‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ Power Rankings – Brawn-Almost-Gone Edition


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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Anna is voted out this episode, Shirin will receive twelve points and Gordon will receive five points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Shirin had Jennifer in spot six while Gordon had her in spot two. (Yikes…) The current score is Team Shirin 6, Team Gordon 2.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank the contestants based on who is the most likely to be voted out in the next episode.

Shirin’s Score = 6

Any questions for Shirin? Drop her a line on Twitter: @theshirin

Gordon’s Score = 2

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. – Michele: Strolling around Hogwarts, this vigilant headmistress observed the groundskeeper Hagrid, a big old softie protective of animals and the environment, precariously riding Buckbeak the Hippogriff, feral and proud yet loyal and caring. “How quaint. I’ll allow it.”
 1. – Cydney: Cydney went from being the fourth person in the five-person Hefty Smurf tribe to the second person in the four-person Hefty Smurf tribe. You’ve got to admire that.
 2. – Julia: What’s 50 grand to a mother<redacted> like me, can you please remind me? A few spots short of the million.
 2. – Aubry: Aubry got just what she needed after last week’s meltdown; an episode where she wasn’t featured in any of the tribe drama. She’ll get to be the swing vote when the Brainy Smurfs finally go to Tribal.
 3. – Jason: This guy has a–hole written all over him. More specifically on a tattoo under his armpit.
 3. – Jason: If I’m reading last week correctly, Alecia and Cydney told Scot and Jason that Jennifer wasn’t loyal. When they got to Tribal, her wishy-washy answers proved it. Jason made a move and Scot didn’t. Jason’s a player.
 4. – Scot: LeBrawn gets off Scot-free for missing the mark despite Darnell taking the Heat for losing the mask.
 4. – Neal: With Joe and Debbie on one side and a Peter and Elisabeth on the other, it’ll come down to the Miss Manatee and the Ice Cream Man (which is a hell of a band name).
 5. – Neal: What do we say to the god of death? Not today. #ASongOfFireAndIcecream
 5. – Anna: We spent three minutes with the Vanity Smurfs last week, and it was all focused on Tai’s idol hunt and the Beast Mode Gardener bro-mance. I’m assuming that means Anna’s ladies alliance is still in charge.
 6. – Caleb: Although classed as a flesh-eater, the giant panda almost exclusively eats shoots and leaves.
 6. – Julia: If this trio sticks together, they could totally make “fetch” happen.
 7. – Peter: 30% of the human brain is dedicated to vision. It’s no wonder with brains this big, Debbie can test water on sight, and Peter can do cat scans on sight.
 7. – Michele: You were in last week’s episode as well.
 8. – Cydney: Let’s try this again: Alecia exists…
 8. – Caleb: Are Caleb or Tai going to win this season of “Survivor”? Doubtful. But could they be the best television ever as an “Amazing Race” team? Totally.
 9. – Kelly: Holmes: Shirin, there’s no Kelly on this cast.
Oskooi: Yeah there is, the same one from every season. Blonde, pretty, quiet…
Holmes: Nick isn’t even blonde.
Oskooi: Who?
 9. – Peter: Alright, Peter. It’s you and Elisabeth vs. Debbie and Joe. It seems like a slam dunk for you guys, but Aubry and Debbie might be closer than you think.
 10. – Aubry: All she needs now is the Resurrection Stone and the Wand of Destiny to unite the Deathly Hallows and become Master of Death.
 10. – Scot: Last week had to suck for Scot. His closest ally basically admitted that she was plotting against him, and his second closest ally made a plan without him. Fortunately for Scot, his name can survive without two Ts, but his tribe can’t survive without him.
  11. – Tai: Looks like that key is just out of reach, just like that kiss from Caleb. Will the Tai-dyed tree continue to stump him?
 11. – Nick: I think the best thing Nick has going for him now is that he’s better in challenges than Tai. Unless the challenge involves leaving bloody graffiti on a tree.
 12. – Anna: Like a deleted tweet, Anna hasn’t completely disappeared. She’s still out there if you look hard enough. But is a Taidol wave on the horizon?
 12. – Tai: Tai and Caleb are adorable. But, Tai is the most expendable. If he can’t figure out a way to climb fifty feet up that tree, he’ll be in trouble at Tribal.
 13. – Debbie: She has the immunity system of a horse, and the frontal lobes of a horse…
 13. – Elisabeth: The first immunity challenge I ever witnessed in person was in Gabon. The Fang tribe was getting destroyed, but that didn’t stop Gillian from cheering for them. She cheered for them up until the second Kota placed the last puzzle piece. The Fang tribe looked like they were ready to murder her. If Elisabeth can’t use Debbie’s lack of self-awareness to her advantage, then this might not be the reality show for her.
  14. – Elisabeth: Liz wasn’t “ill” dehydrated. She hadn’t even gotten to the point of chapped lips.
 14. – Joe: I was getting a really strong B.B. vibe off of you last week, Joe. You’re on a tribe with younger people, you need to Netflix and chill. (Is that how that slang works?)
15. – Joe: Joey Kerosene knows there’s more than one way to get a person of interest off of this island, and he tipped his hand. But Joe, you needed to use the whole bottle!!
 15. – Alecia: I think Jason is going to try to bring Scot back into the fold and put Alecia back on the bottom. However, I will give Alecia mad credit for capitalizing on Jennifer’s mistakes last week.
16. – Alecia: Alecia has life in this game thanks to her embryo. Unfortunately for her, I can’t imagine it makes it past the first trimester.
 16. – Debbie: So, you can look at water and tell if it’s contaminated, but you can’t look at your tribe and tell if they’re annoyed with you?

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