‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Joe: ‘(Jeff Probst’s) Compliments Were Not Helping Me’


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Name: Joe Anglim
Season: “Survivor: Worlds Apart”
Finish: Tenth Place
Why You Should Remember Him: “Joey Amazing” was a challenge stallion and he crafted the most impressive fake immunity idol this side of “Runaround” Bob Crowley.

Gordon Holmes: Alright, how are you doing with the eBay handmade immunity idol business we discussed?
Joe Anglim: (Laughs) It’s in the works.
Holmes: Cause I need you to make me rich.
Anglim: I’m building my art empire as we speak.
Holmes: I’m anxiously awaiting my 10%.
Anglim: Mmm…we’ll talk numbers.

Holmes: There were five members of the Dirty 30 up for the vote. Man, I hate that nickname.
Anglim: But you used it!
Holmes: I did. I hate myself as well. So, now there’s only you and Shirin. Does this turn of events work for you or against you?
Anglim: I think it really works in my favor. I ran the numbers over and over and I think it’s definitely better that there are only two of us here.  I knew that Mike (Holloway) was most likely winning the game. I voted for Mike. He ran it, he deserved it. Mama C (Carolyn Rivera) and Max (Dawson) would have put a big target on us based on the fact that there would be four of us and people know we’re a tight cast. So, for me only having Shirin, and Shirin kind of being against me…subtly…works in my favor. But, if she wants to work with me and if we have the opportunity to work together, I think we’d make a really good team.

Holmes: I was watching the reunion and Jeff Probst was all, “Oh Joe…so handsome, so talented. Is there anything this god among us can’t do?”
Anglim: (Laughs)
Holmes: That can’t be good for your game.
Anglim: Jeff was blowing me kisses. His compliments were not helping me out for this season. Jeff was just being Jeff and I was being myself. But, knowing I was potentially coming back…and my opponents are backstage listening…it’s a tricky situation. I’m hoping people don’t read into it too much. To say that I’m a golden boy, I’ve heard the term used a couple of times now. I think I…not accept it, but continue to say, “If that’s what people think, that’s nice.” There’s no hiding it. The only thing I can do now is make the case that on my season I was the only person of my caliber playing in terms of athleticism. I was isolated. Where as now…I’m not.
Holmes: Here’s my advice; that first challenge, right out of the gate…you just trip. Fall right on your face.
Anglim: (Laughs)
Holmes: If there’s a tree puzzle…you avoid it like it has the plague.
Anglim: Well here’s the thing, if there’s a tree puzzle the people on my tribe are going to be like, “Joe, you’re doing the tree puzzle.” I’ve got to own in. They know it, I know it. It hurts me if I pretend to be someone I’m not. I’ve got to accept what people know from my edit. I think they think I’m loyal. Even on a sinking ship I remained true to my alliance. I tried to make some moves, but it didn’t work out. I think they know I’m a physical threat, but they didn’t see a big strategic side to me. Which is good. I can use that to my advantage. I’m hoping I can play hard, but not so hard that I’m above everybody else.

Holmes: Are you an early target?
Anglim: I don’t know if I’m an early target. I know I’m a merge target. I’m even a swap target. The only thing I worry about is if people do look into what Jeff said and they are looking at me as the golden boy. “A lot of fans would be really upset if we got rid of Joe. Let’s get rid of Joe right away.” If people have a vendetta against me, “Look at this narcissistic, piece of (expletive deleted).” You never know what other people are thinking, they might worry that I’m going to get all the limelight. So, I’m really looking to avoid that as much as possible. Put it on the team, I’m all about the tribe.
Holmes: Who do you think the early targets are?
Anglim: I think the early targets are going to be people who aren’t supporting their weight at challenges, around camp. People who don’t deserve to be here. If you give somebody a reason; someone who’s annoying right off of the bat. I think Kass is a big threat…she got the nickname “Chaos” Kass for a reason. Specifically, Spence, Tash, Kass…there’s a group from a season. Keith, Jeremy, Kelley, the same dynamic. Just because they weren’t close in or out of the game doesn’t mean they won’t vote together as a community. And, I’m sure that’s crossed other players minds. If I can use that to plant the seed, even if it’s not true, to put the target on someone else, I’ll do it. So, it’s just going  to be a matter of finding ways to alter my destiny and put targets on anyone else, by any means necessary.

Holmes: In returnee seasons, pre-game alliances are always an issue. Are you a part of one? Have you heard of anything?
Anglim: I was trying to stay focused on Season 30 and just enjoy that chapter. My head was thinking about the future, I was watching old seasons of all these players, I was doing my homework. I was reaching out to people via social media. I’ve met some of the prior Survivors. I didn’t put strategy out there, I just established a relationship. Just saying, “Hey, good luck. Rooting for you. Can’t wait to see you out there.” Basic cable. I know some people have made pre-game alliances, but I think this is one of those seasons where it doesn’t mean jack until you’re on the beach and you know who’s on your tribe.

Holmes: As you’re well aware, sometimes “Survivor” has a twist. If there is one this time around, any guesses as to what it could be?
Anglim: I don’t see a guys vs. girls…”One World Part II.” It seems like the men would have so much more of an advantage. I could see a three-tribe dynamic again. The numbers aren’t there, but if there was a two vote out, like right when we hit the beach. We have a challenge, both tribes are going to Tribal. We vote two out, then it’s eighteen. A three-tribe split. I could see four tribes of five. And, there’s swapping…

Holmes: How about ten tribes of two?
Anglim: Ten tribes of two…well, that’s kind of obvious. (Laughs) I think this time it’s going to evolve quickly. This season is about redemption. Which brings Redemption Island to mind. Or, it’ll be like Savage’s season where they bring back the Outcasts. The people we vote out are going to come back. It’ll be a crazy season of swaps, redemption, switching…maybe a redemption idol? Something crazy. I think the three tribes is going to happen because it just works. I have so many theories, this is all I think about.
Holmes: You’ve got nothing but time.
Anglim: Nothing but time!

Holmes: Alright, we’re going to play “Align or Malign.” In my hand I have nineteen cards featuring your competitors. You’ll go through them and tell me who you’ll align with and who you’ll malign. Trick is, you only get eight aligns.
Anglim: I’m like Caesar. Thumbs up or thumbs down.
Holmes: Exactly.
Anglim: This is so difficult. This is all I’ve been thinking about. Dang…
Holmes: Language, please.
Anglim: (Laughs) This is hard! I have so many I’m 50/50 on. But this is good, I can break down what I’ve been working out.
Holmes: Make me proud.

Anglim: Jeremy…align because I feel like we’re going to play very similar games. He’s a physical threat. And I can use him come merge-time. We can protect each other.

Anglim: Vytas…align. Me and him are both spiritual guys. We do yoga. We have a lot in common. I can easily relate to him.

Anglim: Terry…align. He’s kind of an egotistical guy. You stroke his feathers a little bit and you can get on his good side easily. And, he rubs people the wrong way so he’d be good to keep around.

Anglim: Savage has got that winning smile. He can win over a lot of people. I’ve got good vibes from him now. So, align. All four of those guys are big threats so they can be a buffer. If I said, “Hey, we need to get together and protect each other. We’ve got five, we need one more.”

Anglim: Abi…align. She’s a firecracker. You don’t know which way she’s going to go, but she’s loyal. I’ve met her before. We have a good relationship. I think she’s going to want to work with me.

Anglim: Keith…align. He’s pretty easy to read. Pretty basic cable. He’s a country boy. I’m from the country. We have a lot in common. I feel like he’s going to play a similar game.

Anglim: Ciera…align. She’s a dark horse. I’m going to have to stay as close to her as possible because she’s going to be so quiet. She can just slip under the radar. I need to find out more because I think she’s going to play a really important part in this season.

Anglim: And Woo…align. He has this same kind of vibe he had last time. He’s going to play an honorable game. I can relate to him, but at some point he’s going to want to make a move and it’s going to be easy to tell when that is. So, all of these people I feel like I have a good read on. And, there are five big physical threats I can use to protect myself.
Holmes: As an XFINITY guy, I love that you’re using “basic cable” as a descriptive term.
Anglim: (Laughs)

Anglim: Avoiding these people…Tash is just good. She’s good at everything. She’s very social. She’s got that winning smile. Malign.

Anglim: I love Shirin, but she is devious and sneaky. She knows this game very well. And now that she’s played it, I think she’s going to be able to control her emotions. But at some point she’s going to try to get a female alliance together. That’s the only way they’re going to be able to beat all these big, strong guys. She’s going to be the cornerstone of the female alliance. Malign.

Anglim: Kelley…malign. Bright, smart, athletic…gotta go.

Anglim: Stephen…malign.  He knows this game very well too. He’s incredibly intelligent. He has really good reads on people. He knows the flow of the game. He’s just so savvy…he knows so much.

Anglim: Peih-Gee is the same way…so, malign. I feel like all the people who know the game well and have accurate reads on people are trouble.

Anglim: Kelly has an advantage being so old. Just in terms of her season. People are going to overlook her and I feel like she can go really far to the end just by being very malleable and going with the flow. I worry about Kelly. Malign.

Anglim: Chaos Kass? That’s easy. Malign.

Anglim: Spence…malign. Spence was a toss-up because he’s a big threat out of the gate and he’s so well-received. I could work with him, but I feel like if me and him are sitting at the end together that I can’t beat him. So, he has to go. Earlier than later.

Anglim: Kimmi…love her to death, but I feel like she’s the person that people will want to take to the end. She’s not the Will (Sims) of the season, but people will want to keep her. Malign.

Anglim: Jeff…malign. He’s a conniver. He’s sneaky. He’s got plans. He wouldn’t be a challenge threat, so if he makes the merge he can go far.

Anglim: Monica…look at that picture…she’s gorgeous. And I would probably fall victim to that.  (Laughs)
Holmes: “Booty blinded” is the term Malcolm (Freberg) coined.
Anglim: Yeah, booty blinded. She’s gorgeous and she has a wonderful smile. I’d be in trouble just based off of being attracted to her. So, malign.


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