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Last Week: Dan showed he had a lot of guts, Vince was sent back to his coconuts, and Shirin and Max exposed their rears.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at these tribes as they currently stand…

The Masaya Tribe (wearing yellow)
Carolyn – Corporate Executive, 52
Joaquin – Marketing Director, 27
Max – Media Consultant, 37
Shirin – Yahoo Executive, 31
Tyler – Ex-Talent Agent Assistant, 33

The Escameca Tribe (wearing blue)
Dan – Postal Worker, 47
Kelly – State Trooper, 44
Lindsey – Hair Dresser, 24
Mike – Oil Driller, 38
Rodney – General Contractor, 24
Sierra – Barrel Racer, 27

The Nagarote Tribe (wearing red)
Hali – Law Student, 25
Jenn – Sailing Instructor, 22
Joe – Jewelry Designer, 25
Nina – Hearing Advocate, 51
Will – YouTube Sensation, 41

Aaaaand…we’re off. We begin with the No Collars making their way back from Tribal. Joe doesn’t understand why Will didn’t stick to the plan and now he doesn’t trust him anymore. Will plays it off saying he didn’t know who to trust. Oh boy, that’s not what your alliance wants to hear.

Will then claims to be playing chess while the others playing checkers. Yeah, you’ll have plenty of time for both at Ponderosa.

Nina, who knows she’s next, asks that they not make her an outcast.  Jenn is sick of Nina using her lack of hearing as an excuse. Be less deaf, Nina!

The next morning we meet up with Shirin while she’s talking to some monkeys. The monkeys respond by totally doing it. So, Shirin’s voice is a monkey aphrodisiac?

She shares the events with the rest of the tribe and they’re not terribly impressed. Tyler thinks Shirin is trying too hard to fit in and it’s painting a target on her back. Maybe someone’s just jealous that he missed all that sweet monkey lovin’.

Over at Blue Collar, Lindsey is psyched that they finally have water that tastes like water. Ooo…I’ve got to get that recipe.

During what seemed like some good-natured ribbing, Dan tells Rodney that his mother is a (expletive deleted). This does not go over well with Rodney.

Then someone named Kelly said something.

Over at No Collar, Jenn and Hali fashion some rudimentary boogie boards and go surfing. Hali claims surfing is her third favorite thing. She didn’t say what the first two are. I’m assuming crazy fringe bikinis are one of them.

Meanwhile, Joe takes Nina aside and expresses to her that she’s wanted by the tribe and not on the outs. He tells us that he knows sign language because apparently he’s freakin’ perfect.

Nina realizes she needs to change or she’s going to go home.

Later on, every White Collar except for Carolyn is looking for the idol. That’s…not…subtle.

Shirin tries to call an idol-hunting truce until after the challenge. But, Joaquin won’t go for it because he hasn’t trusted her since day one.

Joaquin eventually takes Tyler aside and shows him the clue. This means a lot to Tyler because it means Joaquin trusts him.

Tyler then says that the nudity and talking to monkeys has Shirin on the top of everyone’s voting list. You wanna vote someone out who can communicate with monkeys?!

At Blue Collar, Mike is annoyed with his tribe’s work ethic. He calls Rodney out in particular. Rodney lets Mike know that he isn’t his father or the tribe captain. Dan takes Rodney aside and calms him down. I thought Dan would be first out, but he looks to be turning it around.

Rodney is worried that he’s breaking his three Cs of staying “Cool, calm, and collected.” I would’ve bet money that one of those Cs was “Celtics.”

Rodney gets a huge armload of wood and chucks it at the pile.  While this is going on Mike, Lindsey, and Sierra discuss who’s thanking who around the camp.

Things get reaalllllly ugly when Lindsey asks Mike who’s keeping the fire going, “Your God?!” I didn’t expect theological debates from the Blue Collars.

Immunity Challenge Time: The tribes will carry a big bucket to a water tower. They’ll fill it then race back to a barrel while plugging holes in the bucket. First two tribes to fill their barrel wins immunity. The first place tribe will win chairs, pillows, candles, and a tarp. The second tribe will win a tarp. The losing tribe will get a date with Jeff at Tribal.

Lindsey will sit for the Blue Collars.

The challenge kicks off and the No Collars have a curious strategy where only four of them will carry the bucket. For some reason they send Nina ahead. I’m not sure I understand what they’re doing. Probst doesn’t either. I guess they think she’ll get in the way?

Anywho, the White and Blue Collars dominate with the Blue Collars picking up first and the White Collars getting second.

So weird…and Will is zonked.

Joe eventually says the plan was for Nina to plug holes later in the challenge. Wha-huh?

Back at camp, Joe takes full responsibility for his bizarre strategy. Nina is upset because she thinks he made the call because he didn’t think she could do it.

Will tries to make him feel better by saying they’re playing “Survivor” and not “Friends.” More things not to say to people you’re aligned with.

Backup Joke: If they were playing “Friends” then Jenn would totally be Phoebe.

Jenn thinks that Hali and Will suck equally in the challenges, but they think that Will is playing harder and they don’t trust him.

That night at Tribal, Joe says that he was worried about Nina stumbling, so he sent her ahead in the challenge.

Nina thinks they have no faith in her due to her disadvantage.

Probst points out that hearing had nothing to do with the challenge.

Will says that no matter how many times they try to cheer her up, she always brings up the disability.

Joe makes a good point saying she’s misunderstanding them as much as she feels misunderstood.

Will thinks he was fine in the challenge and it was a team loss.

Nina says they’d be crazy to keep Will because of how bad he is in challenges.

Jenn is worried that Nina has too many emotional outbursts.

Hali isn’t sure if Nina is living the No Collar lifestyle, man. She thinks Nina needs to be more No Collar if she’s going to fit in, bro.

Nina knows she can do it and wants to be a part of the tribe.

Voting Time: Nina votes for Will, Will votes for Nina, and the rest are lost to the magic of editing.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Nina, two votes for Will, one vote for Nina, and the third person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Worlds Apart” is…Nina.

Verdict: Not shocking. But, I’ll have to admit I thought it was going to be Will there for a second.

Alright, time for Blue Collar to go to Tribal.  I wanna see Rodney throw down.

Who’s Going to Win? Lindsey is my pick, but that blow up in front of Mike has me nervous.

Power Rankings Results: Josh had Nina in spot 15, Reed had her in spot 14, and I had her in spot 16. So, the current score is Team Josh 25, Team Reed 27, and Team Gordon 30.

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