‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 2 Recap: Bet Your Bottom, Collar


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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Last Week: Carolyn snagged an idol, like you’d take a hat off a rack, Sierra didn’t approve of the size of Dan’s sack, and So went to Nicaragua twice and each time was sent back.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at these tribes as they currently stand…

The Masaya Tribe (wearing yellow)
Carolyn – Corporate Executive, 52
Joaquin – Marketing Director, 27
Max – Media Consultant, 37
Shirin – Yahoo Executive, 31
Tyler – Ex-Talent Agent Assistant, 33

The Escameca Tribe (wearing blue)
Dan – Postal Worker, 47
Kelly – State Trooper, 44
Lindsey – Hair Dresser, 24
Mike – Oil Driller, 38
Rodney – General Contractor, 24
Sierra – Barrel Racer, 27

The Nagarote Tribe (wearing red)
Hali – Law Student, 25
Jenn – Sailing Instructor, 22
Joe – Jewelry Designer, 25
Nina – Hearing Advocate, 51
Vince – Coconut Vendor, 32
Will – YouTube Sensation, 41

Things kick off over at the Blue Collar Bar and Grille where Dan has somehow lost his tiny undies in the ocean. No worries though, he made a new pair out of a shirt. He’s like an underwear MacGyver.

Lindsey thinks the underwear stunt is all a ploy to get back into the tribe’s good graces. So, Dan loses his undies and it’s strategy, but when I do it I’m a creep.

Later on, the White Collars are finally able to create fire. Max takes the opportunity to relax, strip off his shorts, and go skinny dipping. He claims to be honoring Richard Hatch, but the most recent player to lose their undies is technically Dan.

Backup Joke: Now that they have fire, let’s hope he doesn’t feel the need to honor Mike Skupin.

Everyone finds this amusing, except for Shirin who finds it inspiring. She drops her undies and shows everyone her Yahoo.

Over at the No Collar Commune, Hali’s trying to make friends with Nina, but Nina is having trouble hearing her.

Later, Hali and Jenn go skinny dipping themselves and Nina is upset that she wasn’t invited. This is like the nakedest episode ever.

Nina calls them out on excluding her and things get really emotional and uncomfortable. Will tries to cheer her up, but it’s obvious to him that there’s a target on her back.

Back at Blue Collar, everyone is playing a fun basketball game they invented…everyone except for Mike. He’s annoyed because there’s work to be done. C’mon people, those scorpions aren’t going to eat themselves.

At No Collar, Vince confronts Joe about their shelter tiff from last week. Boys, you’re both pretty. It looks like the lines are breaking Vince, Nina, and Will vs. Joe, Hali, and Jenn.

Immunity Challenge Time: A player from each team will navigate a ball through a series of obstacles. Once they get to the end, the next person will transport another ball. Once all five balls have been brought to the end, they’ll shoot them into a goal basketball-style. First tribe to sink all five shots wins immunity and fishing gear. The second team wins immunity, fishing line, lures, and a spear. The third tribe wins self doubt.

Kelly will sit for Blue Collar while Nina will sit for the No Collars. Probst thinks it’s odd that Dan is going to play, but Dan promises to prove his worth to his tribe.

The Survivors are ready and they go. Impressively, Dan manages to best both Vince and Tyler in the first round. Way to be, Danny.

The rest of the relay portion is pretty even until Will gets stuck in an obstacle and costs his tribe a ton of time.

The White Collars are the first to reach the final platform and start shooting. They sink their first shot right as the Blues join them.

The No Collars finally make it to the platform, but Joaquin is on fire. He hits the shots and gives the White Collars the win. Sierra’s right behind them, racking up all five baskets in quick succession.

See Mike, and you thought camp basketball was a waste of time.

Over at the No Collar camp, Hali points out that they’re going to have to make a decision and that isn’t a No Collar trait. Just be people. Be a person. You’re not a collar. Or a lack of a collar.

My head hurts.

Anywho…Vince thinks that Will is a target because he was too exhausted during the challenge, but it might be a good chance to blindside Joe.  You know, their best challenge competitor.

Meanwhile, Jenn pitches the idea of getting rid of Vince to Joe and Will. Joe seems into it, but he’s worried about Nina being the weakest link. They decide to split the vote between Vince and Nina and then vote out Nina if nobody plays an idol.

Later, Will lets us know that he doesn’t want to get rid of Nina and the vote splitting is their opportunity to flip the game. Wow…did not expect that level of strategy from a non-fan.

Vince kinda wants to keep Joe around because of his challenge strength. So, it looks like they’re going to target Jenn.


Oh wait, Nina tells Will that Vince is worried about Will’s health. This upsets Will.

So many twists. Like forty in five minutes.

That night at Tribal, fire still represents life.

Nina feels left out because she’s an older person and because of her hearing disability.

Jenn thinks it’s a game and she should deal with it.

Vince thinks he’s right in the middle. He also thinks he’s the glue that keeps the tribe together. But like a really safe organic glue made from ox tears.

Joe thinks the person who needs to go home will go home. Buh…

Jenn admits that her and Hali are bros. But, winning challenges is her top priority.

Will thinks she’s talking about him because water is a “black man’s kryptonite.”

Jenn thinks she could be on the chopping block, but she’s psyched to be at Tribal Council.

Voting Time: Nina votes for Jenn, Hali votes for Vince, Joe votes for Nina, and the rest are sooper secret.

Oh boy, the kids went for the split.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Jenn, one vote for Vince, one vote for Nina, one vote for Jenn, one vote for Vince, and the second person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Worlds Apart” is…Vince.


Verdict: Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming. When I was on location, it looked like Vince and Hali were buddying up.

As for this season…more! Bring me more!

Who’s Going to Win? Lindsey FTW.

Power Rankings Results: Josh had Vince in spot 10, Reed had him in spot 13, and I had him in spot 14. So, the current score is Team Josh 10, Team Reed 13, and Team Gordon 14. That second sentence felt really redundant.

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