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Last Week: Angkor’s away, Terry left but his son is OK, Joe tried to protect his bae, and Woo will no longer get to participate.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Bayon Tribe (wearing pink)
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Joe – Worlds Apart
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Spencer – Cagayan
Stephen – Tocantins
Tasha – Cagayan

The Ta Keo Tribe (wearing teal)
Abi – Philippines
Andrew – Pearl Islands
Ciera – Blood vs. Water
Kass – Cagayan
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Kelly W. – Borneo Terry – Panama

We start things off at Ta Keo beach the morning after Tribal. The rain’s a pourin’ and Kass is pontificatin’.

Savage is bummed because he thinks he’s on a tribe with professional liars. Well, Kass is a lawyer.

Wait…so is he. This joke is complicated.

Later on, Savage asks everyone to take him to the merge and use him when they get there. Spencer says he’s cool with that as long as Savage promises to never target him again. He agrees, but doesn’t pinky swear.

Over at Bayon Beach, treemail says that Savage’s merge is today. Tasha is blown away that they’re merging at thirteen. You and me both, Tasha.

Tasha’s also excited to be reunited with Spencer. Cagayan represent!

The two tribes are greeted by the typical merge feast. Hugs, high-fives, and orange buffs are exchanged.

Joe thinks the merge is dangerous. Dude, just win every challenge until the end. Doy.

During the meal, Kass admits that she worked with Spencer. That’s like G.I. Joe working with Cobra. I guess that makes Woo Cobra-La.

Afterwards, everyone breaks into groups and talks strategy.

Savage immediately rats Kass and Ciera out to Jeremy. They decide to pair with Tasha, Fishbach, Kimmi, Wiglesworth, and Joe.

Kass and Kelley want to team with Abi, Ciera, Spencer, Keith, and Joe.

Hmm…so Joe’s in both alliances? Way to go, Joe.

The next morning, Savage makes his pitch to Joe. It centers on sticking with the classic Bayons. Joe is non-committal…which isn’t always smart.

On the other hand, Kelley is trying to get Spencer on board. Spencer says he isn’t sure about Joe or Keith because he hasn’t spoken with them. Kelley assures him that they’re with her.

Later on, Joe and Spencer sit down and try to figure it out. Spencer says he wouldn’t mind swinging with Joe. Well, I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind that.


The two agree to watch each other’s backs.


Everyone is chilling out during a rain delay. Stephen impresses everyone by reciting a poem. Ooo…I could wow everyone by repeating ’80s rap lyrics!

OK, here’s the situation…my parents went away for a week’s vacation…

Kass and Tasha have a little chat later. Tasha claims to not be Bayon strong, but Kass doesn’t believe her.

Tasha and Kass talk again and Tasha admits that she’s not going to tell Kass the truth because she doesn’t trust her. Kass thinks this means Tasha didn’t learn from Cagayan. Tasha says she did learn because she doesn’t trust Kass. Touche.

Kass draws a line in the sand and they part ways.

Later in front of the whole tribe, Kass tells everyone that Tasha had said, “Bye, bye, Bayon.” Well, she’s not lying.

Ciera backs her up, saying that Savage was partnering with Woo at Ta Keo and they wanted to get rid of Joe and Jeremy.

This, as you’d imagine, does not amuse Savage.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will balance a ball on a platform that is being held up by a pole they are holding while standing on a balance beam. As time goes on, they’ll have to move onto a more narrow beam and lower their hand on the pole. Last person with their ball on their platform wins immunity.

Fun Fact: Today’s Jeff Probst’s birthday.

Another Fun Fact: Tasha won this challenge in “Survivor: Cagayan.”

We start off and Stephen’s out quickly. I mean Crystal Cox quickly.

Keith’s the next to go, he’s followed by Ciera and Kimmi.

The second round starts and Abi is immediately out. Kass, Wiglesworth, and Wentworth are next.

We move to the third and final round and Savage doesn’t last long. Tasha’s next, then Jeremy. It’s down to Joe and Spencer for all the marbles. Well, the giant marbles on top of their poles.

Spencer wiggles and wobbles, and eventually loses it. Joe wins immunity. Shocker.

Back at camp, Savage is bummed that he didn’t win so he could make a statement. What statement, “I’m a threat, vote me out”?

Savage wants to target Ciera for what she said about him and Woo. Stephen and Kelly think Kass is much worse.

Jeremy, Keith, and Spencer have a chat. Jeremy and Keith both want to target Kass. Spencer doesn’t want to be left behind, so it looks like he’s going to jump on board.

During a classic Bayon group chat, that Joe and Spencer were a part of, they decide to split the votes between Ciera and Kass in case they have an idol.

Kass knows they’re splitting the vote, she thinks their best hope is to get Spencer on board and to target Tasha. Spencer tells her he’s going to go along with her plan.

Later, Spencer tells us he’s close with Tasha, but Kass and Ciera saved his bacon at Ta Keo.

Note: He didn’t actually say, “saved my bacon.”

That night at Tribal, Joe and Keith finally get fire. So, they had no life before they went to Tribal?

Ciera thinks things have been chaotic. Then she’s aligned with the right person.

Kass claims to not be playing the Chaos game this time around. She thinks Tasha is more chaotic.

Tasha disagrees. Vehemently.

Kass says that Tasha said Bayon was dead.

Joe is handsome.

Ciera doesn’t want an easy vote. She’s not scared to play and she wants to win. She wants everyone to play to win.

Fishbach is amazed that the first vote after the merge has three small women as the main targets. Good point.

Ciera wants to trust people. But, she wants to be someone’s third or fourth, not their fifth or sixth. Another good point.

Voting Time: Tasha votes for Kass, Jeremy votes for Ciera, Kass votes for Tasha, and the rest are secret.

The birthday boy tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Kass, one vote for Ciera, one vote for Tasha, one vote for Kass, one vote for Ciera, one vote for Tasha, one vote for Kass, one vote for Ciera, one vote for Savage, one vote for Kass, one vote for Ciera, one vote for Kass, and the eighth person eliminated from “Survivor: Second Chance” and the first member of the jury is…Kass.

Ooo…Ciera voted for Savage and Kelley voted for Kass.

Verdict: Another wild one. There’s no way that forty person alliance can stick together long. Can’t wait for next week.

Who’s Going to Win? Team Wentworth!

Power Rankings Results: Jenn and Max has Kass in spot thirteen, while my pinch hitter Colton Cumbie had her in spot three. The current score is now Team Jenn 85, Team Max 93, and Team Gordon 77.

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