‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Jeremy: ‘I’m Trying to Look as Small as Possible’


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Name: Jeremy Collins
Season: “Survivor: San Juan del Sur”
Finish: Tenth Place
Why You Should Remember Him: Jeremy had a very impressive run in the game, but he might be best remembered for sending his wife to Exile Island after beating her in the opening challenge.

Gordon Holmes: I picked you to win your season and jinxed you. Whoever I pick inevitably loses.
Jeremy Collins: So don’t pick me this time.
Holmes: Precisely. Who would you like me to curse this season?
Collins: How about Vytas?
Holmes: Why am I cursing Vytas?
Collins: Because I think Vytas is good. I can see him working already. He’s all over the place. I think he’s smart. He’s going to be trouble for me.
Holmes: But, I cursed him in “Blood vs. Water.” What if I ask him the same question and he wants me to target you?
Collins: (Laughs) Don’t ask him!

Holmes: What do you think the other players remember about your game?
Collins: I sent my wife to Exile. I got blindsided by my own alliances. And, I was done too early.
Holmes: Were you a trustworthy guy?
Collins: Oh yeah, I was definitely trustworthy. They got me before I got them.
Holmes: Before you had to be untrustworthy.
Collins: (Laughs) Yeah.

Holmes: Who’s an early target?
Collins: I think Varner. People like Kimmi. People like Keith. Those are the people you’ve got to look out for at the beginning who are going to be early to go. I think this season people are going to try to stay strong until right around the merge and then start going after the physical threats.

Holmes: Pre-game alliances are always a concern in these returnee seasons. Have you gotten involved in any of that?
Collins: A lot of people have texted me or called me. I don’t really talk back. I might send them a text like, “I can’t wait to play with you.” But I tried to stay away from all of that. Everyone says those don’t work. Once we get out there, we’ll see what’s what.
Holmes: I was out there for “Blood vs. Water” and we had a pretty good idea of what the pre-game alliances were going to be. It didn’t work out. Have you heard any murmurings of who might be working together?
Collins: Not really. I think Kelley…my Kelley…Kelley Wentworth, I think she’s been working her game. I think Vytas is working his game.
Holmes: Well, he’s cursed so it doesn’t matter.
Collins: (Laughs) Who else? Most of the people that tried to connect with me didn’t make the finals. They were part of the twelve. So, I feel pretty good.
Holmes: The sad, sad twelve. Can you imagine?
Collins: I tell you what, we were all having fun, everything was fun. Then Jeff called up two people; Kelly and Kimmi. Then it got to T-Bird…and when he said no to T-Bird you could see the mood change. It was like, “Wow, this is legit. It’s going to be sad for twelve.” And no one ever thinks they’re in the twelve.
Holmes: I could tell Probst hated doing that.
Collins: He said he looked at Natalie Tenerelli like she was his daughter and he was saying there’s no Christmas. I remember (Stephanie) Valencia’s hand was shaking. It was heartbreaking.
Holmes: We were joking that Ryan Seacrest lives for that stuff. He’s always like, “You are…not moving on.”
Collins: (Laughs)
Holmes: It seemed like Probst was hating his life at that moment.
Collins: Like Shane? I thought he was a lock!
Holmes: Me too. I wanted Jim Rice.
Collins: I thought he’d be the last of the guys. I like how he plays and how he thinks, he says he’s the smartest guy on the beach. But I think he knew he was a long shot.

Holmes: You’re out here with two other people from your season. Is that good? Is that bad?
Collins: I don’t think that’s good at all. I don’t think it’s good for Cagayan. I think people are going to go after us. I’d go after Cagayan. And I think if they get to the merge, that’s votes on the jury.
Holmes: I didn’t think of that.
Collins: We have to take all of them out and put them on the jury. Can’t have anybody left. Even if that’s not the case, like if Kass isn’t really with them? It doesn’t matter. The perception is that she’s with them.
Holmes: How do counteract people thinking the same thing about you, Kelley, and Keith?
Collins: Kelley was with me back in San Juan del Sur and I don’t want her to be with me this time. Keith was never with me. He didn’t want to play with me. I don’t think he’ll ever want to play with me and I don’t want to play with him. I’ll talk to him a little bit, see where he’s at. I don’t want them with me at the merge.

Holmes: Alright, we aren’t working with San Juan del Surians, what’s the rest of the gameplan?
Collins: I want to keep physically and mentally strong people.  I want people at the merge who are huge threats. If I’m in that group I can see where everyone’s coming from. In my season I was one of two male physical threats in my alliance. The other alliance went after me because I was a threat. I need a bunch of threats in there all mixed up.
Holmes: Some advice? Leave your shirt on.
Collins: I tried to leave my shirt on! I’m burning up.
Holmes: You’re getting no sympathy from me.
Collins: I stopped eating, I stopped working out. I’m trying to look as small as possible. I want these people to say, “You know what? Jeremy’s not as big as I thought.” If that’s in their head, then I’m not as big of a physical threat as they thought.

Holmes: Alright, we’re going to play “Align or Malign.” In my hand I have nineteen cards featuring your competitors. You’ll go through them and tell me who you’ll align with and who you’ll malign. Trick is, you only get eight aligns.
Collins: I’m not in here, right?
Holmes: No, I put that handsome guy away. He’s in my “don’t curse” pile.

Collins: I’m aligning with Joe. Joe is the biggest threat out here. He’s physical. Everyone knows Joe. I’m going to stand right behind him.

Collins: Spence…I’m aligning. Smart guy, he’s likable. I was thinking he’s like the number-one fan vote. He’s a huge threat. I’m standing behind him.

Collins: Align with Kass. She’s a wild card. She’ll shake up anything. She’s dangerous.

Collins: I’m going to align with Abi. Abi’s crazy. If I need a girl out, I’m going to have her start something. I’ll sic Abi on them. It’s over for them.

Collins: Align with Woo. He’s a physical threat, but he’s going to tell you the truth. He’s not lying. He’s sticking by his code of ethics.

Collins: Kelly…align. She’s a physical threat. And, I don’t think she’s in this game yet. She’s first season, she just wants to come out and survive. I’m not sure if she’s ready for the back-stabbing. I need that on my team. I’m not worried about her backstabbing me.

Collins: Aligning with Terry. Physical threat. That’s what I need. I need him to win challenges so I don’t have to win them.

Collins: Align with Andrew. Another physical threat and I think I can trust him more than I can Terry. Him and Terry are interchangeable.

Collins: Malign Vytas. I think he’s good, I think he’s sneaky. I think he’s dangerous.

Collins: Malign Tasha. Truthfully I want to align with her, but I only got eight. I think she’s strong. A physical threat. I would love to keep her with me. I could switch her with Kass or Abi.

Collins: Malign Stephen. He’s scary. He’s very smart, he knows everything about the game. Probably the smartest guy out here. I wouldn’t go with Jim Rice and I wouldn’t go with Stephen. Just too smart.

Collins: Kimmi…malign. She’s not ready for this game. I just don’t think she has the heart for it. She’s just too nice.

Collins: Malign Keith. He doesn’t want to play with me. I don’t want to play with him.

Collins: Malign Kelley. She’s on my season, that’s too bad. I love her, but she’s not going to help my game. And I think she’s working other avenues.

Collins: Varner…I just don’t get a good vibe from Varner. I have to malign him. I know he doesn’t like Kimmi, so I could use them against each other. I think he’s going to be one of the first boots.

Collins: Peih-Gee is just too high-brow for this. I don’t think she gets social cues and everything. Malign. She’s spoiled. I don’t think she’s going to do well.

Collins: Shirin…I would align with her. But, she’s another one…she’s crazy. I think she’s going to be annoying. I could take that with me, but she’s smart. She knows everything about the game. I don’t need that. Malign.

Collins: I think Monica is trying to use her sex appeal already. I could use that to my advantage, but she looks like she’s trying too hard to impress all the guys. Malign.

Collins: Ciera…the only reason I’ll malign Ciera is because she’s close to Vytas. Everybody knows they’re the two closest on this cast. And the crazy thing is that Ciera reminds me of Baylor (Wilson) from my season. And that’s just bad news for me because Baylor back-stabbed me. Just like Mama C (Carolyn Rivera) was almost on this season, and she sent me a bunch of messages about playing. She reminds me of Missy (Payne). I could not work with that.

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