‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ Episode 2 Recap: I May Only Have One Match, But I Can Make an Embryo-sion


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Last Week: Darnell took an aqua dump in the wrong area, then he aqua dumped the diving mask, then he was just dumped.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand.

The Chanloh Tribe – Brains (wearing blue)
Aubry – 29, Social Media Marketer
Debbie – 49, Chemist
Elisabeth – 29, Quantitative strategist
Joseph – 72, Former FBI Agent
Neal – 38, Ice Cream Entrepreneur
Peter – 34, ER Doctor

The Gondol Tribe – Beauty (wearing yellow)
Anna – 26, Pro Poker Player
Caleb – 28, Army Veteran
Julia – 19, Student
Michele – 24, Bartender
Nick – 30, Personal Trainer
Tai – 51, Gardener

The Totang Tribe – Brawn (wearing orange)
Alecia – 24, Real Estate Agent
Cydney – 23, Body Builder
Jennifer – 38, Contractor
Kyle  – 31, Bounty Hunter
Scot – 40, Former NBA Champion

The evening’s festivities start off at Brawny Beach where Alecia is promising that she’s going to do better. However, she’s annoyed that Jennifer and Jason sounded like they were changing their minds.

She then adds to her “Mental Giant” resume by referring to an ember as an “embryo.” Sigh… #mentalgiant

Later, Jason and Scot agree that Alecia will be next if they go to Tribal again. In other news, water is wet.

Over at the Beauty Salon, Tai is feeling left out while the other beautiful people are enjoying the ocean.  However, he makes the most of the situation by finding a clue to an idol. And whoa…the key to this idol it is way up in a palm tree.

Yikes, I’m pretty sure most people can’t climb a tree like that. That’s a little unfair. Jason couldn’t climb that tree. Unfair!

Over at the Brain Trust, Debbie thinks it’s foolish to boil the water because she can tell if water is safe by looking at it. Uh…but it wouldn’t hurt.

Debbie seems to be rubbing many people the wrong way with her many jobs and frequent juggling, but Peter thinks it’s smart to keep her around, Phillip-Sheppard style. There’s a guy who’s thinking.

Later, Joe’s in some trouble because he used too much kerosene and the matches got wet, so now they don’t have a fire. He butts heads with Liz because she wants to boil water. Apparently she doesn’t trust Debbie’s eyes. Joe’s also sick of Liz’s fancy book learnin’.

At Beauty Beach, Tai and Caleb are becoming besties and it is totes adorbs. At one point, Tai gives Caleb a  little kiss. Too cute. Sign these two up for “The Amazing Race.”

Over at Totang, they’re all zonked because they don’t have fire. Alecia goes out on her own and tries to create some “embryos” and FIVE HOURS LATER figures it out! Fire for the Brawnies!

Also, she refers to Jason as a “hitman.” Does she think bounty hunters kill people?

Immunity Challenge Time: Teams will race down a river to retrieve a log. They’ll then carry it through a series of obstacles. Then, they’ll unspool balls that are tied to the logs. Those balls will be used to knock down two targets. The first two tribes to complete the challenge will win immunity. The first tribe to finish will get fishing gear, while the second tribe will receive a smaller fishing kit.

Debbie will sit for the Brains while Julia will sit for Beauty.

We start off and Caleb flies down the river. BEAST MODE!

Brawn and Beauty jump out to an early lead. It is possible that the Brains were distracted by Debbie literally cheerleading on the sidelines.

However, the Beauties have problems releasing their balls. The Brawns are the first to the slingshot, the Beauties are behind them.

The Beauties hit their first shot, followed by the Brains. Then the Brawns hit one to tie it all up.

Caleb hits the second shot, giving immunity to the Beauties.

Then, Peter scores for the Brains giving them immunity.

Jason is worried that they might become the worst tribe ever. You’ve got a ways to go for that record, buddy. #Ulong

Back at camp, Jason explains to us how stupid Alecia is. That can’t be fun to watch on national TV.

She sneaks out to go on an idol hunt, but doesn’t have any luck.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is getting annoyed with Jason. Things like throwing his sun-burnt skin into the pot doesn’t sit well with her…for some reason.

Alecia approaches Jennifer and Cyd with the idea of voting out one of the guys. And, it seems like they’re kind of into it.

That night at Tribal, Jennifer claims that things are up in the air. As you’d imagine, Jason and Scot are not happy about that statement.

Jason explains that he had heard ideas were discussed and now it’s been confirmed.

Scot says that Jennifer was on their side until just now.

Jennifer tries to play it cool by saying that things change. Jennifer is bad at this.

Alecia admits that Jennifer pitched a female alliance. Jennifer denies this vehemently.

Cydney thinks some people have been saying the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong people. A triple negative!

Jason is amused because never in the history of the show has someone told their alliance that they were considering flipping.

Scot asks Jennifer to explain her “up in the air” comment. Jennifer says if she could take it back, she would. That…doesn’t…explain…it.

Jennifer asks for a second chance, then stands on her stool and begs for forgiveness. Buh…

Whoa…Jennifer is bad at Tribal. Like super bad. Remember how bad Crystal Cox was at challenges? Like that bad.

Voting Time: No votes are shown, but Alecia is shown removing the cap of the marker.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Jennifer, two votes for Alecia, one vote for Jennifer, and the second person voted out of “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng” is…Jennifer.

Quick Aside: Cydney and Jason were the ones who teamed with Alecia to vote out Jennifer.

Verdict: Wow, I’m trying to remember the last time I saw such a terrible Tribal Council performance. Kudos to Alecia for staying alive, but she couldn’t have gotten there without a five-star meltdown from Jennifer.

That being said, I’m ready to see these other teams at Tribal.

Who’s Going to Win? Um…not a Brawn. Maybe Peter?

Power Rankings Results: Shirin had Jennifer in spot six while I had her in spot two. (Yikes…) The current score is Team Shirin 6, Team Gordon 2.

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