cause he can run faster and jump higher. I’ll take one for the home team. Or give it to Wesley and he doesn’t have to play it. We were in a bad way right there. But, he said, “That’s your idol.” He gave me the go-ahead. But, I never should’ve said, “Stick to the plan.” What in the world was I thinking? But, Reed was hammering on me pretty good. And in Louisiana you don’t let people hammer on you like that.
Holmes: And Reed is a professional actor.
Nale: He’s a nut too! He’s good at the game.
Holmes: There must’ve been some redemption when you blindsided Jon and you had people digging into you and you stuck with the plan.
Nale: (Laughs) Isn’t that funny? Natalie was ramrodding this show. She said we’re gonna vote for Jon and we’re gonna do this, this, and this. I said, “Hey, I’m slick with that.” Jon didn’t see that coming, so he went to the house with an idol.
Holmes: What you should’ve done is turn to Jaclyn at the final four and say, “Jaclyn, stick with the plan!”
Nale: (Laughs) That would’ve been slick! Golly! When they sent Jon to the house I said, “Man, it’s the black widows, they’re gonna kill me.” I was happy there for a while, I said, “Rooster in a hen house. One rooster and four hens.” That’d be all fine and good if we were chickens. But I knew I was doomed. I knew I had to win out.

Holmes: After the premiere they showed a montage of moments from the season, and there was something where you said something along the lines of “I made the biggest mistake in ‘Survivor’ history” or something like that. I don’t think we ever heard you say that. What was it referring to?
Nale: You’re right. But unless they were talking about the “stick to the plan” deal. It was a stupid move. But, I think there might’ve been some worse than that through the years. But, it was probably top five.
Holmes: But you think that’s what you were referring to with that quote.
Nale: That’s probably it. I can’t think of nothing else that I did really dumb.

Holmes: Now that you’ve had a Nicaraguan massage, is that part of your daily regimen? Sneaking out to the spa?
Nale: (Laughs) Hey, I’m telling you, Gordon…I liked that. Maybe not daily, but I might have to slip off so nobody can see me. A guy from Louisiana slipping into some spa? The hardest part is they fed me so much and they had me laying on my belly. That was the pain you were hearing me groaning and everything.

Holmes: When you head into this adventure, it isn’t as simple as, “We’re just gonna dump 18 people into the wilderness.” There’s immunizations, and camera people, and a million other things. What about the process surprised you the most?
Nale: I’ve watched it. I’m not the superfan. But I was thinking these people are really in the bush. But, I’m an outdoors guy. I’d rather sit in the backyard than on the couch. I’ll hook up a TV in the backyard. Me and Wesley were thinking, “We got this.” But, it’s something you can’t practice. You can train, you can treadmill, but the food was the big deal. You’re going down on day one.

Holmes: What were you thinking during Reed’s big speech toward Missy?
Nale: Oh gosh. I remembered that from back, and Reed’s a good speaker. I think maybe he didn’t like Baylor and he was taking it out on Missy. But, he’s a Broadway guy. Dancing and floating around. Words just float off his tongue, unlike me.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. We’ll start with Josh.
Nale: Josh he was a player.
Holmes: Reed?
Nale: (Laughs) Reed was a speaker!
Holmes: Jeremy?
Nale: I like my brother firefighter, but he was a big threat.
Holmes: Jon?
Nale: Attitude? Mr. Michigan.
Holmes: Jaclyn?
Nale: Miss America.
Holmes: Alec?
Nale: Alec’s a good ol’ boy.
Holmes: Natalie?
Nale: Sly and cunning.
Holmes: Missy?
Nale: Kind of a coaster.
Holmes: Baylor?
Nale: (Laughs) Maybe a brat.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Wes.
Nale: Likable, naïve. (Laughs) He was a pretty good player.

Holmes: I’m watching this final immunity and there’s a firepole. How is that fair?
Nale: Golly, I said, “I got this!” But, I never made it to the firepole the second time. I liked it, it was pretty fun. But you saw Jaclyn needs a little practice.
Holmes: You need to take her down to the station and have her do a few reps.
Nale: (Laughs) She hit hard!

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