‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ Episode 3 Recap: Boys Clubbed?

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Last Week: David’s idol-finding skills were honed, Michelle’s reasons for voting were postponed, and Mari’s game was totally pwned.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Vanua Tribe – Millennials (wearing orange)

Adam – 25, Homeless Shelter Manager
Figgy – 23, Bartender
Hannah – 24, Barista
Jay – 27, Real Estate Agent
Michaela – 25, Vacation Club Sales
Michelle – 28, Missionary Recruiter
Taylor – 24, Ski Instructor
Will – 18, High School Student
Zeke – 28, Asset Manager

The Takali Tribe – Generation-X (wearing purple)

Bret – 42, Police Sergeant
Chris – 38, Trial Lawyer
CeCe – 39, Insurance Adjuster
David – 42, Television Writer
Jessica – 37, Assistant District Attorney
Ken – 33, Model
Lucy – 42, Dietician
Paul – 52, Boat Mechanic
Sunday – 45, Youth Pastor

The fun starts off at Millennial beach where Zeke and Adam are not pleased. Hannah explains that she didn’t intend to vote the way she did going into Tribal, but she changed her mind because Michelle said she had the numbers. Well, if Michelle said so…

She then says that they would have lost the vote anyway, which while that may be true, doesn’t do much to instill trust.

Over at the old folks’ home, David breaks down the alliance as himself, Ken, and CeCe against the world. Well, actually…it’s him, Ken, CeCe, and an immunity idol.

In other Gen-X news, Paul is thankfully feeling much better after his heart attack heat exhaustion episode. He goes fishing, but only comes back with stories about fish that he couldn’t quite catch.

At Millennial beach, an invitation to a summit arrives. They pull rocks to decide who will attend and Will, Jay, Figgy, and Taylor win. Taylor is psyched that his four-person alliance gets to go…but…hmm…five people are left behind…

David, Chris, CeCe, and Paul pull the rocks for Gen-X.

The eight Survivors meet up on a random island where they’re greeted by a nice lunch. Both tribes try to get info out of the others, but everyone is playing things close to their chests.

The summit breaks up for a bit and David and CeCe purposefully let it slip that Paul is in charge.

Later, David tells Taylor that he will happily jump to his side if given the opportunity.

The representatives return to their camps and CeCe tells Ken that the Millennials are referring to him as “Ken Doll.” This rubs him the wrong way because he doesn’t want to be known as the male Barbie. I feel you, dude. I hate it when people are always talking about my good looks.

Later on, Ken tries to bring Jessica over to his side. She likes Ken, but she’s already made promises to Paul and the Paulstones.

Politicking around Millennial beach features the cool kids targeting poor Zeke while Adam still wants to break up the Taygy (Figlor?) power couple.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will carry bags through an obstacle course and then over a balance beam. They’ll then use sandbags to knock down a wall puzzle. Finally, they’ll rush to put the puzzle back together. The first tribe to rebuild their wall will win immunity and blankets and whatnot.

The Survivors are ready and they go. Things are pretty even until we get to the balance beam where CeCe…is…taking…quite…a…bit…of…time.

Meanwhile, Taylor goes over the beam several times with other people’s bags.

The Millennials are the first team to start chuckin’ sandbags. They have a significant lead by the time Gen-X finally joins them.

Zeke and Michelle have puzzle duty. They’re eventually joined by David and Sunday, but the lead was too great. The Millennials win immunity easily.

Before the Millennials can claim their comfort reward, Jay asks if they can trade the items for fishing gear. Probst says they can make the swap if Gen-X agrees to it.

Gen-X discusses the proposition, but they ultimately tell the Millennials to enjoy their blankets.

What’s with the reward trading? In my day we were lucky to get a handful of Pringles and a sip of Mountain Dew.

Back at Gen-X beach, Paul and his alliance want CeCe to go home due to her challenge performance.

However, Jessica is worried that there may be a male alliance. When she asks Paul about it, he says that if there were, he’d tell her that she’s on her own. Oh…so if there was a male alliance you’d leave her behind. Gotta watch your wording there, buddy.

Sure enough, Jessica takes this to mean that he isn’t loyal to her. Gotta watch your semantics around lawyers.

Jessica approaches a camera person named Lucy and tells her that they should boot Paul.

That night at Tribal Council, CeCe believes that she, Ken, and David are on the bottom.

Chris thinks it’s too early to be making assumptions about alliances. On day nine? Alliances are set, dude.

Then, Jeff asks the Gen-Xers if they text by writing “you” or “u.”

Fun Fact: Tribal is like two hours in real life. I wonder if Jeff polled the Gen-Xers about their favorite emojis.

Paul thinks the level of paranoia in the six is low and the paranoia in the three is high. So…Chris was wrong about making assumptions about alliances?

Ken hopes his work ethic will keep him safe. I’d keep him safe based on his seafood naming prowess.

CeCe gives herself a 10% chance of staying in the game.

Voting Time: David votes for Paul, Paul votes for CeCe, and the rest of the votes are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Paul, one vote for CeCe, one vote for Paul, one vote for CeCe, one vote for Paul, one vote for CeCe, one vote for Paul, and the third person voted out of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X is…Paul.

Wow. Gotta watch that wording, Paul.

Verdict: Welp…I don’t know what the point of that summit was. Weird, right?

But, this season is chockful of blindsides and neither side is dominating. Good times.

Power Rankings Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Paul in spot eighteen, while Shirin Oskooi had him in spot seventeen. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 23, Team Oskooi 24.

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