‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 10 – Axis Explodes Edition


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Carolyn is voted out this week, Josh and Reed will each receive one point and Gordon will receive two points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Josh’s Score = 75

Any questions for Josh? Drop him a line on Twitter: @joshuacanfield

Reed’s Score = 81

Any questions for Reed? Drop him a line on Twitter: @thereedkelly

Gordon’s Score = 81

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Carolyn: I’m still on the Carolyn bus.  She has the idol, she didn’t betray any one at the last Tribal.  She is holding the wheel in this game and I will be a big decision maker in this upcoming vote. #Speed   1. Carolyn: Continues to crush this game.  She’s in an alliance with bigger physical/social threats she can point to, potentially has two sub-alliances set up, and has an idol.  It’s going to take something beyond crazy to knock her out this week.
 1. Mike: Mike killed it last week. The only possible tweak I would’ve suggested would be to let the Axis know he had the idol back at camp where it would’ve given them more of a chance to plot against each other. Now, if you lose immunity this week, don’t try to be cute and not play that idol again. You’ve already put it in their heads that you might not play it.
  2. Mike: Great job, Mike! Wow, what a fantastic play to fracture the opponents of 6, and boy did it fracture.  He has the ball, and he can change this game.  Don’t let us down. #Rudy
 2. Sierra: Is doing a good job stating what appears obvious to us outside the game: Tyler is a big threat.  I really respect this tactic.
 2. Carolyn: The Axis has no choice but to turn on itself this week. Everyone’s in danger… well…everyone except for Mama C. She’s got an idol in her back pocket and she isn’t afraid to use it.
  3. Sierra: Mike’s bluff didn’t cause her to stumble, she stayed strong.  I don’t see why anyone would vote her out right now.  She seems easy-going, and I’m sure everyone will want her to vote with them. #FarFromtheMaddeningCrowd   3. Mike: It’s hard to recover lost trust in this game, but so far him winning immunity has made that almost irrelevant.  Almost.  Loved the bluff at Tribal and completely support him keeping the idol for himself — it’s a better move long-term.  Looking forward to seeing the conversations that ensue back at camp after this.
 3. Will: Nobody’s voting for Will. They need his challenge prowess to help get Mike out of the…phffft…hahahahaha…almost got that out with a straight face. Will isn’t going anywhere because he’s everyone’s end-game goat.
  4. Tyler: Tyler has been consistent, but he realized how little power he had when he got called out at Tribal, and he showed his weakness when he switched his vote.  But I think Mama C will have his back and carry him up this Everest of a vote. #TheLordoftheRings
  4. Will: I’m just not that interested in his game right now, although that vote towards Dan may cause some interesting conflict.  We don’t see much of his strategy beyond that (which I know from firsthand experience doesn’t mean it’s not happening), but I’m still left with a bad taste in my mouth after the past two episodes.
 4. Rodney: Bro, I’m pretty sure you’re safe this week. Although, your talk about going home in the preview has me a little nervous. Unless you were impersonating someone wanting to go home, in which case you nailed it again.
 5. Rodney: Was he in the last episode? If the previews are to be believed he is ready to go and wants to be voted out, but somehow I just don’t see him letting go that easy.  He’s a hothead who will stretch his power to make it another day. #FantasticFour
 5. Rodney: Not a lot on Rodney in this episode so I don’t have a ton to say on this one.  It was just one of those episodes I guess.
 5. Sierra: Sierra is the last person to the Axis of Evil party and it’s pretty clear that she’s buddies with a lot of people on the jury. Add to that her little comment about not having enough votes to flip things at last week’s Tribal and you have the member of the six that is easiest to boot.
 6. Will: Of course Will got scared and flipped his vote to Dan.  He has no idea what he’s doing out there, and he’s just desperately trying to stay above the water. #LifeofPi
 6. Tyler: Got nervous and wrote down Dan’s name.  An understandable yet unfortunate slight that could have ramifications on his game — namely, now having to kiss some big, hairy Dan booty.
 6. Dan: The only reason I can think of to get rid of Dan is if that extra vote makes Tyler and Mama C too nervous. He can’t win if he gets to the end unless he’s sitting next to Will and a popcorn kernel that’s stuck in your teeth.
 7. Dan: Here we go.  Dan is not going to let Tyler and Will get away with voting for him.  He’s angry, he’s big, he has an extra vote, and he will make war in the tribe.  #TheHulk
 7. Dan: Tyler’s vote for him will likely snap him out of his complacency with being part of the “top six” alliance.  If he were smart, he’d start pointing out how dangerous and game-threateningly cunning Tyler is in this game — that is if he can see it.
 7.  Tyler: The seed has definitely been planted that Tyler is going to be a tough player to beat. But, the Axis is going to need all hands on deck to defeat a motivated Mike at the next few immunity challenges. Tough times for Tyler.

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