‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 8 – ‘Galaxy Quest’ Edition


"Survivor: Worlds Apart"/"Galaxy Quest" (CBS/Dreamworks)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Carolyn is voted out this week, Josh and Reed will each receive one point and Gordon will receive two points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Everybody knew Joe was a goner so they all had him in spot ten. The current score is Team Josh 68, Team Reed 72, and Team Gordon 73.

Quick Aside: Why is Gordon going with a “Galaxy Quest” theme for his rankings this week? Because there’s talk of bringing the movie back as a TV series and because it’s awesome.

Another Quick Aside: What is “Galaxy Quest“? It’s a 1999 movie that is basically “The Three Amigos” in space.

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Josh’s Score = 68

Any questions for Josh? Drop him a line on Twitter: @joshuacanfield

Reed’s Score = 72

Any questions for Reed? Drop him a line on Twitter: @thereedkelly

Gordon’s Score = 73

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Carolyn: Still poised and ready for something exciting.  The other tribe mates better watch out, this one could win it all.  #MamaCisheretostay   1. Carolyn: I’m glad she’s utilizing the people around her like Rodney.  It’s always nice to have multiple ways to the end and she seems like she is doing a great job at trying to set those up.
 1. Sierra is Gwen DeMarco (Lieutenant Tawny Madison): Gwen was bummed out that all her character would do is repeat what the computer said. Well, that’s pretty much what Sierra is doing at this point. This strategy could get her to the end, but if she wants to win the whole thing, she’s going to have to shake things up.
  2. Sierra: She’s the ideal person to take to the final.  She hasn’t done much in the game, and she’s not as annoying as I suppose Dan and Will are.  #ridemycoattails
 2. Sierra: Girl seems to be nestled deep into some numbers.  It would take quite a shake-up to change this currently, which is never outside the realm of possibility on “Survivor.
 2. Carolyn is Tommy Webber (Lieutenant Laredo): In much the same way that Sarris revealed that the actors weren’t really members of a space expedition crew, Shirin revealed that Carolyn might be the most dangerous person in this game. Now, this wasn’t as shocking to Mike as it was to Mathesar,but it’s important to have out there.  And, I’ll bring this shaky analogy full circle by saying that Carolyn could be driving this ship.
  3. Mike: Mike is likeable, strong, and has made moves.  Everyone knows this.  He’ll be a target soon, but if he makes it to FTC, he will end up with a check for 1 million.  #winnersedit?   3. Will: Is sailing along, not really making any waves (well, except for when he rolls listlessly down a slide like a dead body and splashes into the water).  Looking forward to hearing more of his thoughts via this upcoming outburst at Shirin.
 3. Dan is Guy Fleegman: Guy’s character was the “red shirt” that was sacrificed during planetary excursions to up the danger factor. That could’ve been Dan. He arguably should have been gone a long time ago. Like Guy, Dan was able to scramble and find a role for himself on the show. He’ll never be the star, but he could easily be there in the end.
  4. Dan: I’m just really done watching Dan on my TV every week.  Is that bad? Sorry.  It’s just every time he opens his mouth I cringe.  Still, there is no reason to vote him out, except for one’s sanity.  #drivemetoinsanity
  4. Dan: I’m at the point where I kind of cringe every time he starts talking.  He’s a perfect goat, if you can stand aligning with him all the way to the end.
 4. Will is Mathesar: Throughout the entire movie, Mathesar seemed like a charming, yet naïve guy. However, toward the end he flipped out and went off on Sarris. Well, if the previews are to believed, Will’s about to flip out on Shirin.
 5. Will: I’ve got nothing to say about him, because that is all we see him doing. #blank
 5. Mike: Is running his game like a boss.  It gets a little risky though when people see that too clearly.  He needs to negotiate this balance carefully, especially now that Rodney’s hackles are up.
 5. Mike is Jason Nesmith (Commander Peter Quincy Taggert): He might drive his castmates crazy, but he is the star of this show. He claims to see the threats of Rodney and Carolyn coming, but what is he going to do about them? An odd-numbered vote is usually the best time to make a big move. Could he bring Jenn and Shirin along with Dan and Sierra?
 6. Shirin: I love people who claim to be the most knowledgeable about “Survivor” while playing, it obviously means they’re not.  It’s arrogant, and if you are communicating that with other players, then you don’t know as much as you thought about this game. #Jeremy2.0
 6. Tyler: I often wonder what the other castaways think of Tyler at this point.  He always seems to be pretty in the loop and up on conversations.  Others must pick up on that.
 6. Shirin is Brandon: Nobody loves “Galaxy Quest” more than Brandon. And when he gets excited about it, other people find it annoying. In the movie, Jason eventually realizes that Brandon’s enthusiasm and knowledge are valuable and uses them to save the day. Could Shirin play a similar role for Mike?
 7. Jenn: Poor, sad, Jenn.  I really liked her pre-merge, and then she spiraled downhill.  Just because you are outside the numbers, doesn’t mean you should just give up.  We have all seen players who are on the outs, come back and make it to the end. #dontbeboring
 7. Shirin: I absolutely love how hard she is playing this game.  She’s running numbers and trying to shake things up, because she has to.  I can both completely appreciate and empathize with this.
 7. Tyler is Sir Alexander Dane (Dr. Lazarus): Dr. Lazarus was a mild mannered alien who would occasionally erupt in a fit of rage. Sure, destroying Sarris’ minions was impressive, but so was tackling Mike into the water after winning a Dove bar. However, while Dr. Lazarus was constantly in Commander Taggert’s shadow, Tyler’s challenge prowess is no longer a secret.
 8. Tyler: I just can’t see the rest of the tribe letting such a threat like Tyler stay in this game.  He’s sneaky, he has alliances, he wins immunity, if I was playing with him I’d be writing his name down. #undercovermastermind
 8. Rodney: I like that he’s trying to run sub-plots with folks.  I hope he can keep his explosive outbursts in check long enough to keep pushing forward to actualize these plans.
 8. Jenn is Fred Kwan (Tech Sergeant Chen): Fred was one on of the most reliable members of the cast, but he let his emotions get the better of him. That’s Jenn. She proved with her idol play that she has the will and brains to go a long way, but she’s letting the situation get her down.
 9. Rodney: I’m actually really enjoying him.  I’ve gone through phases with him, but now I’m really excited to see what he does.  Will he be able to complete his vendetta against Mike? #abonetopick
  9. Jenn: It’s rough and demoralizing when you’re out of the numbers and likeable people around you are slim pickings; I get it.  That being said, as a fan, it’s hard to stomach all the talk about quitting.  Many times though people want to keep a person like this around over someone who is fighting to stay (i.e. Shirin).
 9. Rodney is Sarris: Everyone else is playing characters, but Sarris is the realest dude out there. Rodney is the looming threat in this game for the dominant alliance. The question is; will Mike’s idol be the Omega 13 that saves the day? (Also, Sarris did a solid Fred impersonation at the end of the movie.)

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