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Name: So Kim
Age: 31
Current Residence: Long Beach, California
Occupation: Retail Buyer

Gordon Holmes: You said that you’ve had a very challenging year. What has been so challenging?
So Kim: I turned 30…
Holmes: Oh…you poor thing.
Kim: (Laughs) No…but listen. There’s a lot more that comes with it. I got a divorce, I resigned from my job to go on this adventure.
Holmes: You’re no longer a Macy’s buying director.
Kim: Correct. I’m no longer at Macy’s. I’ll always have a job there if I want. But, I’ve always been a careerist my entire life. I’m a Capricorn, we’re dedicated, we’re steadfast, we get what we want. We’re ambitious. But, I feel like I’ve let my life pass me by. To give all of that up, and then to get here, “Survivor” has been a huge dream of mine, and then to get sent back? This year cannot possibly get any worse.
Holmes: To be clear, you were out here for season twenty nine.
Kim: I was out here before.
Holmes: You were a part of a Blood vs. Water team.
Kim: Yeah, I was out here with my sister and she had a medical emergency.
Holmes: I hope everything turned out alright.
Kim: She’s fine now. But, unfortunately we couldn’t play together.
Holmes: What was it like to be so close and then to not get to play? You didn’t know if they’d ever bring you back.
Kim: It was heartbreaking. My sister and I, it was really an opportunity for us to grow closer and to forge a better relationship. And, I wanted it for her. I’m the “Survivor” fan and she got more involved in the process throughout. And she eventually wanted it for herself. But I’m very grateful to be here.
Holmes: So, after a very tumultuous year…here you are.
Kim: And I’m here to win. I’m holding nothing back. I think I have everything it takes to win. I think with my personality…I can work with a lot of different types. I’m stronger, and more mentally tough than I’ve ever been. I’m ready to play.
Holmes: With all you’ve been through, when Jeff Probst hands you that big check…
Kim: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s going to have been worth it.

Holmes: Your bio says you have about 100 pet peeves…dishonesty, narcissism, losing, complacency…you’re going to see most of them on “Survivor.”
Kim: Yeah, I know.
Holmes: Are you good at keeping things internally, or are you going to blow up on someone who has a “princess attitude”?
Kim: The one thing that I can’t fathom is the hunger and the sleepiness. I like to think that I am good with people. I have to know you really well to get on your case about it. Everything I do or say I try to do with a smile. I’ve been boxing a lot. It’s taught me that you can’t do things out of anger, you have to be patient. You have to set up your shot. Like Ali said, you’ve got to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I think I also know how to take things in stride. Aggressive females get a target on their back. I’m smart enough to bypass that.

Holmes: Any issues with lying?
Kim: We’re playing “Survivor.” You can’t get to the end without lying. Anybody who has a problem lying is going to get voted out. I’m not looking at it as lying, so much as I’m going to change my mind. That happens naturally. I’m hoping not to use constrictive words such as “I promise,” it’s more like “I’ll consider.”
Holmes: So, no swearing on your family.
Kim: Right. But, we’ll see. I’m going to try as hard as possible to not completely break promises. But, circumstances will change. People have to learn to be flexible. I’m going to protect myself and put myself in the position to win. It’s a business trip.
Holmes: This isn’t kindergarten.
Kim: Yeah!

Holmes: You’re recently single. Is flirting going to be a part of your game?
Kim: (Laughs) For sure. I’ll pull all of the cards out. Whatever I need. And it’s not even flirting, it’s…anyone that knows me will say that I’m very inquisitive. I’m curious and ask a lot of questions. I don’t mean to even be a flirt. But people think I’m a flirt because I ask personal questions. I cross the line way too much. I’ve gone through a lot, I’ve had hardships, and I’m very open to share the things I’ve gone through. There was a time in my life that I was so insecure and you think, “Oh my God, I’m so weird because I have these insecurities.” But really so many people have these same issues. And the more you share it, the more open people are. And I am single. I want to fall in love. I’m a romantic at heart.
Holmes: Win “Survivor,” fall in love, we’re gonna turn this year around.
Kim: (Laughs)
Holmes: And does it bother you that I’m asking all the questions?
Kim: No.
Holmes: Good, cause that’s my job.

Holmes: Do you have any experience roughing it?
Kim: I do. And people probably look at me and think I’m high-maintenance, but I’m actually a total tomboy. I think some girls are worried about not showering and not brushing your teeth. I couldn’t care less. I’m worried about being hungry because I love eating, I’m going to go into sugar withdrawal for sure. I eat tons of candy and tons of junk food.
Holmes: I’m a monster when I don’t eat.
Kim: You know the Snickers commercial where they turn into a diva? That’s me.

Holmes: How long have you been a “Survivor” fan?
Kim: For years. Probably since season twelve.
Holmes: Your answer to the “which player am I like” question…
Kim: I don’t want to compare myself. I could follow someone’s else path or I could create my own. To me, that’s what I’m about. I’m not about following. Maybe that’s an ego thing, but there aren’t a lot of memorable women and there’s probably a reason for that because women get out here and they play the submissive role and they get scared and they censor themselves. They want to hide under the biggest (expletive deleted) guy. You can get far doing that or you can play your own game and have a strategy. It’s tricky, if women play the same game as men they’re perceived as bitchy or aggressive.
Holmes: Unfortunately, that’s more of a society thing than a “Survivor” thing.
Kim: So, how do you play a strong game but still be perceived as a strong, fun, female? It’s tough.
Holmes: It’s almost like you’d have to keep reminding people that it’s fun and business and not personal. Kinda like Tony.
Kim: Yeah.
Holmes: OK, where I was going with this is; if you could align with any player, who would it be?
Kim: I really like smart people. I think you’ve got to align yourself with smart people and people who think they are smart but are really dumb. I relate to Tony. He’s paranoid as (expletive deleted) and I’m paranoid too. But all the measures he was taking with the spy shack, and planning ahead…that’s how I think. I think he’d be a good person to play with, but he took it too seriously. It’s fun. The spy shack is fun. So, he forgot to inject the humor in there. I also love Sandra because she says whatever the (expletive deleted) she wants and never lies about who she is.

Holmes: What do you think of this cast?
Kim: The first person I noticed was Max Dawson. He’s a big reality person. That’s his job to know about reality shows. He blogs about it. He probably knows more about “Survivor” than any other contestant out here. So, I’d love to align with him and make some big moves together. And I think he’s cocky enough that he’s going to hang himself.
Holmes: Who else?
Kim: I think that everyone is out here to play. Everyone is journaling, everyone is taking this very seriously. There’s this surfer dude. He’s like half Malcolm/half Ozzy. He seems really charming, really nice. There’s a woman who I call “identity crisis” because one day she comes out looking like a professor, the next she comes out wearing tie-dye and a neon headband. Right off the bat, she’s someone I wouldn’t want to work with. She seems bossy. I think the females…I can’t get a good sense of. I feel better about working with the males. I’d like to be in a final four with three males and then flip them on their ass.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it’ll be?
Kim: I’m already thinking it’s three tribes of six. Or, there are two people meeting us. I think there’s something weird going on with ages. There are clearly age buckets. There are six people in their twenties, six people in their thirties, and six people in their forties and above. I don’t think it’s Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. That doesn’t seem to work out with this group.
Holmes: They asked me to be in the None of the Above tribe…
Kim: Aww…
Holmes: Aww….
Kim: That’s too bad. Or, you could be in all of the above.
Holmes: That’s right!
Kim: That’s the one I want to be in.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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