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XFINITY Binge-Watching Guide: Finales and Cancellations Everywhere!

May 13, 2016

What a week to be a TV fan. Big hits are wrapping up their seasons and lesser-watched shows are getting smashed with the cancellation hammer. My household was hit pretty hard as my wife is quite a “Nashville” and “Castle” fan. Maybe now’s the right time to introduce her to “Game of Thrones.”

What are you watching? Drop me a line on Twitter and be sure to tag your tweets #bingewatching and #XFINITYbinge.

FeartheWalkingDead Survivor
 1. – “Fear the Walking Dead”:  I had trouble getting into this one, but it’s been building nicely. Finale Date: May 15
 2. – “Survivor”: The most grueling season of “Survivor” (three medical evacuations!) comes to end this Wednesday. Finale Date: May 18
BAnshee Outlander
   3. – “Banshee”:  You don’t hear much about this Cinemax crime drama, but it’s definitely a hidden gem. Finale Date: May 20
 4. – “Outlander”:  I’m cheating, this one isn’t having its finale soon. I just love it, is all. Is that so wrong? Finale Date: Not For a While
Quantico TheFamily
  5. – “Quantico”: Last Sunday left my jaw on the floor. Honestly, “Quantico” does that so much I should just watch it laying face-down on the floor to save time. Finale Date: May 15  6. – “The Family”: Yeah, “The Family” was a victim of Cancel-mageddon on Thursday. But it’s still worth your time. Finale Date: May 15
LastManonEarth ChicagoMed
 7. – “Last Man on Earth”:  I haven’t seen it, but I hear the finale is amazing. Finale Date: May 15
 8. –  “Chicago Med”: With “Chicago Justice” finally being announced, it looks like the “Chicago” franchise will take over NBC. Personally, I’m looking forward to “Chicago Dental.” Finale Date: May 17
Empire TheLastPanters
 9. – “Empire”: Wow! What a cliffhanger this week. You’ve gotta catch up before this one ends. Finale Date: May 18  10.“The Last Panthers”: Some people around the office swear by this crime drama. It’s a quick catch-up. Finale Date: May 18

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