‘Survivor’ Gen-Xer Lucy: ‘I Could Be the Shy Girl, the Introvert…I Play Many Roles’

Lucy Huang (CBS)

Lucy Huang (CBS)

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Name (Age): Lucy Huang (42)
Current Residence: Diamond Bar, CA
Occupation: Dietician
Hobbies: Lifting weights, cooking with my kids, and watching food shows to find new restaurants.
Pet Peeves: Lazy people, people with no common sense, and whiners.
Three Words to Describe You: Stubborn, hardworking, and controlling.

NOTE: Usually I get a good thirty minutes with each contestant before the game starts. However, this season I had to get through all 20 players in only two-and-a-half hours. So, these pieces will be short and hopefully sweet.

Gordon Holmes: Scanning over your bio here, you refer to yourself as “stubborn.” Is that an advantage or a disadvantage?
Lucy Huang: (Laughs) I guess it depends on how you use it.
Holmes: Fair enough. You also mention that your father was very angry. “Survivor” is a game where people are frequently angry. Is this a situation where you’ve learned to deal with people in tense situations?
Huang: Absolutely. I think at the end of the day you have to gain respect from it. If someone’s angry because something went wrong and you can be nurturing, that’s a positive as well.

Holmes: “Survivor” tends to have some deceit in it. Do you have any problems lying?
Huang: White lies? No.
Holmes: What about flirting? Is that a tool at your disposal?
Huang: Absolutely, that’s how I get things done sometimes.
Holmes: Did you and your husband have a talk beforehand about that?
Huang: Uh…(Laughs) no.
Holmes: (Laughs) Too late now.
Huang: (Laughs) He can get mad at me after.

Holmes: How well do you deal with being lied to?
Huang: If it’s a strategy I can respect…it wouldn’t be so bad. I know this is a game and I have to deal with it.
Holmes: How about hunger?
Huang: I’m pretty good at it, I’m a competitor. I’m an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuidling and Fitness) pro. So, a lot of time I have to cut out food. I think that will be one of my strengths.
Holmes: Lack of sleep?
Huang: I manage a business, I have four kids, I have a husband, I really don’t get much sleep.
Holmes: Gordon, what is this “sleep” you’re talking about?
Huang: Yeah, exactly. (Laughs) I can function.

Holmes: Extreme temperatures?
Huang: I don’t like being cold. I’d rather be hot.
Holmes: How about paranoia?
Huang: I don’t know…I haven’t thought about that one.
Holmes: I’m told that’s a big one that most people don’t appreciate until they’re out there.
Huang: I think I’ll have to observe people and see what their personalities are like. And if they go out talking, I have to appreciate that they do the same thing with me.

Holmes: Have you seen any of the other players yet?
Huang: Only a few of them.
Holmes: Any early thoughts?
Huang: Right now they’re all being kind and smiling. We’ll see how long that lasts.
Holmes: Usually not long.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it could be?
Huang: That the weakest link will win.
Holmes: Do you consider yourself the weakest link?
Huang: It depends on how I play it. I could be the shy girl, the introvert…I play many roles in life.
Holmes: With your IBFF background, I can’t see you as the introvert.
Huang: I’ve been surrounded by different people my whole life. I managed a company that has over 200 employees with different personalities. I’m also a competitor so I’m around young girls and older girls and a lot of men. I also deal with my children and their teams as a soccer mom. So, my life really entails a lot of different personalities that I need to portray. I think that will be a benefit for me in the game.

Holmes: If you could align with any former player, who would it be?
Huang: I kind of like the way Cydney (Gillon) has been playing this season. She’s been quiet, low-key, but she’s getting respect from people. I think soon she’ll be able to play more of her cards.

Holmes: Lighting round time…cats or dogs?
Huang: Dogs.
Holmes: Beer or wine?
Huang: Wine.
Holmes: Superman or Batman?
Huang: Superman.
Holmes: Meat or vegetables?
Huang: Meat.
Holmes: Republican or democrat?
Huang: Republican.
Holmes: Books or TV?
Huang: TV.
Holmes: Swimming or sunbathing?
Huang: Swimming.
Holmes: Many casual friends or one good friend?
Huang: One good friend.
Holmes: A nice car or a nice home?
Huang: A nice home.
Holmes: Smart or funny?
Huang: Funny.
Holmes: Parvati or Boston Rob?
Huang: Boston Rob.
Holmes: Big vacation or big TV?
Huang: Vacation.
Holmes: Working alone or with a team?
Huang: Alone.
Holmes: Dragons or unicorns?
Huang: Unicorns! For my daughter.
Holmes: Careful planning or fly by the seat of your pants?
Huang: Fly by the seat of my pants.
Holmes: And finally, Jeff Probst or Ryan Seacrest?
Huang: Oh, Jeff.

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X,” Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 8pm ET.

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