‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 1 – “Hey, Girl” Edition


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Tyler is voted out this week, Josh will receive two points, Reed will receive five points, and Gordon will receive thirteen points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Josh’s Score = 0

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 1. Joe: Joe is in a great position on his tribe.  He seems to be the one the rest of the tribe looks to for the final decision.  I think we will see a lot of Joe this season.
  1. Joe: I’m still placing him up top because of all of his skills he’s shown us early on.  My continuing reservation with him however is that he may be “too good” at everything (making fire, being liked by others, solving puzzles, etc.) and that can quickly ruffle other competitors feathers… cough*Vince*cough.
 1. Max:  Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer thinks Max is an “armchair quarterback.” Well, the bearded-one didn’t go three-and-out in his first Tribal. He’s got a solid alliance and he and Shirin are apparently giving new meaning to the term “Survivor Buff.”
  2. Tyler: Possibly the one who convinced Shirin and Max to vote So.  He was the go between in the tribe, and for that I put him on top of the White Collars.
 2. Shirin: The fact that she blew the puzzle and still didn’t appear to be on the block bodes well for her social game.  Early on she took the initiative and reached out to Carolyn to form an alliance, they linked up with Max, and then in turn they pulled in Tyler, thus giving them the majority – all very good things for her right now.  2. Shirin: You know who else was going to go with the 50-piece puzzle if they had a lead? Me. So, I’m not going to go too hard on Shirin for making that call. Now she’s got numbers and her alliance has the idol. Give this woman a tarantula to eat and she’ll have a perfect setup.
  3. Jenn: I liked Jenn much more than I thought I would from pre-game.  She seems to be in the best position as far the woman go on No Collar.  Athletic, level-headed, and gets along great with the both sexes.  Joe, Jenn, and Hali for a long-term power alliance, very possible.
  3. Carolyn: I’m liking how perceptive she is.  Her head is up and she is clocking every little thing that her tribe mates are doing.  This is crucial in this game, and ultimately it led her to the hidden immunity idol.  The fact that she didn’t play it telegraphs to me that she’s feeling a high level of trust right now among her alliance.
 3. Carolyn: She found an idol while others were looking for it and used it to lock in Tyler’s vote. Yeah, baby!

  4. Max: Didn’t hear from him as much as I had hoped with White Collar going to the first Council, but he would easily be safe if in his future were back-to-back Tribals.
  4. Max: Currently it feels like he’s part of the movers and shakers on his tribe.  Getting snuggly into the numbers is something he appears to have done very nicely.  Well done, sir.
 4. Lindsey: Not many people could headbutt a bamboo pole and keep going, but Lindsey’s double tough. Seems like she’s safely in the Blue Collar’s dominant alliance, too.
 5. Carolyn: Finding an idol on “Survivor” – Awesome.  Finding an idol in the first three days – Epic.  Finding an idol without a clue based on what other tribe members are doing – Priceless.  5. Tyler: He too appears to be in the numbers and is now also armed with the information of where the hidden immunity idol is.  It will be interesting to see what he does with this combination of things.  5. Sierra: My big problem with the opening twist was that even if you picked the “Honest” option, it didn’t guarantee that your tribe would believe you. It was smart of Sierra to sow that seed of doubt.

 6. Rodney: I’m surprised at myself for putting him this high on the list, but I get the sense from his tribe’s dynamics that he’s actually in a pretty good position if he doesn’t blow it.  6. Jenn: Got some good camera time taking us through her thought process.  To me, this shows that she is considering things strategically.  However, if she isn’t a bit more careful in her dealings with the boys on her tribe, it all may come to a head in a way she may not desire.  If she doesn’t soothe Vince’s insecurities, she will likely have to pick sides very soon.  6. Jenn: There was a valuable lesson hidden in the “Survivor” premiere; base your alliance on more than hair accessories. I wouldn’t worry about Jenn too much though, it Joe and Vince do throw down, she’ll be able to work with the winner.

 7. Sierra: No reason not to like her.  I can’t imagine the guys on Blue Collar voting her out anytime soon.  7. Lindsey: We’ve been shown her growing closer to Rodney for a reason.  Also, I see good camaraderie happening with Sierra and Kelly too.  To me, she feels like she is in a good place right now.  7. Kelly: Kelly was present in the most recent episode of “Survivor.” I’m assuming she’s safer than Dan.

  8. Hali: I like Hali.  I think she is going to team up with Joe and Jenn.  I’d root for that the whole game.
 8. Rodney: Looks like a beast in challenges.  Who doesn’t want that around for a while?  Seems to be making good inroads with others on his tribe and also was shown initiating a play to potentially take out Dan if the opportunity arises.  Spot the weakest link and point it out to others – a solid move.  8. Mike: Hehehehehehehe…heh… heh…heh… All anyone at basecamp would talk about while I was at “Survivor” was Mike eating that scorpion. Good times. Here’s hoping he doesn’t regret being buddies with Dan as much as he did munching that arachnid.

 9. Shirin: The fact that Shirin wasn’t ever brought up as a potential castaway to go home after she underperformed at the challenge, says a lot about her social game.  Watch out for this one, we may see her at the FTC.  9. Sierra: Besides seeing her and Lindsey briefly involved in a set-to with Dan over the shelter, there’s not a lot to go on here.  But that moment did show us that it looks like she will be in the majority on her tribe.  9. Rodney: He made some friends and he targeted Dan, not a bad first three days for Rodney. The big question I have is; which one of Harry Potter’s grandfathers is Dan supposed to be like? Lily’s father or James’s father?
 10. Vince: I have to say I enjoyed watching him and his paranoia in the first days when his tribe wasn’t even going to see Jeff.  He may be a bit of a loose cannon this season, but for now, his tribe really needs him.
  10. Kelly: Came across slightly as the voice of reason with undertones of casual leadership during the shelter building snafu.  She’s got the maturity needed navigate the pressure of these types of situations.
 10. Hali: We didn’t see much from Hali the rule-breaking lawyer, but she doesn’t strike me as the No Collar’s first boot.
  11. Lindsey: Not much from her this episode, but I have no fear we are going to get a lot from her in the future.  At least I hope so.
 11. Mike: His positivity and happy-go-lucky attitude can go a long way in this game, so can his staring fire, solving puzzles, and winning for his tribe.  He seems on the side of the numbers, but yet still he takes a moment to comfort Dan too.  Smart.  Oh, and Mike, take it from me – a guy who tried to eat anything and everything on that island – you’ve got to cook those scorpions first.  11. Joe: Startin’ fires! Buildin’ shelters! Destroyin’ puzzles! Nobody had a better first episode than Joe. So, why is he so low in my rankings? Because I don’t think this Vince thing is over just yet.
  12. Mike: A scorpion?  Really?  I may start calling him Mindless Mike.  It didn’t even make sense why he ate it.  Bad choices.  We are going to see a lot more bad choices from this one.
  12. Hali: Too soon to tell.  Haven’t heard a ton from her and I don’t particularly have any reason to see that as a bad thing right now.  Can’t imagine her not settling into the numbers.  Keep on doing your thing, gurl.
 12. Will: I’m picturing the final Tribal Council where an angry No Collar juror tears Will apart for failing to deliver those day-one sandwiches. Poor Will.

  13. Kelly: One of the few castaways that I don’t have strong feelings about.  She could stay, she could go.
  13. Vince: Yikes. That conversation with Jenn shows the audience that Vince is ruled by his emotions.  Players like this make me nervous because they’re great when they feel loved, but super unpredictable when they feel insecure.  People tend to lash out at things that threaten their ego; in Vince’s case that threat feels like Joe.  He does has his physicality going for him right now though.
 13. Tyler: Tyler might not appreciate how close he came to being the first one out. Max, Carolyn, and Shirin wanted So to be their fourth when Tyler wasn’t ready to commit to an alliance. He’d better wake up because he’s on a tribe with some serious players.
 14. Will: I have Will this low because he is not as physically in shape as the other members of his tribe, and that could easily be a reason to cast votes his way.  14. Will: I kind of feel right now for Will that no news is good news.  14. Vince: Ah Vince, nobody blames you for falling for Jenn. She’s delightful. However, I will blame you or not being cool when Super Joe was starting fires in a single bound. Joe is a much better ally than opponent at this point.

 15. Dan: Based on what we saw this episode, Dan would be the first to go if his tribe goes to the treehouse.  He’s a great character for the show, but as far as surviving, I don’t think he has long.
 15. Nina: Spent more time on her knees in the challenge than she did moving forward.  This could be overlooked if her social game was a good one, but from the looks of the preview, that sadly seems to be on its knees too.
 15. Joaquin: Joaquin said “Survivor” is “the same (expletive deleted) over and over” and he’s right. Alliances are made on day one and people caught in lies are quickly sent home. He’s not a goner though, with the three-tribe format, he just has to make sure the White Collars don’t come in last.

 16. Nina: We saw the preview where she flips out on her tribe, a possible sign that she is at the bottom of the No Collars.
 16. Dan: When you have someone saying “he’s the one person that doesn’t belong” to the camera, you know it’s been said to other people on the tribe.  This mentality can spread like wildfire early on.  His outbursts over the shelter combined with his age difference and strong opinions could be just enough to send him to Ponderosa – that is if someone else doesn’t dig their own grave first.  16. Nina: If the trailer is to be believed, (and often it isn’t) it looks like Nina could be in some serious trouble. If there’s one thing the laid-back No Collars won’t stand for, it’s someone harshing their buzz. (Is that how you use that term? I’m old.)

  17. Joaquin: Will White Collar lose immunity for the second straight time?  I think it’s very possible.  As a member of Coyopa, I know how easy it is to fall into a losing steak during the game.  Joaquin lost the other half of the deceitful duo, and I don’t think his tribe will be happy with him still being around.
 17. Joaquin:  There is so much mistrust of him as a result of the shady business with So, in addition to his oddly surprising lack of ability to lie convincingly.  He was on the outside of the numbers for the vote and with tribes this small, there is no place to hide.  If they lose again, I think he’s a dead man Joaquin.  17. Dan: White Collars might not know how to start a fire, but they know better than to refer to other people’s ideas as “stupid.” As an older guy on a younger tribe, Dan needed to hang back. Instead he might’ve earned himself some alone time with So.

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