‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ Episode 13 Recap: Steak Out

'Survivor: Kaôh Rōng' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ (CBS)








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Last Week: Tai was like “Let’s vote out Michele.” And Aubry was like, “I dunno.” And Cydney was like, “Don’t tell me what to do, Tai.” And Joe was like, “I’m still in this game.” And Michele was like, “What?” And they voted out Jason anyways.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Dara Tribe (wearing black)
Aubry – 29, Social Media Marketer
Cydney – 23, Body Builder
Joseph – 72, Former FBI Agent
Michele – 24, Bartender
Tai – 51, Gardener

The evening’s festivities kick off after Tribal where Tai is not dealing with the Jason elimination very well. He’s annoyed that he was in the dark and his extra vote was wasted. Oddly enough, this is the best the extra vote has ever turned out.

He and Michele have it out and it ends the worst possible way any conversation can end, with one party saying, “Well, whatever.”

Later, Tai asks Aubry why she didn’t vote with him. She tells him that people were annoyed that he seemed to be dictating the vote. He responds that he feels like she betrayed him. C’mon Tai, you’re the last person who should call out someone for betraying them.

Reward Challenge Time: The players will race into the jungle and retrieve three bags of sandbags. They’ll then throw the sandbags into a series of targets. First person to land a bag in all of their targets will get a spa getaway.

Not much to describe here except for jungle runnin’ and bag tossin’.

In a weird twist, if you don’t hit all five of your targets, you have to wait for everyone else to finish to get your bags and try again.

Sure enough, Cydney, Aubry, Tai, and Michele have to wait…like a month…for Joe to finish getting all of his bags. Seriously, what’s to stop Joe from taking a nap?

Finally, Joe throws hits his targets and wins it.

That was weird.

Probst lets Joe bring someone along and he chooses Aubry. #notshocking.

He gets a second pick and he chooses Cydney.

At the reward, the trio enjoys some beef. We know this because they said “beef” like a hundred times.

When they finally get around to talking strategy, they decide to get rid of Michele first, then Tai.

Then, Joe starts telling Aubry how he and Cydney aren’t threats to win. Aubry disagrees on the Cydney front, but she smartly keeps that to herself.

Back at Dara Beach, Team Tai-chele has a chance to bond. He even gives her a deep Tai-ssue massage. (Yes, I hate myself for that joke.)

They try to figure out how to overcome the numbers and it seems to take forever for them to figure out that they should use the idol.

Aubry and Tai have a talk after she returns to camp. She pitches a final three with the two of them and Joe. He agrees.

As they’re walking back to camp, she tells Tai that she has his back. This causes Tai to totally break down. Aubry comforts him and gives him a big hug. Aww…

Cydney sees them return and doesn’t like how chummy they seem. Sooo…she goes for a walk with Michele and they decide to target Joe or Aubry.

Then, we learn that Joe is in bad shape. He self-diagnoses it as a prostate issue. I don’t need any more information than that.

Medical comes in and they’re hoping some medicine will clear things up. However, if the constipation remains it could damage his kidneys.

Joe takes the medication, but the pain is making him ill and he’s unable to pass water.

Probst is called in and it looks like that’s going to be it for Joe. Hate to see that.

Apparently all the beef Joe ate exacerbated the issue. Ah…so that’s why they spent five minutes talking about it.

Verdict: With Joe out, we’re officially headed into a finale where I’m fine with any of the remaining contestants winning.

That being said, it’s always rough when someone leaves the game without being voted out.

Who’s Going to Win? Aubydnechele?

Power Rankings Results: Shirin had Joe in spot five, I had him in spot three. The current score is Team Shirin 108, Team Gordon 103.

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