‘Survivor’ Castaway Kelly – “That Vote Was Personal”


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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When one side has eight votes and the other side has four votes, the side with eight votes can usually just split their numbers and send an opponent packing.

So why was Kelly sent home when she had seven other votes to work with?

I spoke with the latest castaway the morning after her elimination to find out why she was targeted, why they didn’t split the votes, and who she was really loyal to…

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Gordon Holmes: I have some good news for you.
Kelly Remington: Talk to me.
Holmes: When we were out in Nicaragua you said you had a fear of commitment, then here you are with Mike…
Remington: (Laughs)
Holmes: It’s seems like you two hit it off.
Remington: (Laughs) We did. We sure did. I was committed to him.
Holmes: It had to mean a lot when you were struggling with that challenge and he wanted to throw it to keep you around.
Remington: I was completely in awe. I was amazed that they were going to throw a challenge for me. I knew that he had my back 110%. It was an incredible feeling. And I couldn’t tell anyone!

Holmes: Did you know you were going to be a target at last night’s Tribal?
Remington: No, I had no idea. They mentioned my name, but I thought, “They’re not going to vote for me. I’m not a threat. I’m not a strong player, I’m friends with everyone. That’d be a waste of an idol.” But that vote was personal.
Holmes: Jenn and Hali had a personal issue with you?
Remington: I told them that the Blue Collars weren’t that tight and I didn’t like the Blue Collars. And they trusted me to be with them and then once we merged they went to the wayside. They took it personally.

Holmes: With Will, Carolyn, and Tyler on your side…I know that’s a lot of potential loose ends…but was there any talk of splitting the vote?
Remington: We discussed it, you never know if there’s an idol out there. But, we didn’t think any were in play at this point. It wasn’t a big concern. We thought; let’s not split them, let’s test Will’s integrity.
Holmes: So the good news is; Will is with you. The bad news is…
Remington: I’m gone.  (Laughs)

Holmes: When you were on Nagarote you were originally with Max and Shirin. Was Carolyn the person who convinced you that to reconsider that move?
Remington: Yes. Carolyn said, “Sit back, watch, you’ll make your own decisions. Just see how they act together.” You get rid of the annoying people around camp.  We wanted to get rid of Max. He thought he knew how to play the whole “Survivor” game. He thought he knew everything about it. He’d sleep wherever he wanted to sleep in the shelter. He was just very egotistical out there.

Holmes: The one alliance that really took me by surprise was you, Carolyn, Rodney, and Will. How did that happen?
Remington: I had a couple of different alliances at this point. I had Mike’s and I had this going on. I think that was more of Rodney trying to get everyone on board because Rodney and Mike were not seeing eye to eye. Rodney was mad at Mike for getting rid of Joaquin. He was trying to form another alliance to go to the end without Dan and Mike and Sierra.
Holmes: How seriously were you taking that foursome?
Remington: I wasn’t taking that foursome too seriously yet. It was still early and I knew I wanted to stick to the Blue Collars.

Holmes: I visited the Blue Collars on day two and it seemed like you, Lindsey, and Sierra were very tight. What happened between that time and when you voted Lindsey off?
Remington: Sierra and Lindsey became very close. It worried me that if we got rid of Rodney and I’m with the girls, would Sierra and Lindsey still have my back? I didn’t feel like I could trust them. If you’ve got pairs out there you’ve got to split them up.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. We’ll start with Mike.
Remington: My rock.
Holmes: Rodney?
Remington: He’s a beast at challenges…strong personality.
Holmes: Joe?
Remington: Good-looking, cute mama’s boy.
Holmes: Hali?
Remington: Space cadet.
Holmes: Jenn?
Remington: Doesn’t really care about anything.
Holmes: Shirin?
Remington: She’s another wingnut.
Holmes: Carolyn?
Remington: Strong.
Holmes: Tyler?
Remington: He’s a thinker.
Holmes: Dan?
Remington: He’s over the top.
Holmes: Sierra?
Remington: Like a lightning bolt.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Will.
Remington: Laid back.

Holmes: What’s been to the reaction from the police force?
Remington: They’ve been amazing. So much support. “Looking good, you’re doing good, you’re representing us well.” Everything has been great.
Holmes: Any of them surprised that you became besties with a Texas oil driller?
Remington: (Laughs) They didn’t like Mike in the beginning. You didn’t see how tight we really were.

Holmes: Were there any long-term effects from your injury during the blindfold challenge?
Remington: No.
Holmes: Did you at least get a cool scar?
Remington: Oh, I got a cool scar. (Laughs) Everything else is fine. Except for that memory challenge. I think I was having a little after effect at that point.
Holmes: For real or is that the excuse you’re using?
Remington: (Laughs) That’s the excuse I’m using.

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