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"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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After finally getting a chance to play “Survivor,” So came out swinging with a titanic lie that nobody believed.

You can either feel really bad for her, or you can think she deserved it. You can’t be neutral.

I spoke with the first castaway the morning after her elimination and asked about her and Joaquin’s first move, the tribe’s feelings toward Tyler, and her rough year…

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Gordon Holmes:  I’ve got to lay out some ground rules first. Probst warned me that you’re some kind of vampire, she-devil ways. I will not condone any blood-sucking, back-stabbing activities during this interview.
So Kim: (Laughs) I will try my very best. I’d like to think I’m a nice person. Hopefully you’ll behave and I won’t have to bring those skills out.
Holmes: Oh, so it’s on me?!
Kim: Of course it’s on you. Never on me.
Holmes: What did you say to him to give him that impression of you?
Kim: Am I that horrible or was Jeff Probst kind of flirting with me? You were there, you tell me.
Holmes: He’s a happily married man.
Kim: (Laughs) I got to know Jeff over the course of both seasons, he met my sister, he got to know me on my own. And I’m a little bit impish. I’m self-deprecating. I can be sneaky.  I love laughing, I love having a good time. Underneath my smile, I can also flip on you. I’m willing to make huge moves in the game. I think he kind of saw it and called me out on it.

Holmes: So, last night when you made your terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad lie…
Kim: What lie? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Holmes: What was the immediate reaction from the tribe when you dropped that whopper?
Kim: At that point we were two minutes into the game, we barely know these people, but I realized we’d made a mistake because we were playing with some of the savviest people who have ever played this game. What they don’t show is I pulled Shirin aside and told her I had the clue and I wanted to trust her. We do try and loop a couple of people in, it just didn’t work out in my favor.

Holmes: They didn’t show a lot of this last night, but Tyler seems to almost be the White Collar tribe’s innocent. You were almost afraid to play the game in front of him. Why were people treating him that way?
Kim: Tyler came out saying he wanted us to just be a team. We can’t work as individuals. Everyone was very cautious about talking too much strategy. The minute we’d start, Tyler would be like, “No, no,no, we need to keep our tribe strong. There’s no reason to talk strategy unless we lose the first challenge.” Even when I got back from finding the clue, Carolyn and Shirin approached me right away and said, “The three of us and Max are going to be the final four.” I looked at them and said, “Why me and not Tyler?” And they said, “Tyler doesn’t want to talk strategy and we don’t trust him. So, we want to work with you.”

Holmes:Did you know at Tribal that Carolyn had the idol?
Kim: No. Tyler was the only one who knew. Carolyn played it very smart. She only shared it when she needed the fourth vote to get me out.
Holmes: Did it bother you that Joaquin voted for Cherilynn?
Kim: (Laughs) You were there…that was the one moment of levity in that whole Tribal. He was so shell-shocked. He wanted to vote for Carolyn, but he hated Shirin, so in his own subconscious way he wrote down both names.
Holmes: Why did he hate Shirin?
Kim: He had it right, she was the person we shouldn’t have trusted. He wanted to work with Carolyn and he kept saying that, but I’d already promised my loyalty to Shirin. When we got back from that challenge, the guys were thinking Shirin. I said, “No, it’s got to be Carolyn.” I wouldn’t have suspected that Shirin would get so paranoid. Her and Carolyn got together. And then Max who said he always wanted to work with two weak girls so he could save one of them or save both of them so they’d be indebted to him. Then Carolyn got Tyler with the idol.

Holmes: You knew about Max’s background.
Kim: I sure did.
Holmes: It did come up at Tribal, but nobody seemed to really care.
Kim: I think that people will start to question the fact that he knows the game. But at the time it wasn’t a factor.

Holmes: There was some issue with the water when I visited your camp on day two. They were drinking the well water without boiling it, and I think you had an issue with that.
Kim: White Collar didn’t know how to make a fire. We were the smartest people to play the game, but we all assumed someone else would be able to make a fire. By day two we were so dehydrated. I think it was Max who said there had been other seasons where people had drank the well water and hadn’t gotten sick. That’s when he convinced Shirin and Carolyn to drink with them. Then Joaq joined in. I thought they were idiots because we’d be sick for the challenge and then we’d lose. But you’re so hungry and thirsty that you kind of lose your mind.

Holmes: OK, word association time. Let’s start with Shirin.
Kim: Delusional schizophrenic…oh, that’s so awful.
Holmes: Too late. Joaquin?
Kim: Loyal to a fault.
Holmes: Carolyn?
Kim: The funniest woman I’ve ever met.
Holmes: Tyler?
Kim: A politician to the core.
Holmes: Max?
Kim: Max is a bit sociopathic.
Holmes: And let’s finish with Malcolm.
Kim: (Laughs)
Holmes: He told me to do this.
Kim: (Laughs) Malcolm is my guy. He’s great. You know what? I may have been the first one voted out. But I ultimately won because I got to meet a great guy like Malcolm.
Holmes: I told him this interview was going to be tough because I’d be so jealous of you.
Kim: (Laughs) Aww…he’s the best.

Holmes: Between your divorce, leaving your job, and not getting to play season 29, you’d had a pretty rough year. And that was before you were voted out first. Have things picked up since you returned home?
Kim: You know, life throws you challenges. I alluded to this in our first interview, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, I’ve had some stones in my path. And, it  didn’t end well after I spoke to you. I was voted out three days later. It only added to that terrible year. But, I moved out to LA and it’s been great. I work with Billabong, I’m dating Malcolm, and I met some incredible people. I may have been voted out first, but the people I got to play with are some of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met. It’s become a family. They’ve become my best friends.
Holmes: That’s awesome. And you’d better treat Malcolm right or you’ll hear from me.
Kim: I’ll try, but  I can be a bit devilish.

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