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Name: Joe Anglim
Age: 25
Current Residence: Scottsdale, Arizona
Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Gordon Holmes: Your bio says you’re a jeweler. I don’t recall ever seeing that before on “Survivor.”
Joe Anglim: It’s a very unique major. I was the last to graduate from NAU with that degree. I’m a little disappointed about it because it was a great program. And with cuts to the budget, NAU decided to cut the program. I was a painting major, but after I took a jewelry course I kinda loved it. It was everything that encompassed what I wanted to do. I want to be creative, I want to work with metals, welding, soldering. It was like shop class on a minimal scale.
Holmes: It seems like there would be some security there. People might not want iPhones twenty years from now, but they’re always going to want jewelry.
Anglim: You’d think, but it’s tougher than that. It’s very competitive. What I did was more of a fine arts sense than diamonds and gold where it can become lucrative. That’s what big jewelers want. They want people who know how to set diamonds and know how to work with gold. So, yes and no. I’m more of an artist. I have a lot of growing and experience to attain before I become a fine jeweler.

Holmes: You said your father is your inspiration. How does he feel about his son’s crazy adventure?
Anglim: He loves it just as much as I do. I come from a “Survivor” family. He’s been my rock and the person I look up to. He’s taught me how to work hard and has helped me to become the man I am today. He’s so excited for me. Hopefully, either he or my mom will get to see me on day thirty five or whatever it is.
Holmes: For a “Survivor” family to get that call, it’s not just, “Hey, you get a trip to Nicaragua,” but “Hey, Joe’s still in there and swinging on day thirty five.”
Anglim: They’re already proud, just to make it this far. This is so amazing, I’m honored to be here. And season 30 of all the seasons?

Holmes: They asked you which “Survivor” player you’re like, and you gave the worst possible answer.
Anglim: Did I?
Holmes: Everybody always says they’re a mix of the best possible players. I have the challenge skills of Ozzy, and the idol-crafting abilities of Bob Crowley.
Anglim: (Laughs)
Holmes: You said, Rupert, Malcolm, Ethan, and Ozzy. (NOTE: This is from the original bio.) I wrote in my notes, “How did he forget ‘Boston’ Rob?”
Anglim: Well, there are different qualities about those people that I pick up on. People are going to think I’m like Malcolm because of the hair and the stature, the physical properties.
Holmes: Malcolm is the greatest human being I know, so be careful where you go with this.
Anglim: (Laughs) No, no…we’re just different. He’s really thinking, but he externally shows how he’s thinking. I’m more intrinsic. I compartmentalize what I’m thinking more that he does. Malcolm is one of my favorite players, but I’m a little more goofy and free-spirited.
Holmes: And Rupert?
Anglim: He’s a family guy. I’m very family oriented. I connect with Rupert on a different level than say “Boston” Rob who has got this swag. I don’t have that.
Holmes: The question I prefer is; if you could align with anyone, who would it be and why?
Anglim: Oh…
Holmes: It tells me about your strategy, do you want to use someone, do you want someone to use you, do you need to lead, can you hang back?
Anglim: The key in this game is you have to trust someone at some point. And it’s usually the first two that you align with. Your core three. Malcolm did it with Denise and it worked. It could be anyone as long as I can trust them and they can trust me. Someone I have a gut feeling about.

Holmes: What’re your thoughts on lying, deception, misdirection?
Anglim: You’re lying to yourself if you don’t think that’s coming.
Holmes: Are you going to lie?
Anglim: Yes.
Holmes: Are you comfortable lying?
Anglim: Maybe internally, no. But, I’m going to be as cool as a cucumber. It is part of the game and I’ve come to accept that. I’m a big believer in karma. I’m going to put out a good vibe, but I understand that this is a game. You have to tell lies. You have to shake someone’s hand and say I’m not voting you out tonight.
Holmes: It’s one thing to sit here on a beach with me and say, “I’m gonna go out there and lie to people’s faces and be super cool about it.” It’s another thing to…
Anglim: Live it.
Holmes: Exactly. You’re in an extreme environment out here. You could get very close to these people.
Anglim: Relationships in this game are a big part of it. But, when you vote them off, you have to say this relationship with you was real. It’s an absolute truth, but that’s the game. If it’s not you, it’s me. And if it’s not me, it’s someone else. Everyone dies, it’s just a matter of when and how.
Holmes: I like that.
Anglim: (Laughs) Thanks.
Holmes: I’m a big believer in owning your lies at Final Tribal.
Anglim: Yes, deny deny deny up until the Final Tribal.
Holmes: Even if you didn’t technically lie, just say you did.
Anglim: You have to own your game at the end, and if you’re wishy-washy it’ll come back to get you. Like I said, I love the game and I appreciate how the game breaks you down. I think I have a good grasp of it, but you don’t know until you’re in the thick of it.

Holmes: You’re a handsome gentleman, if you don’t mind me saying.
Anglim: Thank you. It’s the genes.
Holmes: There might be some lovely ladies out there. Is flirting a tool that you have brought in your toolbox?
Anglim: I’ll use any and every tool available. I don’t like to use my looks. In this game, they don’t matter as much as you’d think. It matters if you end up being a power couple and it gets you in trouble socially. So, I’m trying to stay away from that. I might be attracted to a girl, but I’m not going to be cuddling with her at the end of the night and give everybody else the wrong idea.

Holmes: Any predictions on if there are any twists?
Anglim: Oh, I know there’s always something fun. It’s been a while since they’ve done a men vs. women. But, I don’t get that vibe. I don’t foresee that happening. In “Survivor” 28 they had that special idol.
Holmes: The Tyler Perry idol.
Anglim: Yes. That might come into play. Maybe they’ll add more idols, a couple more switches, two tribes, three tribes…one big tribe? You know, it’s season thirty. You know they’re going to have something that’s just off-the-table new and crazy. But, I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain around ideas. But there’s no point. I’ve got to let it go. I’m going to take every day as it’s given to me.

Holmes: What’re your first impressions of the cast?
Anglim: It’s kind of a hodge-podge. It seems like there are some intellectuals in the group, not including myself. There seems to be some brains. A lot of people, just from body language, they seem…intellectually sound. They’re very observant. They’re watching people. And then you have some people that are more laid back. They’re taking their time and not caring. Maybe they’re struggling a little emotionally. Then you have people who are more animated like myself. Their body language has a little more energy. They’re antsy, ready to play. The men look very physical. There are some tattoos that I’ve been looking at. They have little stories in their tattoos. It’s hard to get a read. It’s hard to judge a book by its cover.
Holmes: Anyone you’re thinking of working with? Anyone you’re thinking of cutting loose?
Anglim: Until I have those first conversations I really won’t know. It’s all about personality and seeing who’s on the outs. Who’s causing distractions. You have to take all of that into consideration. I could say I want to align with the guy with feathers in his hair, but if he’s a little too extreme and too hippie for the tribe, then why would I align with someone who’s not in the majority?

Holmes: Are you concerned about paranoia?
Anglim: You have to take everything into consideration. Who’s going into the woods? Are they in your alliance? I’ve thought about it. Psychologically it’s going to weigh on you. But, that’s part of the game. I’ve invested most of my life in this game. I’ve thought of it in real-time, not just the forty five minutes you see on TV, but days and days with these people. I’m going to play my game and I’m going to watch people play their game. I think I’m good at reading people. I’ve done some reading, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to see if people are being honest with me.

Holmes: How do you do without food?
Anglim: Oh boy…
Holmes: Cause I’m the worst.
Anglim: I call it “Hangry.” Angry and hungry. I love cooking and I love food. I eat like a horse, man. I probably weigh 300 pounds on the inside. But, I have a very fast metabolism.
Holmes: Jerk.
Anglim: (Laughs)
Holmes: Enjoy it now, buddy. It’ll be gone soon.
Anglim: People say at 30.
Holmes: You get to have hair or metabolism. You don’t get to have them both.
Anglim: (Laughs) Hopefully it’s hair.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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