‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 4 & 5 Recap: Swap Your Collar


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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Last Week: A pair of monkeys showed Shirin how they mate, Lindsey and Mike had a theological debate, and Nina tried to get down with the cool kids, but she was a little too late.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at these tribes as they currently stand…

The Masaya Tribe (wearing yellow)
Carolyn – Corporate Executive, 52
Joaquin – Marketing Director, 27
Max – Media Consultant, 37
Shirin – Yahoo Executive, 31
Tyler – Ex-Talent Agent Assistant, 33

The Escameca Tribe (wearing blue)
Dan – Postal Worker, 47
Kelly – State Trooper, 44
Lindsey – Hair Dresser, 24
Mike – Oil Driller, 38
Rodney – General Contractor, 24
Sierra – Barrel Racer, 27

The Nagarote Tribe (wearing red)
Hali – Law Student, 25
Jenn – Sailing Instructor, 22
Joe – Jewelry Designer, 25
Will – YouTube Sensation, 41

We kick things off after Tribal where Hali is psyched to have Nina gone and embers in the fire. She takes this as a sign that they’ve been through the worst. So, No Collars’ glasses are half full?

Over at Blue Collar, Mike cuts off the head of a snake. Not figuratively, you know…alliance-wise…he literally cuts the head off of a snake. He roasts it up and shares it with Rodney.

Huh…this is early for an immunity challenge.

Reward Challenge Time: One person from each tribe will stand on a tower and call out instructions while their blindfolded tribemates stumble out to get items. They’ll then put the items on a platform and hoist them up. Finally, they’ll have to retrieve a flag. First tribe to raise their flag gets some hens and a rooster, the second tribe gets some eggs.


Tyler will sit for White Collar, Mike and Rodney will sit for Blue Collar.

Sierra, Joe, and Carolyn are our callers. Callers, not to be confused with Collars.

The challenge starts off and everyone is getting hit in the groin. It’s like an episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

The No Collars have a lead, but the platform raisers keep dropping the platform violently. Probst warns them to take it easy. Foreshadowing?

Yup, Kelly gets hit hard. Like really hard. You can see blood pouring out of her blue buff. Medical is called in…and we go to commercial.


It looks like she has a cut in her hairline. But, she’s so tough she doesn’t care. Go Kelly. They bandage her up and keep going.

The No Collars are the first to get their flag, winning the challenge. The White Collars claim second.

Man, that’s a lot of bruises for some eggs.

Back at No Collar, we learn that it’s Will’s birthday. Birthday poultry!

Jenn doesn’t want to eat the chickens. She goes off while Hali and Joe take care of business. Jenn makes the most of this opportunity by going on an idol hunt. That’s actually a very solid alibi.

Eventually she find a unique tree and finds herself a unique idol. Way to be, Jenn!

Over at Blue Collar beach, Kelly says she got six stitches, one for each member of their tribe. Good thing it didn’t happen at the merge.

Later on, Sierra, Rodney, and Lindsey are discussing the differences between the sexes. Rodney shares some sexist views and Lindsey says if Rodney was her son, she’d break off his jaw and feed it to him. How’s he going to eat his jaw without a jaw, Lindsey?

This conversation seemed to start off fun, but it gets heated. Rodney thinks women should hold themselves to a higher standard because men want angels. Or college professors…or babysitters. Lindsey gets mad and storms off.

At White Collar, Shirin tells everyone that she slaughtered a rabbit before coming on the show to practice. Hey, she’s prepared.

While Shirin is away, the other four discuss who to sit out in the next challenge. Max doesn’t want to sit Shirin because they don’t want her to feel like she’s on the outs. Carolyn doesn’t like this idea.

When Max leaves for a bit, Carolyn pitches getting rid of Max because Shirin is drinking his Kool-Aid. She says he’s the head of the snake. Figuratively, this time.

Immunity Challenge Time: All four players from each tribe will be tethered to a rope. One by one, they’ll travel along an obstacle course. Once all four members are at the end, they’ll use poles to create a staircase. From there, they’ll stand on a balance beam and use ropes to maneuver balls along a hole-filled course. The first two tribes to put three balls in their places will win immunity.

Dan and Lindsey will sit for Blue Collar, Shirin is out for White Collar.

The challenge starts off and Will is terrible. Rodney isn’t doing a great job either.

The Blues are the first ones to the ball maze, White Collar is right behind them. Joaquin gets the first ball in, he’s followed by Joe. Then Mike gets one in.

Carolyn gets White Collars second ball, Jenn sinks one for the No Collars, while Sierra hits Blue Collar’s second.

It’s down to Kelly, Hali, and Max.

Hali gets the third ball in and wins immunity. Kelly gets really close, but she loses her balance. Rodney takes her place.

Max lands the third ball to win it for the White Collars. KOOL-AID MAN! OH YEAH!

As we head to commercial, Sierra lets us know that she wants Rodney gone. Oh…didn’t see that coming.

Back at camp, Lindsey says that no matter what, she’s really happy that she ended up on a mat with them on day one. That’s kinda sweet.

Dan and Lindsey head out to talk strategy and she wants Rodney gone too. Dan says he’s going to listen like a woman, which apparently means emphasizing. He agrees with her.

He also says he’s smarter than he looks. I don’t know what to do with that.

Later on, it seems to be Dan, Rodney, Kelly, and Mike as a solid foursome. How’d that happen?

Rodney compares himself to Tom Brady, which is a cool comparison because they cheated in that first challenge.

That night at Tribal, Dan says that Sierra and Lindsey are super close.

Rodney admits that he doesn’t get along with Lindsey because they’re like chicken parm and tuna fish. She says “potato” and he says “(Expletive Deleted).”

Lindsey thinks Rodney has no morals.

Sierra thinks Rodney is vulgar and demeaning.

Kelly wants Rodney to shut up sometimes.

Rodney says he loves his mother and she thinks he’s a sweetheart. He also thinks women should be held to a higher standard and respect themselves.

Rodney had better hope his mom makes the jury.

Lindsey still thinks a Blue Collar is going to win the game. Mike finds that very inspiring. Well yeah, he’s a Blue Collar.

Voting Time: No votes are shown. Uh oh…

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Rodney, one vote for Lindsey, one vote for Rodney, one vote for Lindsey, one vote for Ciara (?!), and the final vote is for Sierra. Three-way tie!

Voting Time Part Deux: No votes are shown.

Jeff tallies again. We’ve got one vote for Lindsey and the fourth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Worlds Apart” is…Lindsey.

In other news, my pre-game rankings always suck. There goes my pick…

Back at camp, Sierra is not pleased. Mike tries to make nice and calmly tells her why they split the vote.

Dan takes another approach by sitting her down and telling her all of the terrible things she’s done during challenges.

Challenges they won, by the way.

Reward Challenge Time: Psych…we’re swapping.

Buffs are dropped and it’ll be just Escameca and Nagarote from now on.

Probst hands new buffs out and we’ve got Joe, Dan, Sierra, Tyler, Joaquin, Mike, and Rodney wearing blue and Shirin, Carolyn, Jenn, Hali, Will, Max, and Kelly wearing red.


Reward Challenge Time: A player from each tribe will launch balls into the air, first tribe to catch five balls wins kitchen supplies. They’ll also win the White Collar tribe’s previous rewards.

Round One:  Max catches one, Joe catches the other.

Round Two: Joe snags one, Tyler gets the other.

Round Three: Joaquin lands one, the other falls to the ground.

Round Four: Will gets the first one, but Mike gets the other one to win reward.

So, all tall dudes were catching the balls. Great.

At Nagarote beach, Hali wants to get Kelly on their side immediately, but that’s not a very No Collar way to be. Dude, no more collars.

Shirin wants Kelly on her side too and it seems like Kelly is into it.

At Escameca, Mike is psyched that the former Blue Collars have a majority. Yeah, until Dan tore  Sierra apart last night.

When Sierra gets a minute alone with Joaquin, Tyler, and Joe, she tells them that she hates her former tribe.  Tyler smartly sees this as an opportunity.

Mike begs Dan to apologize to Sierra. Dan agrees and then does a terrible job. In fact, Sierra might be madder now.

Back at Nagarote, Shirin is singing the National Anthem for some reason. Then she whistles. Then she talks about poop.

Jenn does not love this.

Ooo…then Max gets stung by a sting ray. Good thing he was clothed. Jenn knows exactly what to do, putting his foot in a pot of boiling water. After a while, we learn that Max has a plantar wart on his foot.

Hali does not love this.

So, wait…you don’t want a contagious wart in the pot that boils your drinking water?

Heh…boiling warter.

Also, Carolyn is getting sick of Shirin and Max. Man, they were so close after that first Tribal.

Immunity Challenge Time: Two members from each tribe will drag pots on a sled through obstacles. Then they’ll put the pots on pedestals. Finally, a tribe member will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots. First tribe to destroy their pots wins immunity.

We start off and Escameca jumps out to an early lead…and a middle lead…and a late lead…

Dan smashes all of the pots looong before Nagarote even gets to swing a wrecking ball.

Sooo…can we just merge next week?

Back at Nagarote, Max is excited to start playing the game. Famous last words?

Jenn and Hali want to boot Shirin. They’re sure that Will is still on their side.

Max, Shirin, and Kelly want to target Will because he’s bad at challenges.

However, Carolyn doesn’t think Kelly is the only swing vote. She approaches Jenn with the idea of flipping.

Oh man, now Kelly’s having second thoughts because the No Collars are so tight and Carolyn isn’t tight with Max and Shirin.

Jenn thinks they should vote for whoever is the most annoying. Haha, you can’t vote for me.

That night at Tribal, Shirin thinks everyone gelled really quickly. Then she laughs because Probst is making a face. Dude, back up, that face has fourteen Emmys.

Max points out that the swap was a disaster. He compares it to “One World,” because of course he does.

Jenn laughs at him for his “Survivor” recall. But, Max is proud of his knowledge.

Max says he has to force himself to relax. This bothers Will because he thinks it’s a strategy.

Hali believes the vote will make camp life better.

Shirin and Will think it’ll be a blindside.

Voting Time: Shirin votes for Will, Jenn votes for someone she wants to stop talking, and the rest of the votes aren’t shown.

Probst tallies and returns for the third time tonight. He puts the “pro” in Probst.

Jeff asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Max pretends like he’s going to, but doesn’t.

We’ve got two votes Will, three votes Max, and the fifth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Worlds Apart” is…Max.

Verdict: I’m not a fan of swaps. Especially when they end up as lop-sided as that one. And double especially when it was an even season and all three tribes had been to Tribal.

Here’s hoping we don’t end up with an Escameca sweep until the merge.

Who’s Going to Win? Well…with Lindsey gone…and the No Collars all safe…maybe…Jenn?

Power Rankings Results: Josh had Lindsey in spot seven. Reed and I had her in spot nine. Reed has Max in spot four while Josh and I had Max in spot five. The current score is Team Josh 37, Team Reed 40, and Team Gordon 44.

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