‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ Episode 4 Recap: Silent Majority?

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Last Week: Jessica felt slighted, Paul’s torch was de-lighted, and there was a summit for some reason…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Vanua Tribe – Millennials (wearing orange)

Adam – 25, Homeless Shelter Manager
Figgy – 23, Bartender
Hannah – 24, Barista
Jay – 27, Real Estate Agent
Michaela – 25, Vacation Club Sales
Michelle – 28, Missionary Recruiter
Taylor – 24, Ski Instructor
Will – 18, High School Student
Zeke – 28, Asset Manager

The Takali Tribe – Generation-X (wearing purple)

Bret – 42, Police Sergeant
Chris – 38, Trial Lawyer
CeCe – 39, Insurance Adjuster
David – 42, Television Writer
Jessica – 37, Assistant District Attorney
Ken – 33, Model
Lucy – 42, Dietician
Sunday – 45, Youth Pastor

Things kick off back at Gen-X camp where Chris is p—-d. He’s tempted to go all Brandon Hantz on the tribe and destroy the rice, but decides against it. The only thing that’s good for is earning yourself a free Probst backrub.

Maybe it’s worth it?

During a group chat, Jessica admits that she got rid of Paul because he said she’d be gone if there was a male alliance.

Later on, Lucy speaks. Seriously. She compares turning on Chris and Bret to cheating on someone. How would you know that, Lucy? Hmmmmm…

She should’ve talked sooner.

Also, she thinks Jessica is trying to implant things in her mind. Like Russell seeds? Jessica seeds? At any rate, Lucy plans to do something about it.

And do something about it she does, she tells Bret and Chris that getting rid of Paul was Jessica’s idea and that she had David and Ken in her pocket. Wait, she hasn’t spoken in three episodes and she has people in her pockets?!

Over at Millennial beach, the youngsters go on a goat hunt. They don’t actually catch a goat, but I’m sure the goat hunting participation trophy will help them maintain their self worth.

While the majority of the tribe is off, Adam finds himself an idol clue.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will race into the ocean to retrieve a ring, the first tribe to return the ring to their tribe’s post will get a point. The first tribe with three points will receive everything they need to host a barbecue.

Michelle will sit for the Millennials.

Round One: Chris and David defeat Jay and Adam.

Round Two: Figgy and Michaela get the best of CeCe and Sunday.

Round Three: Bret and Ken top Taylor and Will.

Round Four: Michaela and Hannah square off against Jessica and Lucy. This was your basic wrestling match, until Michaela became frustrated with her loose bikini top and just ripped it off. From there, she was able to muscle both Jessica and Lucy over to her tribe’s post. Amazing.

Quick Aside: Michaela tosses her top aside at a challenge and she doesn’t even get peanut butter? The Amazon cast had it so easy.

Round Five: David and Chris scored against Zeke and Jay to win it for their tribe.

Quick Aside: Jeff gets walloped by a wave at the end of this challenge. I could seriously watch that on a loop all day.

Back at camp, Michaela says, “You can either lose, or let your bathing suit get ripped off and win.” One could argue that everyone won that day.

Adam sneaks away for a little idol hunt…and he’s successful. Well, mostly successful, apparently Hannah caught him in the act.

Later on, Adam breaks down a little as he dedicates the idol to his mother and her battle with stage-four lung cancer. You’re doing her proud, kid.

Over at Gen-X, Lucy tells Ken and David that they have to nothing to worry about because they’re going to vote out Jessica next. She then tells them that she’ll be upset if she sees them talking to anyone else. Damn…Lucy is a gangster.

Needless to say, being bossed around does not sit well with Ken.

Immunity Challenge Time: One player from each tribe will run through an obstacle course, then the other members of the tribe will use a chair on a pulley system to retrieve 10 numbered bags. They’ll do this three times until all of the bags are claimed. The first tribe to use the tiles in the numbered bags to complete a puzzle will win immunity.

Quick Aside: This word puzzle looks really hard.

Adam will sit out for the Millennials.

The Survivors are ready, and they go.

Chris and Figgy attack the course first. Chris uses his longer reach to get the tiles to give Gen-X a lead.

Ken is next; Michelle is way behind him. Ken manages to maintain the lead.

David bats third, he’s followed by Michaela. (Yes, she’s fully dressed.) David has a slight lead going into the puzzle.

The piece retrievers also double as the puzzle team.

And as predicted, 20 minutes pass as they stare at the letters.

Then 45 minutes pass. Well, at least it’s not too sunny out there.

Zeke finally figures it out and whispers the answer to his team. Millennials win immunity.

Politicking around Gen-X camp starts off with Lucy planning for her Bret, Chris, Ken, and David to vote out Jessica. She compares herself to a tiger mom, saying her kids and husband don’t always like her because she makes all of the decisions.

She follows this up by saying, “If it’s successful at home, it should be successful here.”



There’s no way Lucy isn’t going home tonight, right?

Sure enough, Ken wants to get David, CeCe, Jessica, and Sunday to vote for Lucy. Ooo…Sunday the swing vote.

Ken approaches Jessica with the new plan. Unfortunately for Ken, Jessica doesn’t buy it. She immediately goes to Lucy and spills the beans.

Fortunately for Ken, Lucy still trusts David and tells him what’s going on.

What a mess. No good deed, Ken.

That night at Tribal, David believes that voting out Paul was the right move, but it didn’t bring the tribe together.

Chris admits that he was upset about the vote and that the tribe is now in complete chaos.

Jessica hopes the former members of the six-person alliance are back together.

Lucy thought she was safe until Jessica ratted out Ken.

Ken is still upset with the way Lucy pushed him around. Lucy confesses to being blunt and most men appreciate it.

Jessica asks Ken if she should just believe everything he says. He calmly says, “Yes.”

David declares it to be a live Tribal. Good, those are the best ones.

Chris wants to know who the sucker at the table is. Well, they say if you don’t know…it’s probably you.

Voting Time: Chris votes for Jessica…and that’s the only vote that’s shown.

Probst tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol…and David does! Not only that, but he’s playing it for Jessica.

Alright, we’ve got five votes for Jessica, one vote for CeCe, one vote for Lucy, and the fourth person voted out of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X” is…Lucy.

Man, Ken didn’t even know that was going to happen. He voted for Jessica.

Verdict: That ending…doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. Is David hoping that his idol sacrifice will bring Jessica and Sunday over to his side? And if so, why didn’t Ken know? Very weird.

Otherwise, I’m still digging this season.

Power Rankings Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Lucy in spot seventeen, while Shirin Oskooi had him in spot sixteen. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 40, Team Oskooi 40.

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