‘Survivor’s’ Josh and Reed Accept the ‘Worlds Apart’ Power Ranking Challenge


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 Over the years, the XFINITY “Survivor” Power Rankings has featured one-on-one battles between former champions, Hall of Famers, a Dragon Slayer, a Mr. Survivor, a Miss Survivor, and a member of S.W.V. Now we’re proud to announce that for the first time ever, three competitors will square off in a Power Rankings triple-threat match!

And, who knows more about being a triple threat than San Juan del Sur’s Broadway Boyfriends (now Broadway Betrothed) Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly?

The first round of the Josh vs. Reed vs. Gordon showdown will take place next week. But to hold you over, we’ve asked Josh and Reed to give us their pregame thoughts on the eighteen new players…

Any questions for Josh? Drop him a line on Twitter: @joshuacanfield
Any questions for Reed? Drop him a line on Twitter: @thereedkelly
 1. Joe: Pros:  Pre-game favorite male.  How do you not like Joe?  Capable, athletic, smart, fun, sweet.  This guy could go all the way.
Cons: Becoming a threat after the merge because everyone likes him, and he’ll have the potential to go on an immunity streak.
 1. Joe: What’s not to like?  Looks sturdy, speaks well, sounds clever, is cute and comes across as the very personable boy-next-door.  Things look good on paper.  My only concern is that if he gets deep into the game people will cut him loose because he seems like too much of an all-around threat.
  2. Lindsey: Pros:  My favorite pre-game female.  She seems fun, flirty, smart, and willing to do what it takes to actually win this game.  
She may irritate some of the other females, and the elements plus lack of sustenance may wear her down.
 2. Shirin: Bright, articulate, and oddly eager to put random things in her mouth.  All are qualities that come in useful in this game.  Can see her getting into numbers and doing very well. I hope her quirkiness works for her and not against her out of the gate.
  3. Shirin: Pros:  She is fun, likable, and seemingly easy-going.  I think she has amazing potential to go all the way.  Her alliance won’t see her as a threat until it’s too late.
She could be a first or second boot on her tribe based on her physicality and the fact that the rest of the white collars seem extremely fit.
 3. Lindsey: I want to see her come onto the beach and break stereotypes.  May she show the world that not all tatted-up hairdressers named Lindsey quit “Survivor.”  I love a redemption story.  I hope she uses her open personality, physicality, and her “quieter, more grounded, sneaky side” to her advantage as she has planned in pre-game.

 4. Hali: Pros:  I don’t see any good reason to vote out Hali.  She has her southern charm and seems to be prepared for the rough challenges, and intense strategic game.
Cons: Will she be able to make moves that will win her votes at the FTC?  Not sure if she will be able to manipulate an alliance.
 4. Max: I would really like to see this fan, who has spent so much time studying/appreciating the game, do well.  He seems like a smart, clear thinker who I’d be willing to work with.  If he doesn’t make too big a deal about his extra “Survivor” knowledge back at camp, ruffling feathers of other aficionados in the process, it may serve him better.
 5. Max: Pros:  Well, he obviously knows “Survivor.”  He is ready, eager, intelligent, and someone I would definitely want as an ally. He will be great at challenges, whether physical or mental.
Cons:  He may know too much (if that’s possible) and over-think every decision. After the merge will he be the biggest target?
 5. Sierra: She appears agile and athletic, two nice qualities to have in a tribe-mate to keep you out of Tribal at the beginning.  She has potential to fit in well if some of the other girls aren’t threatened by her stature.

 6. Carolyn: Pros:  I think she will be able to slip into the dominant alliance as a female who is strong but doesn’t seem to pose a huge threat.  She seems strong and able to discern where she should place herself in the game.
Cons: Her age may become a factor.  The cold nights in Nicaragua will be difficult for her to handle.
 6. Kelly: I like her energy and her attitude.  She has already talked about maybe playing too hard pre-game, which has me a bit uneasy about her playing too aggressively too soon.  This season feels replete with gamers with their heads already in the game however, so it may all be fine.  Hoping her over-emphasis on trust doesn’t become a stumbling block for her.

 7. Sierra: Pros:  I think Sierra will stay in the game for awhile based on her athleticism and that she won’t be perceived as a threat.  She will make a great #2 for someone who is more dominant.
She may lack drive to make the moves that will need to be made to keep herself on top.
 7. Jenn: All this talk about wine reminds me of Jon!  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Jenn though.  I think she’ll either click with others or she won’t, not sure how much in-between there is for her because of her big personality. My goal for her would be to not alienate the other girls by doing too bro-focused.
 8. Vince: Pros: I would want to work with Vince because he would take the focus off of my gameplay.  If Vince is self-aware enough to realize how tribemates perceive him, he could do wonders.
Cons:  He may rub people the wrong way in the long run, and be a little too unpredictable.
 8. Carolyn: Seems like a cool chick who has now grown up and had kids.  This may lend to being able to relate to people well, but will she be able to keep her opinions in check?  I’m not sure … and neither is she.  If she’s able to keep her tongue tame until her confessionals, I could see her being ensconced in numbers quite easily.
 9. Tyler: Pros:  If Tyler plays his cards correctly he could do very well in this game.  He doesn’t seem like he will make too many enemies, and potentially be an underestimated strategic mind.
He may become a threat in challenges, and I can see him trusting the wrong person, that will ultimately be his downfall.
 9. Tyler: Appears physically capable and smart.  We like those qualities in tribe mates early on because they keep us out of Tribal, plus later you can point to them as bigger threats.  Wonder though if his quest to be a “difference maker” will backfire by overcomplicating things for himself.  As with most agents, I’m hoping he’s not too slick for his own good.
 10. Jenn: Pros:  Easy-going, athletic, and probably really great to hang out with.  I think she can easily make allies, and can use the trust everyone will give her for her own advantage.
She may become a target from other girls who will find her connection with the guys an issue.
 10. Hali: I think people may underestimate her, which could work to her advantage.  If there really is more under the surface, to which she hints, I’d love to see that come into play.  Having a harder time seeing her running the game though.  My fear for her is that she may get too caught up in her attempt to bond with one person to the end and pay the ultimate price for it.
 11. Rodney: Pros:  Will most likely be great in challenges and be someone who is useful around camp.
May be too alpha male for his own good.  Later in the game his alliance will want to take him out when he tries to make all the decisions.
 11. Dan: This is the second Gorham, Maine contestant to be on the show.  Will he flirt as hard with Jeff Probst as the first one did?  Fingers crossed that he spent some time thinking through some game strategies between making all those audition videos, because he may be staring off with a bit of a handicap because of the age difference.

 12. Mike: Pros:  Will be of great use in the challenges at the beginning.
Cons:  Uncertainty of how he will play the game may lead to unpredictability.  His stature will make people immediately think that he is a threat, and after his alliance has used his strength, they will say “bye, bye.”
 12. Mike: Whenever someone says they’re a hero in their real life but wants to come out and be a villain on “Survivor,” it always makes me always wonder why. I don’t trust it, but it’ll likely make for some interesting TV.  He could be useful brawn in strength challenges and heavy lifting around camp early on, but not sure just yet where his place is after that.
 13. Kelly: Pros: Strong and willing to play hard.  The elements won’t bother her.
Cons: Don’t feel like she will connect to the other players, and probably will find herself outside of the numbers fairly quickly.
 13. Rodney: He’s another who would be good muscle to have in challenges and around camp, but comes across a bit less worldly than many of the other players out there. Wondering if he’ll be out of his depth with these self-proclaimed strategic thinkers due to his prevalent posturing and alpha-male attitude. GTL for life, baby.

 14. Will: Pros: The rest of the tribe won’t expect him to get very far, so he could potentially fly under the radar.
Cons:  I don’t expect him to get very far.  He may be a little lost out there once the game begins, and if the strongest thing you have going for you is that you are nice and a people-person, then I fear for your torch.
 14. Nina: Seems sweet, nonthreatening and says she’s great at manipulating.  I like all of those things for her game.  Could be a solid vote to count on if she’s not taken out right away.  I worry that her need to have people talk one at a time may hinder her game play or alienate her, but it could actually endear her even closer to some tribe-mates – time will tell.

 15. Dan: Pros:  Eager, eager, eager.  He really wants to be here, which I love.  He’s going to try really hard.
Cons:  Unless something crazy happens, he would be first boot on his tribe.  He may not fit in with the rest of his tribe who will see him as a liability.
 15. Vince: Holy feathers, Batman.  This guy looks physically capable.  Wondering who is going to fall for his guru magic because apparently some do in real life.  Curious to see how this Icarus’ personality will integrate with other tribe mates because it could honestly go either way.

 16. Joaquin: Pros:  Has potential to charm the ladies who are blinded by his physique. Great goat to take with you to the end. Athletic.
Cocky, Brash, and doesn’t seem to be self-aware.  “Basically a bad-ass.”
 16. Joaquin: He’s clearly amazing … just ask him.  Everything about Joaquin screams basically a badass. It’ll be interesting to see which girl gets swept off her feet by his megalomania, because there’s always one.  I’m shocked he’s still single.
 17. Nina: Pros:  Sweet, confident, and unassuming.  She could play under the radar the whole game if she wanted to, and suddenly end up in the final 3.
Cons: But can she make it past the first few votes?  She may be an easy target for her tribe to take out.
 17. Will: He said he was going to use his Spidey-senses, so he wins points there with me, lol. Doesn’t feel too threatening, which could make him most useful as a vote, but worries me when he says he’s “trusting to a fault.”  Could fall victim to being picked off in the as-long-as-it’s-not-me first few days.
  18. So: Pros:  She’s pretty, smart, and athletic.  She understands the game and could be very dangerous.
I think her tribe will see her as a threat because she won’t be able to hide that she is playing the game hard.
 18. So: She comes across as pretty and smart and others will pick up on it.  This can cut both ways depending on your tribe.  She touts that she is strategic and looking to “stir up some trouble” which could spell disaster if she gets things too complicated too quickly.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 8 pm ET on CBS.

Special thanks to Tim Cabiah for the Power Rankings graphics.

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