XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: A New Champ Has Been Crowned!


Every week I ask you to send me your Outstanding Achievements in Binge-Watching on Twitter. Well, apparently some guy went a little too far with this concept. Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso from Brooklyn, NY set a World Binge-Watching Record with a brain-boggling 94 hours!

Alejandro, on behalf of binge-nation, I tip my remote to you. Well done, sir.

If you have your own Binge-Brag that’s worth mentioning, drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

 1. – “Inside Amy Schumer”: This randy sketch show isn’t for everybody. But, if you like her movies and stand-up, you’ll love this bawdy hit.
 2. – “Outlander”: This romantic time-traveling epic finally came back last week and we have every episode available online.
   3. – “The Catch”: I don’t know if I’m ready to say “Shonda has done it again” just yet, but “The Catch” is starting to grow on me. This cat-and-mouse thriller is a quick binge with only 4 episodes at this point.
 4. – “Jackie Robinson”: Breaking MLB’s color barrier was just the beginning for this legendary Brooklyn Dodger. This Ken Burns documentary is a fascinating look at his struggles and triumphs.
  5. – “Orphan Black”: Everyone’s favorite familiar face is finally back, and we’ve got the first three seasons for your binge-ing pleasure.  6. – “Game of Thrones”: The Season 6 premiere is soooo close! I want to rewatch the whole thing! Well, except for the Red Wedding. I never need to see the Red Wedding again.
 7. – “The Girlfriend Experience”: My girlfriend experiences tend to involve me forgetting birthdays. This risque show is waaaay different. Check out the entire first season right now.
 8. – “60 Days In”: Innocent people going undercover in a real prison sounds like something “30 Rock” would come up with when they were brainstorming “MILF Island.” Fortunately, this show is real…and it’s awesome.
 9. – “Quantico”: You know, I might be able to top Alejandro’s 94-hour record if there were 94 hours of Priyanka Chopra. Too bad there are only 17 episodes of “Quantico.”
 10.“Little Big Shots”: Here’s one for the whole family. These kids are amazing. Of the forty shows Steve Harvey hosts, this one is easily my favorite.

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