‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Episode 6 Recap: Ciera Missed?

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Last Week: Kimmi didn’t ration because she wanted Whole Foods, Stephen hit someone else’s Target, and Monica saw her GameStop.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Angkor Tribe (wearing yellow)
Abi – Philippines
Andrew – Pearl Islands
Tasha – Cagayan
Woo – Cagayan

The Bayon Tribe (wearing pink)
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Kelly W. – Borneo
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Spencer – Cagayan
Stephen – Tocantins

The Ta Keo Tribe (wearing teal)
Ciera – Blood vs. Water
Joe – Worlds Apart
Kass – Cagayan
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Terry – Panama

We start things off back at Ta Keo Beach…which is weird because they weren’t at Tribal.

The reason for the odd beginning is quickly made apparent as Probst arrives in a boat with bad news for Terry. Jeff tells him that his son is in the hospital and it’s serious enough that he should go home. Terry says his goodbyes and takes off.

Poor Terry. Just imagining the questions he must have while he goes on those looooong flights seems like a nightmare.

Note: Terry’s son received a heart transplant and is doing well. #dannystrong

The next day, Probst breaks the news to the other tribes. Savage says that he loves the game, but he would run to the airport if he were in Terry’s shoes. Kelly gets really emotional as she agrees with him.

Aaaand…it’s a little dusty in my living room.

Joe thinks the news took the wind out of their sails, but they’re going to make Terry proud.

Once we’re ready to start the game back up, Probst shocks them with another buff dropping. They’re going to become two tribes; Bayon and Ta Keo. Angkor will no longer exist. I’m sure it’ll be remembered as fondly as Ulong.

Alright, we’ve got Jeremy, Kimmi, Tasha, Stephen, Keith, Joe, and Kelley on Bayon and Savage, Kass, Spencer, Abi, Woo, Kelly, and Ciera on Ta Keo.

Oh man, new new Bayon is going to murder new new Ta Keo.

Immediately, Kass lets everyone know that she’s worried about being on a tribe with Spencer due to lingering Luzon issues. Also, Kelley is nervous about being the only classic Ta Keon on her tribe.

Reward Challenge Time: One member from each tribe will race down a slip-and-side and retrieve a hoop. First person to toss their hoop onto a post wins a point. The winning tribe gets a picnic.

Round One: Jeremy barely beat Savage.

Round Two: Kass defeated Stephen.

Round Three: Abi topped Kimmi.

Round Four: Joe scored against Woo.

Round Five: THE KELL(E)Y ROUND! Wigles bested Went to win reward.

We meet up with Ta Keo back at camp as they sit down to their huge picnic.

Spencer asks what middle-era Ta Keo was like and Kass assures him that they were cool because they’re not very dramatic. Kass. Chaos Kass. Not dramatic. Still doesn’t sound right.

Savage is feeling good because he has two classic Bayonians, Woo, and Abi on his side. He also knows that Kass hates Spencer. Well, we all know that.

Savage wants to throw Spencer off of his scent by telling him that they’re targeting Ciera. As you’d imagine, Ciera does not love this idea.

At Bayon, Joe wants to find a way to save Kelley. He thinks the way to go is to say that she’s stronger than Stephen and Kimmi.

Man, a lot of pre-challenge strategy.

Joe tells Stephen that he wants to target Kimmi and Stephen doesn’t like that one bit. He immediately rats Joe out to Jeremy. This concerns Jeremy, but he likes the idea of one-man-show Joe being his meat shield.

Later, Stephen gets really emotional talking about his second chance. It’s really dusty tonight!

Immunity Challenge Time: GROSS EATING CHALLENGE! First tribe to four wins immunity.

Round One: Woo and Spencer ate tarantulas faster than Tasha and Kimmi.

Round Two: Jeremy and Keith devoured water beetles faster than Savage and Ciera.

Aww…Savage gave Ciera a big fatherly hug.

Round Three:  Stephen and Kelley finished the pig snout before Abi and Kass.

Round Four: Kelly downed deep fried frog quicker than Joe. Joe lost?!

Round Five: Kimmi forfeited to Woo when she was asked to eat pig brains.

Round Six: Kelley gobbled a scorpion before Ciera. I did that once.

Round Seven: Tasha swallowed a balut faster than Kass to win immunity for Bayon.

Oh man, now Kass is crying. This episode is sponsored by Kleenex.

Back at camp, it looks like Spencer is the target. Savage takes Spencer aside and tells him to vote for Ciera.

Savage then goes on and on about what a great blindside it’ll be. Uh oh…foreshadowing?

Later on, Ciera pitches getting rid of Woo over Spencer. Wait, why Woo over Savage? So as not to upset classic Bayon?

Kass and Spencer go for a  little chat and Kass admits that Savage targeting him. She pitches teaming with Abi and Ciera to get rid of Woo.

Oh man, Kass can get rid of Spencer and…she’s debating not doing it? Calm Kass vs. Chaos Kass!

That night at Tribal, some folks still need to get fire! Joe and Keith have yet to have fire!

Woo says he’s learned that you need to be cutthroat to win.

Kass thinks it’s hard to manage all of the levels of relationships.

Probst asks if she’s Chaos Kass or New Kass. She says she doesn’t know.

Savage admits that he’s only known “loving, loyal Kass.”  Needs better alliteration there, Savage.

Ciera thinks it’s weird that Savage has grown close to Woo.

Savage doesn’t worry when he hears his name being thrown around because he trusts his judgment. And worst case, he goes home to his hot model/lawyer wife.

Ciera points out that somebody’s plan will not work out.

Voting Time: Savage votes for Spencer, Spencer votes for Woo, and the rest are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Spencer, one vote for Woo, two votes for Spencer, two votes for Woo, and the sixth person eliminated from “Survivor: Second Chance” is…Woo

Well, Abi got her wish.

Verdict: What a roller coaster this episode was. From the heartbreak of Terry’s news, to the swap, to a legitimate blindside. This season is picking up.

Who’s Going to Win? My girl Kelley is in trouble, but I’m staying Team Wentworth until her torch is snuffed.

Power Rankings Results: OK, Jenn (or whoever did her picks) had Terry in first. Max had him in tenth and I had him in eleventh. Jenn and I both had Woo if spot fourteen while Max had him in spot twelve. So, the current score is Team Jenn 72, Team Max 80, and Team Gordon 74.

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