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"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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Remember when Michelle Chase overcame a rough beginning and went on to win “Survivor: Gabon”? Or when Tony Vlachos was the first one voted out of “Survivor: Cagayan”? Me either, but I certainly predicted those things would happen.

So, with my horrific track record in mind, I present to you the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” preseason rankings.

Note: These rankings were written after the pregame interviews, but before the game actually started.

Secondary Note: Betting on the “Survivor” Preseason Rankings is frowned upon.

 1. Lindsey: Sorry Lindsey, you’re going to be the recipient of my “Worlds Apart” preseason curse. Why?  Because I think she’s got what it takes to control the game and get to end without being viewed as a big threat. I also think she could be a sneaky-good challenge competitor.
 2. Shirin: This woman is willing to cut off her hair and set it ablaze in order to win this game. That is twenty different types of awesome. However, she’s on the most combustible tribe. I’d bet that Nina or Will is the first No Collar gone. I’d wager that Dan is the first Blue Collar sent packing. But, there are too many savvy players on the White Collar tribe to accurately guess how things are going to go down.
 3. Max: With all the strategists on the roster this season, I’m thinking there’s no way someone wins by playing under the radar. No, this jury is going to reward a big-time player who makes big-time moves. Max is a big-time player.
 4. Kelly: I like Kelly a lot. Sometimes you just click with someone. She worries me because she’s going to lie about her occupation for some reason. But, if she can make that work, she could make a serious run at it.
  5. Joe: I think in a regular season of “Survivor,” Joe would be a top contender. He’s smart, he’s athletic, he isn’t going to ruffle (or rustle) many feathers. But, there are too many strategists that are going to be afraid of this guy to let him get too far.
 6. Jenn: I love me some Jenn. She’s a ton of fun. She’s very smart. But possibly more importantly, she’s pretty good at hiding how smart she is. That might not be a bad strategy with so many big game hunters playing.
  7. Mike: The same things that are going to make Mike a big, entertaining character are probably the same things that are going to send him home shortly after the merge. He’s going to need a solid alliance if he’s going to make it to the end.
 8. So: Of the three major threats in the White Collar tribe (Shirin and Max being the other two) So is the one I see having the toughest time fitting in. But, since she’s a challenge asset, she should have time to maneuver if she isn’t able to secure an early alliance.

 9. Rodney: I think the biggest misconception people have gotten from the pregame interviews is that Rodney is a jerk. I didn’t get that impression at all. He strikes me as more of a lovable Eddie Fox-type. If there’s a tight Blue Collar alliance, he could surprise all of us.
 10. Joaquin: People look at Joaquin and think he’d be better suited to be the villain in a romantic comedy. I’d argue that people like Max or So think he’s the perfect person to be sitting with at the end.
 11. Hali: Hali seems like she’s on the perfect tribe with youngsters like Jenn and Joe. But, for some reason I get the vibe that she could play too hard too fast.
 12. Tyler: Tyler’s a tough guy to get a read on. That’s not a good thing in this game. People will be wary of teaming with him. I also question his killer instinct.

 12. Will: I tried to talk myself into a Will win. That somehow in a season of players, a likable guy who doesn’t know the game that well would be the perfect foil. But in the end, I just couldn’t do it.
 14. Vince: A lot of people are going to look at Vince and think, “This guy is a goofball just like Coach.” Well, Coach wasn’t a goofball and neither is Vince.  I don’t know if he has the social game to go the distance, but anyone who underestimates him is going to be sorry.

 15. Sierra: Sierra’s kind of like a tall, female, mega-hot Will. They’re both very nice, very likable people. But, they’re going to be playing checkers while everyone else is playing 3-D laser chess. 
 16. Carolyn: I know it didn’t play out this way in “Cagayan,” but you’ve got to think that with six-people tribes, challenge prowess has to be important. I think if Carolyn can get to the merge, she can make some serious noise. But she’s a likely first target for the White Collars.
 17. Nina: I’m not sure where Jeff Probst gets the impression that Nina won’t be able to handle the elements, but I do agree that she’s likely the first No Collar to be sent packing. And sadly, it’s through no fault of her own. But as the oldest member on a tribe of free spirits, it’s not looking good for her.
 18. Dan: Dan really knows his “Survivor” and he’s been waiting for years to get the chance to play. But, he’s probably the least athletic Blue Collar and I worry that he’ll have trouble connecting with his tribemates. However, with my track record, it’s likely he’ll win the whole darn thing.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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