‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Episode 8 Recap: The Extra E Is for “Excitement!”


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Last Week: The tribes merged, Joe’s influence surged, and the most chaotic member was purged.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Orkun Tribe (wearing orange)
Abi – Philippines
Andrew – Pearl Islands
Ciera – Blood vs. Water
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Joe – Worlds Apart
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Kelly W. – Borneo Terry – Panama
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Spencer – Cagayan
Stephen – Tocantins
Tasha – Cagayan

The fun starts off the morning after the Kass-astrophic Tribal. Jeremy and Andrew are patting each other on the back, not literally, for a job well done. Savage can sense that a big move is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Ciera appreciates that she’s on the bottom and is prepared to do anything to stir the pot. Yeah, but would she vote out her mother? Oh wait…

Ciera pitches getting rid of Joe to Stephen. Stephen doesn’t respond with “Doy” but he must’ve been thinking it.
Man, you vote out Joe and everyone at Claire’s and Hot Topic is going to be livid. Riot in the food court.

Reward Challenge Time:
The tribe will be divided into two teams. Both teams will push a boat into the water. They’ll paddle out and retrieve a series of crates. Once they have all of the crates, they’ll stack them so there are no repeating colors. First tribe to do this earns a trip to the “Survivor” cafe where they’ll get all kinds of breakfast goodies.

Heh…Probst points out that Kelly lost a paddling challenge to Gervase. That’s just mean. I’m glad he’s not around to remind everyone of when I peed my pants in pre-school.

We’ve got Kelly, Kelley, Ciera, Joe, Kimmi, and Keith on the green team and Tasha, Spencer, Abi, Jeremy, Stephen, and Savage as the purple team.

The green team is the first back to the beach with all of their crates. The purple team is way behind.

Purple finally manages to catch up, but there isn’t much to describe except for crate arrangin’.

The purple team thinks that have it, but they totally pull a Foley. The green team takes it.

We meet up with the green team as they arrive at their reward. Everyone goes to town on bagels and whatnot.

Ciera apologizes for accusing people of not playing hard. I’m sure Kelly forgives her.

Ciera then outs Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen and Savage as the dominant alliance.

Joe  knows that he’s on the outs, but doesn’t say it to Ciera.

Later on, Keith jumps in one of the tuk-tuks they drove to the reward. Everyone hops in and he drives it around the beach. Please let the next challenge involve tuk tuk driving!

Back at camp, Stephen is depressed. Abi tries to make him feel better by telling him to “Get over it!” Ya been Dragon’d!

Stephen takes Jeremy aside and explains to him that they need to get rid of Joe quickly rather than take their time getting rid of the Ciera and Kelley.

Jeremy loves having Joe as a shield, but the more Joe wins, the bigger the target gets.

Stephen makes the same pitch to Tasha and Spencer and they seem into it. Savage overhears this and doesn’t dig it because he and Joe are…like…total bros.

The next morning, Savage lets Joe in on Stephen’s plan. Savage swears on his children’s lives that he’ll never vote for Joe. That promise lost some weight after Tony threw it around in Cagayan.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will balance a ball on a disc while holding reins. Last person standing wins immunity.

Fun Fact: Keith won this challenge in San Juan del Sur.

A lot of ball balancing this season. Two in a row. Switch it up, guys.

We start off and Ciera, Kelley, and Kelly are immediately out. Jeremy, Abi, Stephen, and Savage aren’t far behind.

After ten minutes, they move further back on the reins. Kimmi’s the first to go. She’s followed by Tasha.

Another ten minutes and they move back again. Spencer hangs for a bit, then drops out.

Another ten minutes pass and they add a second ball. They battle for a while, but Golden Joe eventually wins it.


Back at Orkun beach, Stephen compares Joe to Moby Dick. Feel free to make your own jokes about that one.

Joe wants Stephen gone because he’s throwing his name around. He approaches Kelley with the idea of voting with him. Kelley’s all for it because she doesn’t want to use her idol just yet. They bring Ciera on board.

Savage tells Jeremy that he wants Stephen out, but Jeremy doesn’t want to do it. Jeremy tries to swing it by saying that they can’t let Ciera and Kelley hang around for long because they’re dangerous.

Savage eventually agrees to do whatever the group wants.

Later, Tasha tells Joe that they’re not ready to get rid of Stephen because it’ll rock the boat.

Joe goes to Kelley and Ciera and tells them that it’s probably one of them.

That night at Tribal, Kass shows up and gives someone the finger. Probably safe to assume it was Tasha.

Ciera doesn’t think anyone is fighting to win it.

Kelley says there are four people in the top of the alliance. Probst wonders why the foursome is so powerful when the other eight could oust them.

Ciera outs the four as Jeremy, Savage, Tasha, Joe, or Stephen.

Jeremy points out that she named five people, so they don’t know who’s in charge.

Savage thinks there’s a group that has mutual respect and a lot of people are making decisions.

Ciera says that someone’s always on the top and someone’s always on the bottom.

Spencer thinks what Ciera is saying is true. But they’re waiting for idols or flips.

Spencer also thinks there either aren’t idols or they’re waiting to be played.

Ciera isn’t asking for something crazy to happen, she just wants people to fight for their spot in the game.

Also, Ciera should be careful she doesn’t sprain something with the way she’s rolling her eyes.

Stephen thinks their isn’t a hierarchy, Ciera disagrees. She pleas for those who aren’t in the top four to do something.

Kelley thinks she, Abi, or Ciera are going home. She then says that somebody wanted to make a move today. She doesn’t out them because she might have to work with them in the future. Interesting…

Voting Time: No votes are shown. Dun…dun…dun…

Probst tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…Kelley does! Ciera proclaims this her “favorite moment.”

Alright, we’ve got a ton of votes for Kelley, one vote for Savage, and the ninth person eliminated from “Survivor: Second Chance” and the second member of the jury is…Savage.


On the way out, Abi says, “You made it to the jury!” Savage responds with a middle finger. Bad jury management, Abi. But, it was hilarious.

Verdict: What the what?! Amazing, jaw-dropping ending. I wonder if the lack of trust among the dominant alliance is why they didn’t split the vote.

Wow…just wow.

Who’s Going to Win? Kelley still has an uphill battle, but I’m not counting her out yet.

Power Rankings Results: Jenn had Savage in spot ten, Max had him in spot four, and my pinch hitter Gregory McBean had him in spot eleven. So, the current score is Team Jenn 95, Team Max 97, and Team Gordon 88.

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