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XFINITY Binge-Watching Guide: Memorial Day Edition

May 27, 2016

Three free days?! Awesome. Yeah, barbecues and walks in the park and tennis and whatever…but that can only fill so much of the next 72 hours. Surely, you can spend some quality time with your couch watching some of these worthwhile shows…

What are you watching? Drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

Mr_Robot_320x160 60DaysIn
 1. – “Mr. Robot”:  Now’s the perfect time to catch up on this moody hit before it returns on July 13th.
 2. – “60 Days In”This innovative reality show wrapped up this week and you can watch every episode online.
TheDetour Outlander
   3. – “The Detour”:  Everyone in the office loves this rookie comedy from TBS. 
 4. – “Outlander”:  The amazing acting, the lavish costumes, the intricate storylines…this show has so much going for it. 
Nashville CarmichaelShow
  5. – “Nashville”Oh “Nashville,” we hardly knew ye. Enjoy the end of this under-appreciated fave and hope some network somewhere picks it up.  6. – “The Carmichael Show”: Now here’s a hilarious show that isn’t afraid to tackle big issues.
NightManager ChicagoPD
 7. – “The Night Manager”:  There are only six episodes in this hit, so you should be able to take care of it in a day. Who needs to go outside?
 8. –  “Chicago P.D.”: This week’s finale was intense. Check out what lead to that moment by watching the full season.
Rosewood GameofThrones
 9. – “Rosewood”: This rookie show finished up its season this week and we have every episode online.  10.“Game of Thrones”: I’m still not over last Sunday’s shocker.  If you’re not into this show…GET INTO THIS SHOW.

XFINITY Binge-Watching Guide: Finales and Cancellations Everywhere!

May 13, 2016

What a week to be a TV fan. Big hits are wrapping up their seasons and lesser-watched shows are getting smashed with the cancellation hammer. My household was hit pretty hard as my wife is quite a “Nashville” and “Castle” fan. Maybe now’s the right time to introduce her to “Game of Thrones.”

What are you watching? Drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

FeartheWalkingDead Survivor
 1. – “Fear the Walking Dead”:  I had trouble getting into this one, but it’s been building nicely. Finale Date: May 15
 2. – “Survivor”: The most grueling season of “Survivor” (three medical evacuations!) comes to end this Wednesday. Finale Date: May 18
BAnshee Outlander
   3. – “Banshee”:  You don’t hear much about this Cinemax crime drama, but it’s definitely a hidden gem. Finale Date: May 20
 4. – “Outlander”:  I’m cheating, this one isn’t having its finale soon. I just love it, is all. Is that so wrong? Finale Date: Not For a While
Quantico TheFamily
  5. – “Quantico”: Last Sunday left my jaw on the floor. Honestly, “Quantico” does that so much I should just watch it laying face-down on the floor to save time. Finale Date: May 15  6. – “The Family”: Yeah, “The Family” was a victim of Cancel-mageddon on Thursday. But it’s still worth your time. Finale Date: May 15
LastManonEarth ChicagoMed
 7. – “Last Man on Earth”:  I haven’t seen it, but I hear the finale is amazing. Finale Date: May 15
 8. –  “Chicago Med”: With “Chicago Justice” finally being announced, it looks like the “Chicago” franchise will take over NBC. Personally, I’m looking forward to “Chicago Dental.” Finale Date: May 17
Empire TheLastPanters
 9. – “Empire”: Wow! What a cliffhanger this week. You’ve gotta catch up before this one ends. Finale Date: May 18  10.“The Last Panthers”: Some people around the office swear by this crime drama. It’s a quick catch-up. Finale Date: May 18

XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Back!

April 29, 2016


Alright, now that XFINITY Watchathon Week is over, I want to hear your big binge brags. If you have anything that’s worth mentioning, drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

GameofThrones Limitless
 1. – “Game of Thrones”: Our long national nightmare is finally over. The best show on TV is finally back!
 2. – “Limitless”: I really hope this show gets a second season, because it is awesome. Totally worth your time.
ChrisleyKnowsBest Lucifer
   3. – “Chrisley Knows Best”: Chrisley is coming back in a few weeks. Catch up while folding laundry (although, that’d be a lot of laundry…).
 4. – “Lucifer”Catch all of season one from beginning to shocking finish this weekend.
Outlander LoveandHipHop
  5. – “Outlander”: This show was huge during Watchathon Week, and for good reason. This time-traveling epic romance is a winner.  6. – “Love & Hip Hop”: This guilty pleasure is a perfect way to spend a lazy day on the couch.
LittleBigShots 60DaysIn
 7. – “Little Big Shots”: When I was a kid, the coolest thing I could do was that trick where you pretend to pull your thumb off. These young-uns have me beat.
 8. –  “60 Days In”: This look at regular people who go undercover in real prisons is easily my pick for the best new reality show of the year. Fascinating.
Empire SiliconValley
 9. – “Empire”: We’re picking up momentum as we head toward the finale with pregnancies, kinda-weddings, and more.  10.“Silicon Valley”I was on the fence when this HBO comedy started, but now I’m fully on board. Hilarious.

XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: A New Champ Has Been Crowned!

April 15, 2016

Every week I ask you to send me your Outstanding Achievements in Binge-Watching on Twitter. Well, apparently some guy went a little too far with this concept. Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso from Brooklyn, NY set a World Binge-Watching Record with a brain-boggling 94 hours!

Alejandro, on behalf of binge-nation, I tip my remote to you. Well done, sir.

If you have your own Binge-Brag that’s worth mentioning, drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

 1. – “Inside Amy Schumer”: This randy sketch show isn’t for everybody. But, if you like her movies and stand-up, you’ll love this bawdy hit.
 2. – “Outlander”: This romantic time-traveling epic finally came back last week and we have every episode available online.
   3. – “The Catch”: I don’t know if I’m ready to say “Shonda has done it again” just yet, but “The Catch” is starting to grow on me. This cat-and-mouse thriller is a quick binge with only 4 episodes at this point.
 4. – “Jackie Robinson”: Breaking MLB’s color barrier was just the beginning for this legendary Brooklyn Dodger. This Ken Burns documentary is a fascinating look at his struggles and triumphs.
  5. – “Orphan Black”: Everyone’s favorite familiar face is finally back, and we’ve got the first three seasons for your binge-ing pleasure.  6. – “Game of Thrones”: The Season 6 premiere is soooo close! I want to rewatch the whole thing! Well, except for the Red Wedding. I never need to see the Red Wedding again.
 7. – “The Girlfriend Experience”: My girlfriend experiences tend to involve me forgetting birthdays. This risque show is waaaay different. Check out the entire first season right now.
 8. – “60 Days In”: Innocent people going undercover in a real prison sounds like something “30 Rock” would come up with when they were brainstorming “MILF Island.” Fortunately, this show is real…and it’s awesome.
 9. – “Quantico”: You know, I might be able to top Alejandro’s 94-hour record if there were 94 hours of Priyanka Chopra. Too bad there are only 17 episodes of “Quantico.”
 10.“Little Big Shots”: Here’s one for the whole family. These kids are amazing. Of the forty shows Steve Harvey hosts, this one is easily my favorite.

XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: It’s a Good Time to Have Free Time

April 8, 2016

Start stock-piling your snacks and laying out your sweatpants because XFINITY Watchathon Week is almost here!

“Hey Gordon, what is Watchathon?”

Glad you asked. (That, or I’m hearing voices.) Basically, from April 18th through April 24th you can enjoy thousands of episodes of TV shows from HBO, Starz, Cinemax and other networks for free. It is truly a binge-watcher’s dream come true.

Alright, before we jump into this week’s picks, let’s head over to Twitter for an Outstanding Achievement in Binge-Watching

@gordonholmes the last two seasons of Game of Thrones in a 28-hour period. Recognize.

— Offended Nerd (@OffendedNerd) March 28, 2016

Wow. Consider yourself officially recognized, Offended Nerd. (If that is your real name.)

If you want to match Offended Nerd’s feat, we have every episode of “Game of Thrones” on XFINITY On Demand. If you have your own Binge-Brag that’s worth mentioning, drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

 1. – “Outlander”: You might need the ability to time travel to watch season one of this epic before Saturday’s premiere. But, you can always just make the start of season two the cherry on top of a worthwhile binge session by using On Demand.
 2. – “Orphan Black”: Two words: Tatiana Maslany. I don’t want to give too much away about this show’s concept, but universities should offer classes on her performance…er…performances…
   3. – “The Magicians”: Seriously, who needs Hogwarts? This magical hit has cast a spell on us. The question is; what’re we going to do after Monday’s finale?
 4. – “Chrisley Knows Best”: These quick, comedic episodes fly by so quickly. You can easily catch up on the full season of this hysterical guilty pleasure before Tuesday’s finale.
  5. – “The Girlfriend Experience”: Fun Fact: Riley Keough, the star of this racy new Starz show, is actually Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. Anyone know the title you give to the daughter of the daughter of a king? Anywho, the full first season will be available Sunday.  6. – “Dice”: This fictional look at the life of comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay is surprisingly…endearing. Check out the premiere now, then come back Sunday when we get the rest of season one.
 7. – “Lucifer”: Now that “Lucifer” has been picked up for a second season, we’re calling it “Safe Investment TV.” By that we mean; if you fall in love with this devil-turned-somewhat-good tale, you won’t have to worry because there will be plenty more to come.
 8. – “Those Who Can’t”: Let me be clear, this comedy about high-school educators is not for everyone. It gets a bit randy. But, if that’s your cup of tea, you’re going to definitely want to tune in to these teachers.
 9. – “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”: I don’t think I’m  exaggerating when I say ‘TPVOJS’ has been the best show of 2016. Now you can watch the whole thing from the Bronco chase, to the gloves, to the verdict, to the aftermath.
 10.“Hap and Leonard”: A six-episode season? You can bang out this action-packed hidden gem in an evening.

XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: 10 Shows Worth Your Free Time This Weekend

March 31, 2016

Alright, binge-watchers…we’ve got a big week of TV ahead of us. “The Walking Dead,” “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” and “Shameless” are bringing their seasons to an end, “Empire” is finally back, and “Game of Thrones” is looming over the horizon. It’s a good time to have a free time.

Last week, I asked you to send me your most impressive binge-watching accomplishments on Twitter. So, before we jump into this week’s picks, let’s call out an Outstanding Achievement in Binge-Watching

Watched 5 seasons of The Wire in a month and a half. Currently making my way through Seinfeld for the first time.

— Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) March 28, 2016

If you want to match Mike’s feat, we have every episode of “The Wire” on XFINITY On Demand. If you have your own Binge-Brag that’s worth mentioning, drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

 1. – “Shameless”: With the show’s sixth season coming to an end this Sunday, there’s a lot to catch up on. And with the way this show balances hilarity with heartwarming with heartbreaking, you’re going to want to savor every episode.
 2. – “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”: This mini-series has been so good that it doesn’t matter that we all know how it’s going to end. Courtney B. Vance and Sarah Paulson’s performances alone are reason enough to spend the day in court.
   3. – “The Walking Dead”: All the pieces are in place for what’s rumored to be a crazy-town finale. Take some time to remember Rick’s crew as they were before this Sunday’s train wreck.  4. – “Outlander”: Consider this an official challenge; this epic romance is kicking of its second season next Saturday. See if you can catch all of Season 1 between now and then.
  5. – “Real Housewives of New York City”: The eighth season of this scandalous hit premieres this Wednesday. Invite some friends over to binge Season 7…and hope nobody is in a wine-throwing mood.  6. – “The Magicians”: With eleven episodes available on XFINITY On Demand, “The Magicians” is a significant weekend commitment. But this thrilling fantasy show about an academy for magic is worth it.
 7. – “Southern Charm”: This outrageous look at wealthy South Carolinian singles is the perfect guilty pleasure. Best of all, since it’s so light and fun, you can feel free to get some multi-tasking done while you watch. Win/win.
 8. – “Hap and Leonard”: There are only six episodes of this gritty favorite, so this is perfect for binge-rs on a time budget.
 9. – “The Family”: Here’s another one for a quick binge. There are only five episodes, but there are more than enough jaw-dropping moments.
 10.“Game of Thrones”: Just a heads up; “Game of Thrones” is probably always going to be on this list. If I can turn one person onto what I consider to be the best show on television, then I’ll consider this whole thing to be a success.

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