‘Survivor’ Millennial Zeke: ‘I’m A Very Talented Liar, I Always Have Been’

Zeke Smith (CBS)

Zeke Smith (CBS)










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Name (Age): Zeke Smith (28)
Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Asset Manager
Hobbies: Writing, improv, gym and cooking.
Pet Peeves: Sniffling. Chewing with one’s mouth open. Black shoes with brown belts. Children who don’t listen to their mothers.
Three Words to Describe You: Sharp, devilish, and unstoppable.

NOTE: Usually I get a good thirty minutes with each contestant before the game starts. However, this season I had to get through all 20 players in only two-and-a-half hours. So, these pieces will be short and hopefully sweet.

Zeke Smith: Do you know who’s doing Power Rankings for this season yet?
Gordon Holmes:
I don’t know what I’m having for lunch yet. I take it you’re a reader?
Smith: I read the Power Rankings every week.
Holmes: That’s what I like to hear. So win this thing, then come back and do the Power Rankings with me.
Smith: Oh, I’m counting on it. I’ve already made time in my schedule for the spring.

Holmes: You have debate experience. How is that going to help you in the next 39 days?
Smith: A lot of good debate techniques are psychological intimidation. A lot of times you aren’t going to have a good answer to an argument. But you want people to think you have an argument that they can’t anticipate. Also, a lot of it is just delivering with confidence, even if it’s the biggest (expletive deleted) you can imagine.
Holmes: Are you trying to psychologically intimidate me right now?
Smith: I can’t tell you that, Gordon.
Holmes: Darn it. It’s working.

Holmes: You also have a background in improv comedy.
Smith: Yes, I’ve done some improv.
Holmes: One of the keys to improv comedy is saying, “Yes, and…” to keep the flow going. What if you’re out there and somebody is negating your plans?
Smith: You still have to work with them. Gosh…I don’t know. This is a stupid question.
Holmes: (Laughs) You’re negating my question!
Smith: (Laughs) I’ll find a way to get to yes.
Holmes: Don’t think this is the only stupid question you’re getting today.
Smith: That’s fair.

Holmes: Here’s another one. Do you have a problem lying?
Smith: No problem. I’m a very talented liar, I always have been. When I was four I convinced my grandmother that I went to Sea World and rode Shamu the whale. And not only did I not ride Shamu the whale, I never (expletive deleted) went to Sea World.
Holmes: Why would you do such a terrible thing?
Smith: I didn’t have a moral compass at four. And I’ve only grown slightly more of a moral compass as I’ve gotten older.
Holmes: How do you feel about flirting?
Smith: I don’t have a problem flirting. I doubt anyone is going to want to flirt with me.
Holmes: Is there anyone back home who’d get annoyed if they saw you flirting?
Smith: Not in the least.

Holmes: I’m going to list some things you’re going to be experiencing soon. Let me know how you deal with them. Let’s start with people lying to you.
Smith: I deal with it well. For me, if I didn’t pick up on the fact that I was being lied to…I’d have to forgive myself for that. It would fuel my fire to destroy whoever lied to me.
Holmes: How well do you deal with hunger?
Smith: Pretty well, I do a lot of meditation and breathing exercises.
Holmes: Same thing for sleep deprivation?
Smith: Yeah.
Holmes: Extreme temperatures?
Smith: I think I should be fine. The temperatures I deal with in New York are freezing, but I did grow up in the southwest, so I’m used to being hot.
Holmes: Here’s one most people don’t appreciate until they’re out there; how well do you deal with paranoia?
Smith: A lot better since I stopped smoking weed. (Laughs) I think I handle paranoia fine because I can recognize that it’s paranoia. If I feel it creeping in I can check myself.
Holmes: So, I should drop Jeff Probst a line and make sure that marijuana isn’t one of the rewards?
Smith: Oh, most definitely.

Holmes: Have you seen any of the other players yet?
Smith: I’ve seen a couple of people floating around the hallway.
Holmes: Any thoughts?
Smith: I’m a small guy, and I was a little intimidated about the physical stuff and all of these huge, ripped dudes being on my tribe. Thus far I haven’t seen any big dudes. In fact, they don’t seem much bigger or athletic than myself. So, that’s a relief.
Holmes: Are you going to take their lunch money?
Smith: Oh yeah.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it will be?
Smith: There’s been a lot of tomfoolery with the idols lately. I think the idols are going to be hidden back at challenges. But, part of me wonders if we’re going to start with four tribes of five.

Holmes: If you could align with any past player, who would it be?
Smith: Oh, that’s a good question.
Holmes: I was due.
Smith: (Laughs) I think I would align with Jeremy (Collins). Our game styles are complementary. We like to make relationships with a lot of people. I could leverage my relationships to ultimately make the move that gets rid of him and puts me in a position to win in the end.

Holmes: Lightning round time. Cats or dogs?
Smith: Dogs.
Holmes: Beer or wine?
Smith: Wine.
Holmes: Superman or Batman?
Smith: Batman.
Holmes: Meat or vegetables?
Smith: Meat.
Holmes: Republican or Democrat?
Smith: Democrat.
Holmes: Books or TV?
Smith: Books.
Holmes: Swimming or sunbathing?
Smith: Swimming.
Holmes: Many casual friends or one good friend?
Smith: One good friend.
Holmes: A nice car or a nice home?
Smith: A nice home.
Holmes: Smart or funny?
Smith: Funny.
Holmes: Parvati or Boston Rob?
Smith: Boston Rob.
Holmes: A big vacation or a big TV?
Smith: A big vacation.
Holmes: Working alone or with a team?
Smith: Working alone.
Holmes: Dragons or unicorns?
Smith: Dragons.
Holmes: Careful planning or fly by the seat of your pants?
Smith: Careful planning.
Holmes: Jeff Probst or Ryan Seacrest?
Smith: Jeff Probst!

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X,” Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 8pm ET.

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