‘Survivor’ Millennial Jessica F.: ‘In My Life I’ve Been Handed a Lot Based on My Looks’

 Jessica Figueroa (CBS)

Jessica Figueroa (CBS)










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Name (Age): Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (23)
Current Residence: Nashville, TN
Occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: Kayaking, videography, and watching football.
Pet Peeves: When people are lazy and expect things to just happen. That’s not what life is about. Get up and fight.
Three Words to Describe You: Adventurous, free spirit, and crowd pleaser.

NOTE: Usually I get a good thirty minutes with each contestant before the game starts. However, this season I had to get through all 20 players in only two-and-a-half hours. So, these pieces will be short and hopefully sweet.

Gordon Holmes: Why’d you make the big move to Tennessee?
Jessica Figueroa: Honestly, I got out of a huge breakup a couple of years ago and I wanted to live in a new city…my sister lived there.
Holmes: How’s it working out for you?
Figueroa: I love it. There’s always places to go and people to meet. It’s always fun and always happening.
Holmes: Bartending seems like a good skill to have when you go on “Survivor.” You meet a ton of different people, you have to know how to make them happy.
Figueroa: Oh for sure, bartending you’re making connections non-stop, whether you’re making a regular base or you’re trying to get them in and out of there quickly.

Holmes: You mentioned leading your tribe which isn’t always the best strategy.
Figueroa: (Laughs) Well, I have a couple of different strategies in my mind. I’ve always been a leader in life. But, I want to sit back and see all the roles of the people on the tribe. I’m looking forward to seeing where I fit in.

Holmes: You were bullied non-stop as a child?
Figueroa: Yes.
Holmes: That’s something we’ve seen a lot recently on “Survivor.” Obviously you don’t want to bully or be bullied, but what if you witness bullying?
Figueroa: If you’re in my alliance I’m going to for sure say something. I think it’s because I’m a people person and having been through it. I don’t allow bullying to happen.
Holmes: What did being bullied teach you?
Figueroa: I have really thick skin now. At this point in my life, it can’t affect me. I’m there to get the job done and win a million dollars. But, I won’t put up with being attacked.
Holmes: So, I should not attack you.
Figueroa: (Laughs) No.
Holmes: It wasn’t on my to-do list, but it’s good to know.
Figueroa: Take your best shot!

Holmes: Do you have any problems lying in the game?
Figueroa: I can tell a couple of white lies. I don’t lie a lot in my real life. I have a huge heart. I’ll snake my way around lying. I’ll do some backstabbing.
Holmes: Some honest backstabbing.
Figueroa: (Laughs) Yes.
Holmes: How about flirting?
Figueroa: For sure. In my life I’ve been handed a lot based on my looks.
Holmes: Me too, Jessica.
Figueroa: (Laughs) But, I’m more than a pretty face and I’m looking forward to showing that.
Holmes: Is there anyone at home who will be annoyed if they see you flirting?
Figueroa: Not at all. 100% single.
Holmes: And ready to mingle.
Figueroa: (Laughs)

Holmes: How well do you deal with being lied to?
Figueroa: I’ll turn that situation around real quick and make them regret lying to me.
Holmes: How about hunger?
Figueroa: I can deal with it, for sure. I went to Haiti and had to deal with not eating all the time. I’m good with it.
Holmes: Lack of sleep?
Figueroa: I can deal with it. I have long nights at work where I’ve gotten home at five and had to work a double the next day.
Holmes: Extreme temperatures?
Figueroa: I think my body will handle it just fine. (Laughs) It was hot in Haiti…I’m trying to correlate it.
Holmes: How well do you deal with paranoia?
Figueroa: I don’t get that paranoid, honestly. In “Survivor” you’re looking out for number one.

Holmes: Any early thoughts on the other players?
Figueroa: Not really, I saw some of them at casting. I’ve been flirting, batting my eyes. We’ll see how it goes.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it could be?
Figueroa: We’re at Season 33. It’s been a long time since there’s been an all-girl tribe. Maybe Redemption Island or Exile Island. The season that’s going on right now is Brawns/Brains/Beauty, so I don’t think they’d do that.

Holmes: If you could align with any past player, who would it be?
Figueroa: This is super hard because I admire Parvati’s (Shallow) game so much. But, I would never align with her unless I was in Amanda’s (Kimmel) shoes. But even then I would’ve taken her out. I would’ve taken Cirie (Fields). I kind of like Ozzy (Lusth), for sure. He’s good at what he does. He supplies the tribe. And I could manipulate him. He fell for Amanda.

Holmes: Lightning round time. Cats or dogs?
Figueroa: Dogs.
Holmes: Beer or wine?
Figueroa: Wine.
Holmes: Superman or Batman?
Figueroa: Batman.
Holmes: Meat or vegetables?
Figueroa: Meat.
Holmes: Republican or Democrat?
Figueroa: Democrat.
Holmes: Books or TV?
Figueroa: TV.
Holmes: Swimming or sunbathing?
Figueroa: Sunbathing.
Holmes: Many casual friends or one good friend?
Figueroa: One good friend.
Holmes: A nice car or a nice home?
Figueroa: A nice home.
Holmes: Smart or funny?
Figueroa: Funny.
Holmes: Parvati or Boston Rob?
Figueroa: Ooooo…that’s so hard! I’ll go with Parvati.
Holmes: Big vacation or a big TV?
Figueroa: Big vacation.
Holmes: Working alone or with a team?
Figueroa: Working alone.
Holmes: Dragons or unicorns?
Figueroa: Dragons.
Holmes: Careful planning or fly by the seat of your pants?
Figueroa: Fly by the seat of my pants.
Holmes: Jeff Probst or Ryan Seacrest?
Figueroa: (Laughs) Jeff Probst!
Holmes: Alright, dude. Break a leg out there.
Figueroa: I’m going to break some other people’s legs.
Holmes: That’s sick.
Figueroa: (Laughs)
Holmes: Figuratively!
Figueroa: Yes!

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X,” Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 8pm ET.

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