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Last Week: Beast Mode was med-evac’d and Alecia was punished for the NBA experience she lacked.

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Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand.

The Chanloh Tribe – Brains (wearing blue)
Aubry – 29, Social Media Marketer
Debbie – 49, Chemist
Joseph – 72, Former FBI Agent
Neal – 38, Ice Cream Entrepreneur
Peter – 34, ER Doctor

The Gondol Tribe – Beauty (wearing yellow)
Anna – 26, Pro Poker Player
Caleb – 28, Army Veteran
Julia – 19, Student
Michele – 24, Bartender
Nick – 30, Personal Trainer
Tai – 51, Gardener

The Totang Tribe – Brawn (wearing orange)
Cydney – 23, Body Builder
Jason  – 31, Bounty Hunter
Scot – 40, Former NBA Champion

The fun starts off the morning after Tribal at Casa de Brainy where Joe has a pretty gross wound on his finger. Peter uses his doctorly ways to help take care of him. Neal refers to Peter as a cancer. Dude, that’s the opposite of a doctor.

Later, Neal locates the hidden immunity idol clue. He uses Tai’s pole technique to scoop up the idol.

Scoop up? Ice cream guy? Nothing? Alright, let’s move on…

We next see all of the tribes as they meet up with J-Pro. The baseball cap wearing dynamo informs them that the Brawn tribe is no more and requests that they kindly remove their buffs.

ToTang, we hardly knew ye.

Before they pick buffs, Probst tells them that the person who picks the odd buff will have to live at Brawn beach alone. The good news is that they won’t have to go to the next Tribal. The bad news is, they’ll join the tribe that loses at the next reward challenge.

Alright, the new Gondol is Aubry, Joe, Tai, Anna, Peter, and Scot and the new Chanloh is Cydney, Michele, Nick, Neal, Debbie, and Jason.

Julia picked the odd buff. Wah-wah… She appreciates that this is a disadvantage because she won’t be around for alliance-making. Yeah, but you can pick your nose all you want.

Over at Gondol, the Brains are very impressed with the former Beauty camp. Peter is psyched to not be the low man on the totem pole. He tells us it’ll be no problem making the merge. Why do people say stuff like that that can be used against them later?

Scot is not thrilled to be without his Brawny buddies. But, he’s been on five different NBA teams, so he used to partnering with former opponents. Scot was in the NBA? Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?

Aubry and Peter talk strategy and he points out that if they lose a challenge a former Beauty will be joining them.

Aww…it’d make me sad to be referred to as a “former beauty.”

At Chanloh, Michele gets to say some things. She’s bummed that her female alliance has been split in three.

Debbie, meanwhile, is doing her best to get in with the former Brawnies. She pitches bouncing a former  Beauty first and it seems like Cyndey and Jason are both into it.

Later on, Nick tries to make in-roads with Jason. Nick informs us that he’s the best at being manipulative. Not according to Caleb.

Back at Gondol, everyone’s loving them some Tai. All aboard the Trang Gang! He and Scot work together to get coconuts and I’m immediately annoyed that Tai was able to get over Caleb so quickly. I’m also annoyed that I did think of the alliance name “Beauty and the Beast Mode” until just now.

Anna realizes that the numbers are not in her favor. She makes sure to tell everyone about how they caught Tai looking for idols.

Over at ToTang beach, Julia is in pretty bad shape. Apparently she’s dehydrated and freaked out a little over being out of the game for the time being. Yeah, that’s gotta be rough. But on the plus side, she doesn’t have to follow the Brawn tribe’s strict pooping-in-the-water rules.

Immunity Challenge Time: Two players from each tribe will swim out to a net to retrieve fish-shaped puzzle pieces. When they return to the beach, two other players will remove the fish from the net and place them on hooks. Then two other players will have to figure out how to fit all of the fish into a box. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Scot and Aubry start off for Gondol and Nick and Jason start for Chanloh.

For some reason, Scot does all of the untying for his team. Both tribes release their nets at the same time, but Gondol is the first to get their net back to the beach.

Joe and Tai start untying the fish for Gondol, while Cydney and Michele get a late start. However, the ladies manage to catch up with the guys.

Peter and Anna and Neal and Debbie take puzzle duty. Chanloh flies through the puzzle to claim immunity.

Back at camp, we learn that Tai is considering using his idol.

Aubry wants Tai out, but Peter would rather target Anna. Joe wants to keep Tai because he’s a good provider.

Hmmm…Aubry is covering her mouth with her buff. Is she worried someone will read her lips?

Later on, Peter admits to Tai and Anna that they’re probably going to target a Beauty. This annoys Tai, so he goes to Scot and Anna and pitches getting rid of Peter with his idol.

However, Scot realizes that if they target Anna he can later get Tai and Jason to work together with their merged idols. Huh…

That night at Tribal Council, Aubry admits that she wants to stick with the people she knows.

Anna realizes that she and Tai are the targets because Julia is joining their tribe. Tai agrees.

Tai makes the pitch that he’s the hardest worker at camp. He even shows off scabs he’s gotten from his work. That’s uh…thanks there, Tai.

Joe thinks the twist for this season is that there are no idols. That’s a pretty crummy twist.

Tai says he’d never find the idol because he’s terrible at looking for things. Yeah, and I’m bad at late-night snacking and being too lazy to go to the gym.

Peter doesn’t think the Brawns and Brains would partner up against them. Why do you say these things, Peter?

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

Probst tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol…and nobody does.

We’ve got one vote for Peter, three votes for Anna, and the sixth person eliminated from “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng is…Anna.

Verdict: Gah…it’s a shame the Julia twist put all of the Beauties in danger. It’d have been nice to see them have to battle it out without such an obvious handicap.

Who’s Going to Win? There’s no way they’d let Tai get deep into the game, right? He’s too likable. I’m starting to feel good about Cydney though…

Power Rankings Results: Shirin and I both had Anna in spot nine. So, the current score is Team Shirin 48, Team Gordon 47.

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