‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 6: Orange Is the New Buff Edition


"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Kass is voted out this week, Max and Jenn will each receive thirteen points and Team Gordon will receive three points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Jenn had Terry first. Max had him tenth and Gordon had him eleventh. Jenn and I both had Woo in spot fourteen while Max had him in spot twelve. So, the current score is Team Jenn 72, Team Max 80, and Team Gordon 74.

Important Note: These rankings are not based on who is most likely to win the entire season. Players tend to rank the players based on their safety in the next episode.

Another Important Note: Jenn and Max had some fun last week by writing each other’s Power Rankings. Gordon decided to return the favor this week by having someone else write his.

Jenn’s Score = 72

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance

Max’s Score = 80

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Team Gordon’s Score = 74

Any questions for Colton? Drop him a line on Twitter: @coltoncumbie

 1. Terry: Terry is still #1 to me.
 1a. Jeremy: Jeremy using Joe as a giant meat shield is very smart. Keeping a slightly bigger target around is always a good idea, until Joe wins everything and they come after you. Luckily you have an idol, so you get to stick around. I think Jeremy is in a great spot heading into the merge.
For this week’s rankings I incorporated some of the amazing feedback we’ve received from our loyal readers into my evaluations of the 13 remaining castaways!

“I don’t understand why Gordon picked these two to do the power rankings.”

1. Tasha: Everybody understands why American picked Tasha to get a second chance. But did the voters really expect her to play this aggressively, let alone this successfully? Sure she’s russled a few feathers along the way (see Varner’s exit interviews). But it also appears that she’s managed to tame the Brazilian Dragon. If that’s the case then Tasha is the “Survivor” version of the Toruk Makto.

 1. Abigoddess: “We should vote out Abi.” [in my best Brazilian impression] “That was a mistake. You shouldn’t have done that.” If there was one person I would be willing to bet my life wasn’t going home this week it would be Abi.
  2. Kelley: She’s making moves but doing it very under the radar. AND she has an idol. AND she is one of two people that know idols are hidden in challenges. People forget that. Jeremy and Kelley are constantly going to be looking for idols in challenges, and it’s easier now because it’s all individual challenges. Hell, they could just play their idols every week and then grab a new one before each challenge. Why not do that, guys?
“Max not getting a second chance was so satisfying, to see the look on his face. He actually thought he had a chance lol.” 

 2. Jeremy: Seeing Jeremy get his second chance has been so satisfying thus far. After playing too hard and going out too soon in SJDS Jeremy is really embracing Boston Rod’s #1 Rule: Stay Cool, Calm, and Collective. Every week we see him let the game come to him. I actually think he has a chance. No lol.

 2. Kelley: This chick is a badass. I’m a fan.  She’s athletic, she has an idol (that to our knowledge no one knows about), and she’s gorgeous.  She’s just an all around cool chick, but there are still bigger fish to fry than her.
  3. Keith: People keep giving me (expletive deleted) for putting Keith this high, because apparently he isn’t doing much or having much of an alliance. (Hell, people are giving me (expletive deleted) for every aspect of the Power Rankings. Get over it, they’re mine and I can do what I want with them.) But Keith got to fourth place his season by doing EXACTLY what he is doing now. Fourth place is a great place to make. There are always people that don’t make waves, don’t piss off people, and go with the flow that make it far. Keith is one of these people.
“I love Survivor and your insight is (expletive deleted).”

  3. Ciera: After last week’s vote no one will ever accuse Ciera of having (expletive deleted) insight. Ciera looked at Andrew’s plot to use her as a decoy in his blindside of Spencer and saw the truth: that in the former college footballer’s eyes she was at the end of the Human Centipede. I just wonder if her power move might come back to haunt her after the merge…

 3. Kass: Honestly, I love the fact that Kass has returned and done what I failed miserably to do – embrace change.  I truly think Kass has grown as a “Survivor” player since her last time.  Kudos Kass!
  4. Spencer: Spencer is getting by, by the skin of his teeth. How many times is he going to be almost voted out? How many? He’s higher up than the others though because he keeps almost getting out and manages to find a way not to. Whether it be luck or skill, I don’t know. But he’s scrappy and I like it.
“I would love if Max went away after this season.” 

 4. Kelley: You know who’s not going away any time soon? Kelley Wentworth! She’s already convinced Joe to keep her over his original Bayon ally Kimmi. Plus she’s got that idol…

 4. Keith: Keith’s done an excellent job of laying low.  He’s not a physical threat to anyone, and anyone who watched him play last time (you know, when his “strategic prowess” got his son voted out :() knows he isn’t a strategic one either.  He’s safe for now.
 5. Andrew: Savage making moves! Trying to get rid of people! That’s great. But you scared off an alliance member when you threw her name out in a totally realistic, hypothetical situation. I thought it was a fine move. You had to tell Spencer something. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Fortunately, you now know where the loyalties lie, and you’re strong AF and going into the merge. “You are dead to me, Max.” 

 5. Abi-Maria: A lot of people, myself included, thought Abi was drawing dead at start of this season. We were wrong. Dead wrong. Last week’s Woo blindside makes me think that Abi has graduated from goat status. She might actually be deciding who goes home and who stays.

 5. Andrew: I really like Savage. He seems like a really solid guy, but I don’t agree with some of the strategic choices he’s made so far.  He’s definitely a traditional (old school, if you will) “Survivor” player, but I admire his ability to go from the bottom of a tribe to the top on Angkor. What I don’t understand is how he lost Abi.  I hope they revisit that next episode.
 6. Kimmi: Kimmi was targeted by Joe. But anyone that is targeted by Joe is pretty safe I feel. A target can’t target a target. Target.
“Not sure Max’s integrity can be lowered anymore than it already is- he’s already at rock bottom.” 

 6. Keith: Keith is a man of integrity. He’s a straight shooter. That quality makes him one of the most beloved Survivors in recent memory. But his inability to tell a lie will be a liability in a crooked post-merge game. I’m not putting Keith at the rock bottom of this week’s rankings. But I am worried that his guilelessness might make him a sitting duck for a Jeremy or a Fishbach.

 6. Kimmi: It is so cool watching Kimmi play this game again! I was so obsessed with Elisabeth and Rodger the first time that she played she was a mere blip on my radar. It’s hilarious to me that how all of her conflicts seem to revolve around food.  She’s someone else that I feel has really grown as a person since her last time playing. 
 7. KellyWhy don’t we get to see more of this lady in the show? Seriously. She’s getting the Kelly edit. Where is she? “Max is a loser who taught college classes on Survivor then tries (& fails) to make a mockery of it after he gets premerge on his season (some “Survivor expert” he is psssssh, those students should get a refund) & then rejectedfrom [sic] this current season” 

 7. Stephen: Stephen is a near-winner and a “Survivor” expert. But until recently the show has made a mockery of him, focusing on his gaffes instead of his gameplay. All that changed last week when Stephen gave an emotional confessional outlining his plans to flip the game on its head by voting out Joe. Could this be the start of Stephen’s revenge of the nerd narrative?

 7. Joe: I want to rank him higher.  In my heart he’s number 2 (Hi, Abi!), but there’s so much illusion to the “old school” way of playing “Survivor” and so many old school players left that I’m afraid Joe’s going to become a casualty of the ole “as soon as he doesn’t win immunity he has to go” mantra.
 8. Abi-Maria: Always stirring up trouble Abi is. She’s a fighter, and she’s here to play. And she’s about to be on a tribe with Kass. That is going to make for a fun, drama-filled merge.
“It amazes me how Jenn and Max get progressively more obnoxious each week. It really makes me feel like I’m watching Worlds Apart again!” 

 8. Spencer: It amazes me how Spencer manages to squeak out of the cross-hairs each week. It really makes me feel like I’m watching Cagayan again. We know how Cagayan ended. Will there be a different outcome for Spencer this time around? I hope so, because I really don’t think I can deal with Spencer coming back and winning his third season against a bunch of simps, teenagers, and ex-NFL concussion victims.

 8. Jeremy: Solid guy. Solid position in every tribe he’s landed on, and solid position in his alliance.  He’s going to be in trouble now though that the game’s individual. He’s going to have to let the bigger threats take each other out and try to lay low as far as physicality is concerned.
  9. Tasha: I didn’t see much from Tasha this week, but I think that she’s going to need a stronger alliance going into the merge than what she currently has.
“Max is concerned about one thing and one thing only: Max. And he’s always been this way since he was on Survivor. Glad everyone finally recognizes it.” 

  9. Andrew: Actually this one works pretty good for Andrew. You just need to swap his name in for mine.

 9. Kelly: I LOVE her! Nine-year-old Colton wanted her to beat Hatch SO SO bad! She just needs to wake up and realize this is a different game she’s playing this time, and unfortunately for her she’s not on Galang.
  10. Stephen: He tried to make a move by ratting out Joe to his alliance and tried to get him out. You know you can’t get rid of Joe that easy, Stephen. You have to make him lose first, and that (expletive deleted) will never happen when you have a tribe with Joe and Jeremy on it. Bad idea.
“Max Dawson is a bottom 20 contestant of all time for me. He is so obnoxious and I’m so glad he got owned so early in Worlds Apart.” 

 10. Joe: Joey Amazing did not get owned early in “Worlds Apart.” That said, if he’s going to survive for long after the merge he’s going to have to have to go on an historic immunity run. If anyone can win six it’s Joe, and if he does he’s easily a top 20 contestant of all time for me.

  10. Stephen: If there was ever two pieces of “Survivor” advice I could give it’s do not ever quit and STOP STRATEGIZING! For whatever reason it begins to annoy people. I know, it puzzles me too that people would rather discuss each other’s favorite yoga positions than plotting how to get rid of these people and mapping out the perfect plan to get to the end. But, for whatever reason they do. So, shhh.
 11. Ciera: Hey look, I wrote something this week! That’s great on my part. She flipped her alliance when she got scared, but I think that means going into the merge she’s going to have a lot of people know that and not trusting her. People don’t like it when you flip flop a lot. You gotta do it to make it to the end, but I think with her name already being tossed around, she’s not long for the game.
“We need some real power rankings from some credible peeps. I say Max and Jenn need to be fired! #ByeFelicia” 

 11. Kimmi: Kimmi lost a lot of credibility with me when she ratted out Monica to Stephen and Jeremy. Maybe you saw it as a power move. I saw it as Kimmi voting against her best interests and paving the way for the alpha alliance that Monica warned her about. The one bright side is that Kimmi’s patronizing “No, Pumpkin” might just be the new “Bye Felicia.”

  11. Ciera: I heart Ciera, but bless her heart she’s kind of just floundering around without a solid plan which is what she did in “Blood vs. Water. “She needs to grab ahold of a solid alliance and ride it until the end or else she’s going to get caught up in her double dealing like she did last time.
 12. Joe: Joe is inevitably going to win every challenge, but the second he doesn’t, just like my season, he’s going to be gone. So, I think a safe spot points wise is somewhere near the bottom here. This is the big difference between him and Jeremy. Jeremy is playing a great social game. Joe’s social game isn’t really there because I don’t think he realizes he’s public enemy #1, regardless of how much people like him, and he’s not trying to divert the attention away from himself at all. He needs to suck at stuff more if he wants to stick around, but at this stage in the game I think it’s too late.
“youre [sic] such a tryhard max I dont eveen [sic] know who u are”  

 12. Kelly: Clearly Kelly is trying hard in the challenges. But is she trying hard to play the game? Surely after seven episodes we could expect to see her talk strategy at least once. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who Kelly is. That tells me that she is a non-factor in this game.

 12. Spencer: The “‘Survivor’ gods” really love this kid, huh?
  13. Kass: I thought Kass was doing great, making friends, being nice, all that jazz. And then the “scenes from the next episode” happened. Was she really just straight up telling people “Now’s the time to scheme! Let’s get to the backstabbing!”? Come on now.
  13. Kass: Kass.
 13. Tasha: I wish someone would have jumped in front of me trying to talk to Caleb the way she jumped in front of Varner trying to talk to Wiggles. I really, really do…

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